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    Now this is exciting
  • @TigerFang8 sorry I've been busy last couple days (especially yesterday and well, again today my friend Nick is in town he lives out in Denver Colorado and is a water engineer, so I never get to see him that often he just got ahold of me so we are about to go have lunch) I'll try to get on later and post PORGS :)
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/East2West/sets/29937

    I don't have time to do the image thing for all 8 of these boys (more to come) so I just made a Ferret folder.
  • The End of It All
    A story by @Krampiszman

    Ashlin looked across the desolate landscape of the northern reaches of Krampan. The cold air cut right through the ceremonial robes she was wearing. But, she couldn't change. The ritual had to be done exactly as mandated by the scriptures or else Krampis wouldn't be summoned.

    It had been almost 200 years since the Bidoof Demon fought Corwinnn and his Squirrel army. The battle was close, but despite their numbers disadvantage, the Bidoof were victorious in the end. Unfortunately, Krampis was injured in the fight. He had to retreat to the Abbysal Void to heal, leaving the world undefended. Now darkness has risen once more, and it was all up to Ashlin and her followers to stop it.


    She placed the ceremonial candles around the dormant portal, and took a step back. Then, she signaled to her comrades to start the ancient dirge.

    "Krampis, hear our plea!
    Krampis, we summon thee."

    The portal opened.

    "Forces of darkness do advance,
    Show them your demonic stance!"

    As the summoners finished their chant, the portal opened, and the fist of Krampis slowly started to emerge...


    ...until soon...


    ...the Bidoof Demon had returned!

    Krampis scratched behind his ear. "Why have I been summoned?" he asked in a deep, echoing voice.

    "The forces of evil march once again!" replied Ashlin.

    "Has Corwinnn risen again?"

    "No, although squirrels might be present. A group of armies have joined forces and plan to destroy the remainder of the Bidoof. They want to finish what Corwinnn started."

    "We don't know what to do!" another ritualist chimed in. "If they destroy the world's last protectors, no one knows what will happen! The world has only just started to heal from that ancient battle, why should the wounds be re-opened?"

    "This is not the same as last time." Krampis replied. "I can feel the mana leylines of Krampan are simply not depleted enough to suggest a coalition of mages on the scale of the squirrels. Corwinnn was so powerful only because of his abilities as a wizard. Strip away the magic and I can deal with it handly."

    "But wait-" before Ashlin could respond, Krampis had jumped away.


    Krampis sprinted through the countryside, barreling towards the stronghold.

    "Man" he thought. "After two centuries, my world is as beautiful as ever. And the further south I go, the greener it will be!"

    Krampis started to absorb gargantuan amounts of Green and Black mana. Not enough to affect the health of this beautiful world, but plenty to crush a "fierce opposition." Really, the black was all he needed to actually stop his enemies, but the green would allow him to grow to a massive size and look really cool while doing it. Krampis felt something snap under his foot.He looked back, and saw that he had crushed an entire potato farm on his journey.

    Finally, Krampis reached the stronghold.

    "Pathetic" he thought.

    Then, he destroyed it all.


    A beam of firey death magic shot out from between his characteristic buck teeth. It impact with the central citadel of the stronghold, sending soldiers of a myriad of species flying in different directions. The flame wave spread from the citadel, consuming everything in its path. By the time Krampis had finished, nothing was left of the stronghold except for some stone foundations and a smoldering heap of ash. As he admired his work, Krampis noticed but a few Porgs were managing to escape. He watched as they slowly vanished into the void.


    Krampis felt emboldened by the resilience of these little creatures. All this time, he could feel the presence of the source of Squirrel magic: Canada: the Great Oak. Although Krampis had believed Corwinnn to be defeated and Canada to be destroyed, he knew deep down that the Squirrel was still out there somewhere, and so too was the tree. Krampis looked across the sea, as the sun started to dip below the western waves.

    Corwinnn was out there.

    And Krampis was going to find him.


    Author's notes.
    That was fun to write! Since this was based on my battle with @Corwinnn, I thought it would be nice to give it a "cannon" story to fit into the larger "Tales of Krampan" mythos. Eventually, maybe we will journey across the seas to see if Corwinnn is alive, and what he has been up to.

    See you next time!

  • @KrampisZman, my potatoes would not be defeated so easily! And besides your armies are against my Hamsters, not the Potatoes. The Potatoes are against @Corwinnn's Squirrels.
  • @sorinjace It is fine, I umderstand.
  • @sorinjace Just wanted everyone to remember and not miss out on a chance to defeat my armies (not that they would :D)
  • I'm... Uh... confused? I thought @KrampisZman liked porgs...? The lore was wrote well but yeah who's factions are against who's again? PS I like ferrets... *sad face*
  • @sorinjace I dont think @KrampisZman understand he is against the Hamster right now, not anyone else.
  • @TigerFang8 Since this was based on my battle with @Corwinnn, I thought I would just take the liberty of killing everyone (minus the Porgs who escape).

    @sorinjace I do like Porgs. That's why they escaped.
  • due to unforeseen circumstances i will have to postopone the deadline to april 10th
  • @KrampisZman nice! Hey I've been busy still busy sorry I will drop some cards tomorrow if I get a chance...
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    Here's an entry:

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    At @sorinjace 's request, i would like to join fight for team porg with:
  • Note-Any cards submitted before march 30th WILL be taken into account of the 1st battle.-Note
  • NOTE
    Tomorrow is the last day for the submissions of part 1
  • Will be judging part 1 tonight
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    Ok here are the judgments for Phase 1

    In a close battle, the squirrels were barely defeated and the potatoes reign supreme.
    The porgs were greatly outnumbered and their axolotl allies could not make it in time, the ferrets have won.
    The kookies and axolotls were an even match, but kookie supply lines were cut and their army began to dwindle they were surrounded, their diplomacy could not save them from this. The Axolotls win.
    The hamsters had the upper hand from the get go but once they bidoof worshipers summoned their lord the battle was decided. The Bidoofs have won.


    Phase 2 is all out open war. Everyone against everyone, only new cards will be counted also here are the color combinations for the different factions


    May the best faction win

  • Nooooo!!! The squirrels will return! If only we hadn't eaten sooooooo many potatoes!!
  • Oh the squirrels may have lost but the potato casualties were high
  • Ha! Take that Mr Potato Head!
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    @Corwinnn Excuse me. Our sacrifices were many, but as you can see your causualties were even higher, seeing as your armies were destroyed. Long live the Potatoes! XD
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