Tournament of Champions 2 (The game has begun)



  • @HeroKP can we not do that stuff for now...until @TenebrisNemo says something
    Bc currently you literally just made a champion for someone else who already made one without their permission to their knowledge...

    So maybe hold off :)
  • I want to join
  • I will make a character
  • @TenebrisNemo I have a way that any number of competitors can compete as long as it is an even number
  • My Champion:

    And her Signature
  • @Lujikul

    Jaholion smiled and said: "Good job. This was a trick question. You should always have faith in yourself and your allies. Had you actually made the trade, I would have left you. But you have proven yourself to be worthy. Instead, I will give you a present. It probably won't help you in battle, but it can be useful if you run into hot water. I hope that we can be friends, as you are the sort of person I'd like as an ally"

    And with that, the god weaved put of thin air a pair of leather mechanical wings. He left them on the table and went away, working on some strange apparatus.

    @DoctorFro Okey dokey
  • @TenebrisNemo can the champion be my interpretation of an existing character in fantasy/literature?
  • @HeroKP thank you
    If Tenebrjs says okay then continue :)
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    There were a lot of people in the audition hall when the doors were opened once again, and a small girl walked in.
    She had long dark auburn hair that seemed to have been thrown up hurriedly, hazel eyes with sparks and obvious admiration for the older champions trying and as she looked around flames sparked for short amounts of time around her.
    She was wearing a long sleeved brown dress that was on the outside had seemed to be burnt differently in parts of it but under it was a battered up white blouse. On her feet there were somewhat melted boots that seemed to be a little too small for her feet and on her shoulder was a small baby crow that seemed to enjoy the warmth she was emitting.
    She sat down on a chair noticing all the small things about the people she hasn't met yet, as her eyes landed on a larger man that seemed to be made of stones she realized that getting into the tournament was going to be a tough challenge and she would have to use all the skills she had acquired over her years of being by herself and escaping trouble. This is what she had been training for.
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    @baryonyx69 & everybody - Even though it's not mandatory, writing something about your character would increase his/her/its influence. Traits and backstory would be the most important things to know. And remember; quality over quantity.

    @DoctorFro & @HeroKP - Your champions are allowed to communicate (as long as it stays logical) even before they have been chosen to compete in the tournament, but remember that some of you may not enter it at all if there would be an odd number of champions.

    @bnew07 - If they fit in the multiverse of MTG, then yes.
  • I may join. I will need to find some art though.
  • @TenebrisNemo I don't want to give away my characters backstory all at once
  • @pjbear2005 - That's alright, as long as there is something to know about your character.
  • Yea you can kind of assume her upbringing in in the way she is described
  • @TenebrisNemo what is the auditions room set up like?
  • @baryonyx69 you character seems cool
  • @pjbear2005 just assume it is a blank room with some tables and a registration table
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    I want to give this a shot ^^ I found about 10 concept I liked but ended up having to choose.

    image image

    The tribe of Hyro has a druid heritage, every Hyrotian is born with the ability to communicate with wild life. Whether its plants, trees, animals, or the land itself; people of this tribe have a natural affinity to bond with it.

    Hyrotian can form a life bond with the fauna. At the turning point of their life, they are sent to the wild until they find this bond. When the youngs turn 16, a ceremony takes place and they are left to themselves to search the beast that is to become their lifetime companion and allow them to merge at will and freely communicate together. Hyrotian fight threat using this ability, merging with fauna to grow fangs, claws, and enhanced senses and repel the enemy.

    Among the hundreds of youngsters in the tribe, Jazhara was a prodigy, already adept at the druidic arts even before her bonding which would take place in mere weeks. She couldn't bare waiting. Jazhara knew she wanted a fierce companion but she had no clue which one would answer her plea. After all, Hyrotian druids were known to only bond and merge with one creature their entire life whether it be a bird, rodent, or beast; every druid in the tribe fulfilled a role. Those with smaller companion were scouts, where those with stronger forms such as bears were, more often then not, soldiers defending the lands. The young girl already had plans to leave the tribe and learn more about magic but the upcoming events were still unsure.

    (Concept and texts for further ''forms'' are already mostly done. I also made first forms for like ... 4 other concepts because if theres one thing i'm TERRIBLE at in life,it's taking decisions. it take's me forever taking one no matter how tiny it may be)
  • @icyyou do you want to merge with my raven?
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    Fixed again
  • @DoctorFro when you do italics for flavor text you have to type the quotation marks yourself, so when you do it just delete pre made quotation marks and type them yourslef
  • @pjbear2005 - It's a tavern's hall, which has been chartered by the tournament's staff for a few weeks until there is a desired amount of contestants. Tavern's maids still serve drinks and food for those who pay for them. The registration table is at the back, but still clearly visible. It's the first thing you see when you step inside.

    There's also armored soldiers standing quietly in every corner of the hall, who have been hired to get rid of any troublemakers. They watch your champions' every move and are armed with swords and crossbows.

  • The doors open Koorir walks in the room. He snorts. In his land minotaurs live in the valley, for they are ridiculed by men. He hurls his axe next to the receptionist missing barely then in the blink of the eye has pulled out some hatchets and makes his way to his axe then signs up.

    Weapons: Hatchets (2) and one axe, and horns rarely used.
    He can speak common tongue
  • @Doctorfro
    Pele walks toward Koorir somewhat to get a better look at him (Even though he's already pretty tall)

    @TenebrisNemo do they serve anything that a 10 year old can drink?
  • @pjbear2005 - A glass of dragon-fruit juice is always an option.
  • @TenebrisNemo how much gold is that
  • The minotaur not knowing common courtesy here does a universal warrior trait and handed one of his hatchets to Pele blade first to show trust then said hello...

    Pele gave the axe back.

  • @DoctorFro

    "Axes are kind of brutal"
  • @pjbear2005 I am not sure you need to worry about the price this isnt like a RPG it is more like a storytelling thing so unless it is relevant to Pele's story youprobs wont need it
  • @DoctorFro only relevant since Pele's main driving thing is that she is a homeless orphan which means she doesn't have that much money
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