Flash Contest: The Meat-Eating Bull

Welcome to the first Flash Contest!

Sometimes, I get bored and want to have a contest, but I don't want to have some big long drawn-out two-week deal. Other times, I have a cool idea for a contest with only a little bit of design space. That's where these come in!

Flash contests are 1-3 day competitions, to be judged whenever I feel like it/ have time to. It's fast. It's loose. It's fun. For winning instead of favorites now, you will get Flash Points! At the end of the year, I will be dividing a pool of favorites amongst everyone with Flash Points. The people with the most points get the most favorites at the end of the year, the people with the fewest get the least, or maybe even none if enough people get points! The goal here is to encourage community activity as well as good card design.

Winner: 1 Flash Point.
2nd: 3/4 Flash Point.
3rd: 1/2 Flash Point.
Honorables: 1/4 Flash Point.
(I'm not ripping off the circuit challenge at all here...)

So what is this challenge, you ask?

Today, I want you to make me a Carnotaurus.
Chased by the devil by RAPHTOR
Carnotaurus feasting by damir-g-martin

Carnotaurus is a large, carnivorus, theropod dinosaur that lived in South America during the Late Cretaceous period. It's name means Meat-Eating Bull, and it is named after the horns on it's head. It is one of my favorite dinosaurs, and I want to see your best attempt at making one of these creatures come to life on a Magic card. Remember, I want to see art that could fit with WOTC's art style.

And with that, Get Hunting!


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