The Kontest Judgement Thread!

Alright, so, In my time zone, it is almost 2018. As such, I decided to end the year by judging all of my Kontests in this thread. To prevent flooding the forums with a bunch of irrelevant olf threads, I have created a single hub for judgment. I have included links to each contest, the winners, and all of their cards in the description.

Contest #1, Random Card Names Two: Electric Boogaloo!
Winner: @Faiths_Guide with Lonely Invader!
Since I didn't specify how many favorites I was going to give in the contest info, I will give you three favorites for that, Mr. Guide.

Contest #2 Non-Green Bidoofs!

There were two only entries to this one, so I will be giving the first prize to @TenebrisNemo with Angry Bidoofs and Second prize to @Corwinnn with Krampis, Bidoof of Rage.

Contest #3 February Weekly Musical Madness Kirkuit Challenge Tribal Trouble!

The winner is once again @Faiths_Guide with Nightflight Narwhal!

Since this had a weird points system which I will not continue, I have just decided to give the first place winner 3 favorites.

I will also give @BradXmagic a favorite for Cold-Toed Fox!

Contest #4 Presence of the Masters!

3rd Place:
@Corwinnn with Fluxcharger's Presence!


I absolutely love how this card exemplifies the fluxcharger. Nice work!

2nd Place:
@TheFriendlyGeek with Tarmogoyf's Presence!


Fun Fact: I actually have a foil Tarmogoyf!

I love the fact that this makes all of your creatures Tarmogoyfs, in addition to having two card types that count towards the p/t of your creatures if it's in your graveyard. This has some interesting competitive applications which makes me award this card second place. Good work!

1st Place: @ningyounk with Blazing Presence!

Where do I start with this card? I feel the Name, Art, and Format are all spot on with Blazing Presence. The rules text being centered is a nice touch.

I normally prefer cards that look like they would play well over those that are flavourful, but I think the flavour actually improves this one quite a bit. I feel like this card is some sort of overwhelming presence that stops creatures in their tracks in a feeling of awe. It works so well!

Winners, please message me with which cards you would like favorited.

@Corwinnn, Could you close all of the threads mentioned in this post in addition to this one:

Thank you all for a great year! I hope next year is just as great. For those of you over 18, good luck in the Great Designer Search 3!


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