Tournament of Champions! (The game has begun)

Ladies and Gentlemen! Warriors and wizards! Beasts and summoners! Angels and demons!
I welcome you to the Tournament of Champions!

Choose your champion to enter the arena where he, she or it shall face the champions of another until only one stands as the true champion!

8 or 16 champions will enter the Tournament , After each stage the winning champions will continue to the next stage stronger than before until only one remains.
If there would be an odd number of competitors, the 8 or 16 best of these will be chosen to fight in the arena.

* Each competitor creates an initial balanced 3 mana creature (legendary or ordinary) that will represent him or her in the arena.
For each victory the champion will become stronger, (it's mana cost will increase).
A new more powerful card will be created with the stronger champion for each level.
* Champions color identities are allowed to change partly between levels. (colors may be added or removed but a core color must remain)
* Champions of higher level must be similar to their earlier versions (Main abilities must be same or similar, secondary abilities may be removed or added, make it look like natural evolving)
* Artwork between levels may be the same or different but should resemble some similarities
* Champions must be balanced (don't make a 10/10 for 3 mana without downsides)
* Champions may be replaced/remade but only before the first deadline
Edit (15/1): Champions created before this tournament may be used, this is true for all levels as long as they follow the rules.

Pre- first stage:
The draft period will be 2 weeks at minimum, this may be increased if the desired quantity of champions is not reached.
If the number of champions is odd a knockout competition will occure where the "best" champions will be taken to the tournament.

First stage:
When the 8 or 16 champions have been chosen, The positions will randomized.
Champions will then fight in the arena where the winners are determinated through different factors.
Some of these are: Power/toughness, abilities, balance, extra costs, flavor etc. But also some kind of special facor
The winners will be presented after some time.

Post- First stage:
The winners of the stage will then be given a minimum of one week to upgrade their champion. Extra time will be given if one cannot upgrade their champion within the given time.
This will then continue until the last 2 champions remain. Some special rules will occure then but more about that then.

Mana cost for the stages are as follows:
First stage: 3 mana
Second stage: 5 mana
Third stage: 7 mana
Fourth stage: 9 mana (16 players)

Example of three levels of champions:

image image image

The first preliminary deadline is 29th of January



  • This is the first time i do anything like this so i will make some updates now and then for improvements.
    If you have any thoughts, I'll be glad to hear them.
  • I will enter mine champion, o great @Jonteman93 , and let it be known that this tournament is worthy of mine entry. This truly is a gem of a contest. Expecteth mine champion to appeareth before the morrow-etthhh.
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    Alright, the first champion is entering! I present to you:

    Beq, Geomancer Extraordinaire! And the best part is I managed to find a 3 part art sequence by Wei Huai Xu, and each piece of artwork gives us another step in the development of Beq. Boy, have I got a legendary creature timeline for you!


    P.S. I'm also taking advantage of the premium I won from the art contest by modnation675. I love the MTG Promo symbol and I'm gonna put it on all my cards.
  • Get ready for the moment youI've all been waiting for! Prepare yourselves for the one, the only: Clya, Shepherd of the Dead!
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    ...wait what, it isn't finished yet?

    But I gave you the bloody deadline!

    Okay, so I know you need time to 'truly perfect' it, Izzet Henchman, but I really needed it to be finished now! think it's good enough? Even if it breaks down most of the time?

    Very well, Izzet Henchman. Impress me.


    EDIT: Art link
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  • Any suspected foul play will be thoroughly examined.

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    As a child, Radhe played around and was outwardly happy, like any other child of her age, but something was missing. Some spark, something to keep her going each day, that wasn't there. She slowly began to withdraw from society, choosing to spend time alone. She was not truly sad; rather, she was bored. Karni, her father, was upset to see this development, so he gave her a small potted plant, a little turnip, to occupy her time. Radhe was initially excited, but the excitement died down when she realised the plant didn't do much. Day by day, her resentment grew; she hated that damn turnip. One day, she confronted it, intending to pull it out and be done with it. But the moment she touched it, something changed. She was able to see clearly now, able to see the cruelty of her actions, able to glean the true meaning of the turnip and its role in the world. And she wove that meaning, spun it into shape, until she could weave it no more. And before her, glowing a burnished orange, sat the most beautiful thing in the world. It was more than a turnip; it was the true essence of a turnip and everything embodying it. And as she stared at it with joy and awe, the journey of the Orb-Crafter began.

    Edit: I do not know if the thing in the art is a turnip or a radish. I'm aware I've kind of ruined the effect of the intro with this statement here.
  • @Jonteman93

    Kara was struck down by Kozilek on Zendikar when Ob Nixilis disrupted the plan to banish Ulamog again. He spent eons in a state of suspended animation, reliving his final moments over and over again. Eventually, his mind broke under the stress. He was freed from his temporal bonds when Kozilek died, but remained gibbering mad. When he regained his senses at last, he found himself in an unfamiliar desert, alone. He had no memories, but he knew two things: his name, and that wherever he was, it was as far from his home as could be. He gathered his ragged belongings and began to trek through the desert aimlessly. After a time, he noticed that the world around him warped as he passed, forming strange, mind-bending patterns that shouldn't have been possible, but were. Behind him, the land gradually returned to normal.

    After a day or so, Kara realized that he wasn't hungry or thirsty, when he should have been ravenous. How strange. He continued to meander tirelessly, all through the night, and then through the next day, and the next, and the next, without sleeping once. He didn't feel exhausted like he should be.

    Weeks passed. Eventually Kara came across a small oasis. He decided to sit for a moment and enjoy the break from the monotony of the seemingly endless windswept plain. He peered at his reflection in the water, and shrieked. His own body was warping, forming the same impossible patterns. He bent over the water and touched his reflection tentatively. Without warning, a twisted monstrosity exploded from he water. It was like a fish, but the creature was warped like the land around him. It latched onto his arm with a strange, deformed mouth. Kara panicked, flailing his arm until finally the creature flopped back into the pond. He looked at his arm, still distorted. He looked at his reflection in the water, and saw his body slowly returning to normal... except his arm, which seemed to be permanently warped. Shakily, Kara stood and backed away from the oasis. He resolved to stay away from living things as much as possible.

    Kara became a nomad, wandering the desert and steering clear of other creatures. He observed himself, and found that his body was constantly in flux, changing from normal to warped, and fading back. These phases lasted for about half an hour before he returned to normal. After a year and a half (Kara kept track of the days by scoring his ruined arm, which no longer had any sensation), he had obtained a modicum of control over his strange power. As long as his concentration held, he could prevent the world around him from distorting. But as soon as his vigilance lapsed, he and his surroundings would warp.

    One day, Kara was attacked by a small group of bandits who sought to rob him. He begged them to stay away, not wanting to harm them, but they ignored his pleas and moved in closer. One shot him with an arrow, and just like that, his concentration was broken. He warped, growing larger and twisted. His assailants wailed as the found themselves distorted in strange patterns, their belongings fusing to their bodies. The ground around them underwent the same changes. Kara struggled to regain control, but found that he couldn't. The bandits writhed on the ground, becoming more and more deformed, until finally the merged with the land. Kara focused desperately, and after several agonizing moments of struggle, he severed the flow of his power. But nothing changed. Patiently, he waited for the half hour or so that it usually took for his changes to wear off, but nothing happened. He waited there for the rest of the day, and through the night, then finally abandoned hope and turned away. All that was left was a crater in the ground, warped in those strange shapes. Kara wandered off, leaving a trail of distortion behind him.

    So basically, Kara is infected with the alien magic of the Eldrazi. Little does he (or anyone, for that matter) know that this is a normal part of the reproductive cycle of the race. He is an incubator for the species, and is unwittingly birthing a new generation of Eldrazi on a different plane.
  • I cant make a card at the moment but I will try to later.
  • Can they be three colors?
    Five a core then two hybrids
  • @DoctorFro Yes, The only initial limitations are that is should be a creature and at 3 mana.
  • Okay just wanted to make sure because I was seeing a lot of multicolored in Just dual
  • Here is my champion. She is young, but she will learn and grow as she fights.

  • @TenebrisNemo
    Tiamat, as in... the Tiamat? Like the D&D evil dragon goddess??
  • @MagicChess - I took the name from Babylonian mythology, so it's not in that Tiamat. Sorry!
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    Alright I'm throwing my hat into the ring now with a young street rat turned to a romantic life of a thief.


    EDIT: While I cannot find the original artist for the image I used, as it's buried in a sea of tumbler posts and pinterest pins. However someone who did another custom card with this artwork I did find the name Panda Pajamas - J. Yih; but searching that yielded no results. Sorry, best I can do is the pinterest post I found it at:

    Backstory and arsenal:

    Neora, a man who discarded his family name and his life, wanders the empty and pitch black streets of Ravnica. He has abandoned his kin after becoming dulled by his repetitive and stuck existence. For the last two years he has chosen to live life to its fullest and embrace the life of a thief and greatly relish danger, adventure, and excitement. A pathless hollow scoundrel, his career is always taken to the pinnacle of danger and recklessness, preferring to go in and improvise his way in and out of churches, brothels, castles, homes, and wherever else looks lucrative. Coin he makes is lost as quickly as it’s gained, spending wildly for extravagant food, drink, and his vices of gambling and prostitutes.

    Although he’ll tell you his path in life is that of profit and hot blooded thrill of the heist, he doesn’t truly know, or wish to admit, why he does it. The truth is that he believes that life should be short, memorable, and that his time should be best spent doing whatever he desires and let nothing stop him. Neora uses these excuses and philosophy to tempt fate time and time again. Yet still, he prays deep down for the cold embrace of an early grave. He almost got his wish when deep within a Rakdos Den he came face to face with the man who would dramatic alter his path, Loyd Battousai

    Within Neora’s arsenal he holds the basic tools of a thief: a darkened cloak for sneaking, lock picks, and a glass cutter. When caught and things go violent, as it rather often does, he carries a short sword, two knives up his sleeves for a surprise strike or for throwing, lightweight leather armor, and around 3-5 smoke bombs for escape (again happening frequently).

  • i am going to join this contest soon.
    i'll make a card in a bit
  • I am going to join when I have a device that can actually upload images without making the smaller...unless I can figure out how to do it on the BAK Atlas
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    Mishra yet lives...
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  • @zizick123 You trying to challenge me?
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    Finally figured out how to post images here!

    Doesn't have to be legendary apparently, so FISH. Small fish stay out of the Lurker's way, but if the Lurker doesn't eat a creature each turn it becomes weaker. Hopefully it'll live long enough to grow into something more monstrous...
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    Corscine val Weissmont, Paladin of Sunfire, the Branded Envoy, Archdeacon. He doesn't like titles, though, so he prefers Corscine.

    Corscine was originally a League champion I designed based on Dark Souls' Solaire of Astora. Then, he turned into a Dark Souls character again. Then he was in Skyrim... then he was in Diablo III, then ESO... etc. He's not been around for too long, three years or so, but his design has developed quite a bit.

    In this case, Corscine has just recently become the Archdeacon of his church after the humiliation of his grandfather, the previous Archdeacon. He's barely scratched the surface of the power he's received and the consequences it brings.
  • image

    My champion!
  • I had one made but it was deleted I will 99.99% post a better version later today
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