**Flash Contest!** Make the card above!

Welcome to the Flash Contest!

Sometimes, I get bored and want to have a contest, but I don't want to have some big long drawn-out two-week deal. Other times, I have a cool idea for a contest with only a little bit of design space. That's where these come in!

Flash contests are 1-3 day competitions, to be judged whenever I feel like it/ have time to. It's fast. It's loose. It's fun. For winning instead of favorites now, you will get Flash Points! At the end of the year, I will be dividing a pool of favorites amongst everyone with Flash Points. The people with the most points get the most favorites at the end of the year, the people with the fewest get the least, or maybe even none if enough people get points! The goal here is to encourage community activity as well as good card design.

Winner: 1 Flash Point.
2nd: 3/4 Flash Point.
3rd: 1/2 Flash Point.
Honorables: 1/4 Flash Point.
(I'm not ripping off the circuit challenge at all here...)

Current Flash Point Standings.
@Brainifyer 1 Flash Point.
@Platypusburger 3/4 Flash Point.
@bubbasnickey 1/2 Flash Point.

So what is this challenge, you ask?
Today, I want you to make the card that the person above you requests. Then, leave 2 options for the next person to make.

Here's an example. The person above me requested me to make either a
-A Zombie Cat-
-A card with both Exert and Explore-

I chose to go with the second prompt, so I made this card.

Then, I get to leave my two requests:
-A card that is a throwback to Homelands-
-An amazing card with a stupid Name-

Here is the coding to format your requests in the same way I have:
<b>-First Request-</b> or <b>-Second Request-</b>

Additional Prize.
I will be awarding the Best Request with 1/2 Flash Point.

When will this end?
Whenever I feel like ending it.

Any useful resorces?
This for uploading card images and this for forum coding.

Now, it is time to start the contest! Here are the first requests!

-Make a Musician Creature with Rehearse-
-A card with this art-



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    Here you go @KrampisZman.
    I used the art that you wanted someone to use and made an Ixalan style card.
    a simple kill, then draw.

    Now for then next person.

    #1 Make a creature card with My new Keyword action Hinder.
    Hinder is: Hinder N (Choose a creature with the greatest toughness from among creatures you don't control, put N -1/-1 counter on it.) (originally thought up by @Tomigon as an ability,Here. as a Blank N ability.


    #2 Create a two mechanic card with Freezing by kltmtg29 and one other ability, either custom or real.
    Freezing (Whenever this creature deals damage to a creature, tap that creature. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.)
    (Other name ideas for freezing--"Frosttouch, Frost strike, Freezing strike)

    Have Fun!
  • Could u post the freezing ability
  • @DoctorFro Edited my comment.
  • Thank you
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    Okay @Dechujoh64, here is a card with hinder!


    Here are my 2 challenges:

    -Make a card with my own mechanic purge
    Purge-Whenever you sacrifice a creature [EFFECT]
    -Make a card with a mechanic at 8+ on the storm scale
  • @Tbeast430, you forgot to change the N into two with the reminder text on your card.
  • @Dechujoh64
    oof.Well, you get the gist of it, right?
    (I'll edit it later)
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    @Tbeast430 Yes I do get it. I'm gonna try with purge. BUT if someone else beats me to the punch that's quite alright.

    And doing it on a phone is hard.
  • @Dechujoh64
    Oh believe me I know. Up until a few weeks ago I made all of my cards on my phone
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    @Tbeast430 I like purge!


    Next card should be

    A red counterspell


    Blue damage dealing card
  • Maybe that is too hard...

    How about
    Bunny Warrior


    a legendary land
  • @shadow123
    I've got this one IN THE BAG!


    I want to see...
    A remake of Apocalypse Chime
    A remake of Grandmother Sengir
  • image

    -A card with Overload-
    -A card with Suspend-
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    Burst Through the Crust

    fungus counters/tokens
    a friendly counterspell
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    cowboy creature with a custom mechanic ability
    indian creature with a custom mechanic ability

    (it can be submitted to the cowboys and indians contest as well!)
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    A- Funny cat card( this can be put into my On the Prowl contest:http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/3318/1st-contest-on-the-prowl/p1)

    B- Serious Squirrel card
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    A card with the Outlast ability


    A card with Storm
  • Order up.


    -A Colorless Praetor-
    -Make a walker with only minuses ability (like sarkhan the mad maybe)-

  • @Tbeast430 I do most of mine on my I pad and it doesn’t let me make plansewaljers or use quotes.
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    Hopefully this meets the requirments on a Minus Walker

    A-a MARCH card that isn't an Enchanment.(you can then put it in the march to the battle forum post.)

    or a

    B- Custom action keyword card. Whether it is your own new one or one from the contest
  • Great entries so far guys. I already see a request that will probably win the 1/2 point, although I'm going to withhold judgment until the contest ends.
  • YroYro
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    hang on, I wanted to submit a colorless Praetor... ugh
  • @Yro I would still like to see that.
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    @Dechujoh: here is a tribal sorcery with March.


    A: A novel ETB-untapped dual land (the ETB untapped clause must be new)


    B: A timeshifted (i.e, colorshifted) version of a classic MTG card (like the Planar Chaos cards)
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    My submission for a novel untapped dual land:


    Now will the next Cardsmith please make:

    A card with Aftermath (the split-card mechanic from Amonkhet block)
    A card representing a creature from a non-European, non-East Asian mythology or culture (e.g. African, South American, or Pacific Islander)
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    To represent western mythology;
    -A land that taps for any color that doesn't enter the battlefield tapped.- (Cannot be a tribal card like Haven of the Spirit Dragon.)


    -A non-land non-Eldrazi colorless card-

    Mention me in your comment, I would like to see what you come up with!
  • @ThyMaster , also non-artifact? Otherwise someone's going to just make a sword or something.
  • image

    A card with Godzilla in the art.

    - or -

    A card with King Kong in the art.
  • image

    A God
    A 10-mana creature
  • Man. I GOT this.
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