I'd Like a Slice of That - **Circuit Challenge**



  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/foreboding-presence
    Entry 4, meant for Commander but should work in other formats
  • Entry 5, for Mardu Cults
  • This contest is now closed for judging! Stay tuned over the next couple days, and I'll have the winners posted soon.

    Man, this was super hard to judge. There are plenty of entries from ALL the factions I'd love to incorporate into my set. I might reach out to certain smiths who weren't necessarily winners to ask whether I may incorporate their designs into my set. Expect PMs soon.

    Fun facts: Jeskai steampunk by far had the most entries, Abzan Forest Spirits the fewest, although Sultai Eldritch Horrors had the highest average rating from me. Anyway, first off, we have the Honorable Mentions from each faction!

    Representing Abzan, @prostein1011 with Deepwood Nurturer:

    For the popular Jeskai faction, @creepybeagle with Inner Workings:

    Representing Sultai, @KrampisZMan with Lurker of the Lochs:

    From Mardu, we have @Faiths_Guide with Servitude Cultist:

    Representing Temur, @Alchemist with Sacred Bond:

    Congrats to the Honorable Mentions! Now for the top three.

    To be quite honest, any of these three Smiths could have taken first place. I loved each of their entries, and they're all strong designs, so I had to nitpick to arrive at the placements for the top three. Here they are:

    THIRD PLACE goes to @Animist for Spiretop Ancient!

    This one was by far my favorite design from among his/her five entries. Incorporates synergy between Elves and Dragons that feels natural, nicely pushed stats for EDH, and the "can't-be-countered" is unmistakably Gruul. Well done!

    SECOND PLACE goes to @KalamMekhar for Ingenious Improvisation!

    The winning card could have also been Sewer Wanderer, another example of a PERFECTLY balanced card with elegant design aimed at eternal formats, but I'm in a pauper craze right now, and this card (quite literally) hits all the bells and whistles for me. Could absolutely see this in some kind of Steam-Powered pauper; perfectly balanced, and beautiful flavor text.

    FIRST PLACE goes to @TheCenterOfTheUniverse for...well...everything!

    Neglected Spawn is exactly the kind of power level I'd expect from a black eternal aggro card (I've also been wanting to replace my black 1-drop in Sultai for a while), Blitzed Battler would be fantastic in an aggressive Steam-Powered pauper list, Revitalizing Saprophyte would definitely see play in EDH in a Gitrog list or something that synergises with land sacrifice, Unimaginable Bond is absolutely on-color, on-theme and probably has some extremely powerful and janky applications, and Bloodline Zealot has a cool, aggressive vibe that takes advantage of pact in a unique way.

    Well done @Everyone! Winners, please send me the cards you'd like favorited/critiqued, and PM me links to your artwork so I can add your cards to my set.
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    So for each of the cards added to my set of another smith's design, I will credit the original smith by adding a comment to the card that will link to the original card, and to the smith's account page.

    If for some reason you would prefer me not adding your design to my set, PM me to let me know.

    Oh right, @Corwinnn, award the @Winners their Circuit points. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's 1/4 point to @prostein1011, @KrampisZMan, @creepybeagle, @Faiths_Guide, and @Alchemist, 1/2 point to @Animist, 3/4 point to @KalamMekhar, and 1 point to @TheCenterOfTheUniverse?
  • Wow! Congrats to all other winners and mentionables!

    Thanks, @AustinSmith, for the second prize and for an excellent contest! Eternal formats don't always get the love they deserve, so it was really refreshing to see this contest!
  • Congrats @Winners and other @Mentionables! Thanks for the contest @AustinSmith, sorry I didn't make more time to enter this.
  • Congratulations for the @Winners and the other @Mentionables!
  • My Cultist would've been better as a 2/3 with flying and lifelink.
  • Congrats to all other winners and mentionables!
  • Congrats to all the other @Winners and @Mentionables!
    @AustinSmith, thank you for the contest!
  • Nice job everyone!

    Standings Updated!
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