WinnerIsTheJudge (Week 2) "choose one that hasn't been chosen"



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    Custom mechanic:
    Diplomacy - Starting with you, each player chooses one that hasn't been chosen if able -

    There can be any number of modes on a card like this.
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    @Tomigon Yeah, I kinda figured. Even though the card was inspired by demonic pact, it's not quite the same in its function.
  • @Faiths_Guide
    Very original idea, but sorry, you made wording mistake.
    Check out cards like Fatal Lore, Library of Lat-Nam, Misfortune

    Those modes should be reworded like either of these:
    * That player gains 3 life.
    * Each of that player's opponent loses 2 life.
    * That player destroys a tapped creature of his or her choice.
    * That player sacrifices a creature, then creates two colorless Gold artifact tokens with "{t}, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color."
    * You gain 3 life.
    * Each of your opponent loses 2 life.
    * You destroy target tapped creature.
    * You sacrifice a creature, then create two colorless Gold artifact tokens with "{t}, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color."
    I raised these two because I don't know which one is what you want to do from the original wording, but I think it's the first one because it's more political.

    Still cool though! If you want to enter a new card, you must hurry. Deadline is close!
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    @Tomigon I have a personal matter which I must attend. I should have my other entry done before 12:00 CST. Is that too late?
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    No. Deadline is 23:59 CST, March 28
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    I thought the idea of a soldier who "levels up" would be interesting for this sort of challenge. Getting a really good creature for just a couple of turns felt right here.
  • @Faiths_Guide I just read your card and I must say, I am a BIG fan!

    @Corwinnn @Tomigon You should use it in a future Mechanix challenge!
  • @KrampisZman @Faiths_Guide
    Yeah that's a pretty cool mechanic!
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    My very first post!
    I used the challenge concept and a somehow-unused cardname to engineer a new take on Living Death. And remember, the order matters! Because if you forget that, you might be making kind of...what's the phrase...?
    Wish I could have gotten the art I had envisioned, but, alas, I am but a n00b in a hurry, so a very old, chilling oil painting I found in an image search will have to do.
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    Welcome to MtGCardsmith! I like traditional art on cards so that's ok, but if you want to find another art, we have tutorial here:

    That's a really good job for the first card!
  • @Ragmander
    Excellent choice of artwork. I like oil paintings a lot!
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  • @sanjaya666 Seems a bit overpowered...
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    Ok, it seems that I hit a roadblock again. Fine then. Who tf cares anyway.
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    Deleted, faggot.
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    Here is my Entry
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    It's time to announce the winners!!!

    Honorable mentions

    In League with the Forsaken by @modnation675 League with the Forsaken.jpg?dl=0
    ^I didn't expect nonpermanent card entry! And yeah, it's difficult on MtGCardsmith to make "Choose N --" cards look better^^; 2nd mode is color pie break but personally I like it because the card is legendary and it feels very special.

    Civic Stance by @Faiths_Guide
    ^I love Diplomacy mechanic! There are wording issues on those modes, but still really cool concept!

    - 3rd place!
    "Aging Veteran" by @KrampisZman

    ^3rd mode is a red effect but otherwise I really like it!

    - 2nd place!!
    "Grave Mistake" by @Ragamander

    ^I like how it forces you difficult choices!

    - 1st place!!!
    "King's Costume Ball" by @TenebrisNemo

    ^Very fun concept and mechanic!

    Thanks for your entries everyone!
    And thanks to @modnation675 for supporting this challenge!
    I really enjoyed this!
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    Congrats! You won the 1st, so can you host the next challenge?
    Also, 1st place winner can get a month of premium subscription from @modnation675, but you are already a premium member. What do you want to do?
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    @Tomigon Thanks for third place! One minor thing. The third ability on my card actually is a green effect that we have seen on some more recent green spells. For reference, see Ambuscade, Clear Shot, and Nature's Way. It is a more recent introduction to green's color pie (Oath of the Gatewatch), but it is now a thing that green can do.

    Thanks again!
  • @KrampisZman
    I definitely need to play more real cards! lol.
  • @Tomigon - Thank you! Yes, I can host the next challenge! As for the premium subscription, I want to nominate another cardsmith, who could enjoy it. And that particular person would be @Orzhova!

    Congratulations to other winners and honorable mentions, as always!
  • @TenebrisNemo
    The premium subscription is activated. Please wait up to 24 hours!

    Favorties will be distributed momentarily.
  • Alright! Thanks again for participating and supporting everyone!

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