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  • As whistler adjusted his arm, a small bit of red mana leaked from his spell reserve, causing his cold, emotionless brain to feel a twinge of excitement for the coming tournament. "In less than a week, I will finally be able to prove my worth!" his thought gears clicked excitedly. "I can hardly wait!" The pulse of red faded, and his mind returned to its normal state. He pondered for a moment. Could there be some hidden power in emotion? A certain flare that could make his spells more powerful? Impossible, his logic coils reasoned. If emotions were needed for spellcasting, his master would have given him the ability to feel them. Yet Whistler still felt that he was missing somthing. He would have to ask his master about it.
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    @TenebrisNemo I've been wanting to do more with my champion but I've been really busy lately. Are you going to do the Tournament of Champions 18 in the summer, because if so i'd love to join and contribute more.
  • late in the evening Nya was awoken by Konus.

    "Come, we must train."

    "But I have been training all day with my friends."

    "That will not be enough." Said Konus firmly. Nya groaned and walked out of the tavern. She approached her training sphere, some of the edges had been hacked at or burned. She shrugged and opened the sphere by moving the vines. Once inside she closed the vines and looked at Konus.

    "Well what are you waiting for." He said. Nya created a dummy out of vines and began to barrage it with different attacks. This continued for a bit and then she stopped and Konus looked at her.

    "You could almost beat me." He said with a grin.

    "Well lets see then." Said Nya.

    "In this from it would be easy."

    "Well then change."

    "I cannot do that."

    "C'mon no one will know." Said Nya insistently. Konus looked from side to side.

    "Fine." He slowly began to change, fur disappearing and clothes reappearing. After it was done, a tall man stood before he. "Well then, lets begin."
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    Jaholion: Hey, Pele! Sorry about earlier. Did you want to make ice cream too? How about we make peace and make a giant ice cream stand together?
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    What the hell is even happening anymore
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    Tai was well, the naughty sort. She was spying on Nya and the friend she called Konus. Tai knew very well that this isn’t something she was supposed to do, but she just sat there. Tai had a good memory, so she was starting to piece together Nya’s puzzling puzzle. Snap! A twig snapped in the bushes behind her.

    “Someone’s over there,” Konus shouted.

    “Who?” Nya questioned

    Konus transformed and tried to find Tai, but to no avail. Tai simply, hid and flew away while Nya said, “It’s just a bird up there!”

    Or so she thought, Tai thought.
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    After the brief interuption Konus transformed back and Nya thickened the vines to ensure there were no other visitors.

    "You got sloppy." Said Konus disappointedly. "Now where were we."

    They battled for hours until eventually they returned to the tavern. Nya was disappointed in herself. However she had an idea as to who it was. She fiddeled with a small grain of black dust and smiled.

    "Your features have finaly become normal." Said Konus. Nya walks over to a mirror and looked at herself. It was true. She touched her now normal ears and wondered if her friends would notice.
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    Pele: Yay! Ice Cream!
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    I don't have time to write the story now and won't be posting for three days, but Roland, Kift, and Sunex can be part of my training group if you want.
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    Everyone, buy Pele and Jaholion's ice cream!

    We have honey hunny toffee fudge chocolate chip flavour, fire sprinkles flavour, dragonfruit flavour... You name it!

    We should be getting angelberry flavour soon! ( @TheCenterOfTheUniverse , watch out)
  • When Nya wakes up the next morning she steps outside and sees Pele and Jaholion standing at an ice cream stand selling ice cream to large crowd of people. She walks over to the stand and is spotted by Jaholion.

    "Oh, hello there would you like some ice cream?" He said with a smile. Nya looks around and then looks at the options.

    "Can I have the most extravagant and delicious things you can make." She then puts a large sack of gold on the table and looks at them. They look to eachother and get to work.


    "Here is the best ice cream we have"
    Pele said after about 20 minutes of working
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    Caphria was walking by in the alleys with her shopping. Then, suddenly, there was a flash. She was trapped in a ring of fire. Then, she saw a slick blue arrow... and then nothing.

    She woke up after 20 minutes or so. "What the #$%&*(&(?" She exclaimed. All berries from her shopping were gone and 5 feathers were missing from her right wing.

    *At Jaholion and Pele's stand*

    Jaholion: Gather round, everyone! We have a new flavour!

    Pele: Our shipment has arrived. Feast on our angelberry ice cream!

    (I mean no offense to @TheCenterOfTheUniverse with this what so ever. I'm just adding comic relief to this awesome, yet serious challenge. Thank you for understanding.
  • anyone know where to buy neurotoxins, maybe some mindflame?
  • I need to coat my knives
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    What is your training group?
  • And no, you're not getting any part of me for your ice cream
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    Jaholion will sell you some, if you do him a small favour. If you agree in this thread, I will mail this secret favor to you @TenebrisNemo
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    Might have some in my supply closet
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    Jaholion and Pele will help you, but you will have to do a favor for each of us.
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    "Can you teach me to build stuff like you?" Pele asked
  • Previously:

    A flurry of wood, clashing across the green. Caphria ducked one strike only to have to jump another, a whirl of timber, each impossible to determine the source. Then, the field went silent as every sword dropped.

    This training regime had been going on for multiple days now, with the angel and the guards; Garen and the rest of the group had agreed to help her train, but due to Caphria's lack of knowledge of her strength at the time, they had agreed to use only wooden training swords.

    The practices had helped; After spending so long leading battles, Caphria hadn't had time to learn any more, but these battles helped her focus on every aspect of battle.

    "All right, thank you again, everyone. I will see you here same time tomorrow."

    "Of course, Caphria. Enjoy the rest of your day."

    On the way back to her lodgings - she didn't really need them, but people felt more at ease when she appeared as human as possible - she stopped at the market to get some berries and fruits - again, she didn't need them, but it helped connect to people - and then continued on her way.


    Caphria let her wings retract back into her skin as she stood up. The feathers would quickly grow back, and then she could get back onto her training schedule.

    ( @HeroKP no worries)
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    "Well, it's not that simple. I use astral power hidden in my body, carried by my blood. Only an ethereal can just call up something like that, and a trained one at that. But tell you what I can do - I'll see if I can help you shape your fire into something like that. If I ever come up against you, it will backfire on me, but I can risk something like that - for a friend"

    Jaholion smiled.

    Pele smiled back. "When can we begin?"
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    It feels nice to have friends for once, Pele thought after her conversation with Jaholion.

    "We can start whenever you want." He responded to her question

    "We can start tomorrow." Pele said "After some sleep."

    After a night of actual rest she got up ready to work.

    "So how do we do this?" She asked
  • ( @shadow123 - The hosts would have to come up with a place for the lost contender, and everyone does not have the time for that... But never say never.

    @sanjaya666 - I will post Gaspar's answer soon.

    @bubbasnickey - I don't know if I'm going to host the next Tournament of Champions. It depends on how this one will go, my personal life, and what the winner of this tournament decides. )
  • If I won I know I would want to host it but I don't know about any one else
  • Tourach

    Sunset's orange rays shined through the countless windows of the mansion. The people inside didn't seem notice the dark-clothed contender, who quietly walked through the open front doors and through the east wing corridor. According to the stolen memories of the people she had passed, the judge's room was the last door in that corridor.

    As Tourach walked closer, she saw as two soldiers with metal armors were guarding the door. They crossed their halberds before the closed door, then the guardsman on the left turned his head at the undead lady.

    "This is the room of lord Gaspar, judge of the tournament. State your business."

    Tourach slightly bowed so the guards wouldn't get a good look on her face under her hood. Then she quickly came up with an idea.

    "I have news about the missing guard and other urgent matters, which I am required to deliver to lord Gaspar personally."

    The guards looked at each other for a few seconds, then they moved their weapons away from the door.

    "Very well, lady. You may enter the room."

    She opened the door, stepped in, and closed it quietly. Then she looked around the large room. The table in the middle had a neat pile of papers on it. Unlit candles were on the table and in the stone walls. A man was looking at the busy city streets through the great windows at the back of the room. He turned around and stared at the lich contender, who was standing on the other side of the room.

    "I didn't expect to have any visitors on this hour," Gaspar said audibly and walked next to the table while his hands were behind his back. "Who are you and what do you want?"

    Fearlessly, Tourach took few more steps towards the man, then she knelt down while staring at the blue carpet of the floor. She was a few meters away from him as she was kneeling. Judge Gaspar was filling a glass of wine for himself as Tourach began to speak.

    "I am a wizard named Tourach. I've traveled from afar to participate in the tournament. I've also done other things during my time here, but I've not been proud about the outcomes..."

    The former High Priest of the Ebon Hand told to the judge about her actions she had done, how she converted the guardsman and ordered him to gather more followers. They were eager to perform the rituals for her. Deaths were not planned at all, and the cult was strictly based on profit. Lord Gaspar drank the last drops of wine from the glass, then he put it onto the table.

    "You're indeed brave for coming here and telling these things you've done, Tourach, but soon we'll go through this whole thing once and for all. Guards!"

    The two large guards opened the door and marched in quickly behind Tourach. They looked at judge Gaspar, who gestured at them with his right hand.

    "Escort contender Tourach back to her room in the tavern. Keep watch until I send word."

    "Yes sir," the guard on the right said and put his metal gauntlet on Tourach's shoulder. They marched out from the room with her and closed the door. As the sound of steps were no longer echoing behind the door, Gaspar walked behind the desk and sat down onto the padded chair.

    "Where are you hiding, merfolk? It's high time we put this to an end."
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