Tournament of Champions 2 (The game has begun)



  • @pjbear2005 - @DoctorFro is right. You can pretty much figure out the logical answers for small questions.

    I would also appreciate it if you would keep the number of posts at minimum. If you're writing a story or interacting with another champion, try to write everything you want into one post.
  • I will do that
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    Here is Sylva! She dreams of owning her own ship and with winning this tournament comes the chance to make that dream come true. She is actually the main character of a book I am writing at the moment so I have some of her development pre-decided.
  • @pakashara what is her story?
  • Other than the airship thing
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    Sylva Vran was an orphan from a young age and had to learn to be quick with her hands as well as her feet. She lived in the small coastal town of Antora so she was used to ships coming and going. When she was about ten she was being chased by the local guards for stealing a loaf of bread from a market. In an attempt to escape their pursuit she jumped on a ship in the port and hid below deck among its cargo. She then heard the guards stomping past on the docks and then the sound faded slowly into the distance. She stood up to get above deck but she was knocked down by the rumbling that accompanies a ship leaving the rocky port. She then crouched behind some barrels and hid under a pile of burlap sacks. Inevitably she fell asleep to the rocking of the ship. She woke up to someone shaking her shoulder. "Looks like we have a stowaway," said the man. "Where are we? And who are you?" Sylva asked. "Your on the Malren, the finest skyship you will ever see. We're docked at the Skulenia Peaks. We are a couple hundred miles south from where you hopped on." The man said. "You didn't tell me your name." Sylva pointed out. "You can call me Gren." During the next few years she lived in Skulenia, far away from her old filthy town. Since then Sylva has dreamed of being the captain of a majestic skyship sailing among the clouds. When she became an apprentice she chose to be a carpenter just so she could be near the massive ships. She later took over the business and has become a master of repairing and has grown in strength as well as beauty.
  • Finally got around to updating Kift. He now costs {1}{u}{r}.
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    @pjbear2005 thanks. I did my best with the art, wanted to make it as mine as possible.
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    Zintius made himself known when his fingers are badly singed in the sunlight and he screamed. He looked around to see who had noticed, and slid down the wall and sat on the floor. He felt humiliated, and hungered for his chance to prove he was an admirable foe, and for blood.
  • @everyone Sorry If my writing pieces aren’t very good, I can’t write very well. I’ll try to make them good though
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    “Hey Tai”, Azure taunted, “Causing mischief again?”

    Azure was a confident faerie. Her hair glowed gold and her skin was the color of snow. She looked pretty, but on the inside, she was terrible. Tai dispised her.

    “No, I’m leaving” she responded.

    Tai could see the shock in her deep blue eyes.

    “I hate this place,” Tai said, “I hate everything about it. I’ll leave. Grow stronger. Come back. Devastate this whole plane with a single trick. I don’t care that I was born here. I want to actually live my life. And that is not here.”

    Tai reached into her brown leather pouch and sprayed Azure with a sparkling powder. Azure fell asleep. Tia flew into the forest, the sunlight trickling through the lush green canopy. This is a place I want to be. She flew into a dense spot in the forest and found a mechanism. One that she was repairing. A door to worlds. The door was steel and old fashioned. There was a tangle of metal all over it forming a great arch at least ten times bigger than her. She slipped through the metal finding a knob. Tai turned it and vanished.
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    My entry. The little imp that could.
  • @shadow123
    Don't worry, you're writing is pretty neat!

    I think it is a very interesting card. If I played a b/r deck, this would be in it.
  • @icyyou

    I find your champion and backstory interesting, but I have a question. Can she interact with a machine that was given life by magic?
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    @HeroKP Jazhara is is an adept at druid magic. Meaning she can talk with most animal and beasts and manipulate nature much like nissa to a lesser extend.

    Her goal by enlisting here is to further her knowledge of magic in the hopes the date of her ceremonial bonding finally arrives.

    As Jazhara entered the room, she quickly glanced over the participants. Deciding not to sode with the brute looking minautaur, she just asked for her gourd to be filled along with the finest tea the establishment couls provide. Obviously, all the tenant could provide was warm water and a single branch of minth leaves. With a long face, Jazhara took a table near a window and "enjoyed" her beverage while reading a journal of sorts.
  • @icyyou

    Jaholion approached the lonely druid sitting by the window. "Not much quality in that tea, huh?"

    Jazhara nodded in solemn agreement.

    "I think you might find this more pleasant" he said, as he pured her a green shaded drink.

    "Hyrotian tea?" She exclaimed with pleasant surprise. "Where did you get that?"

    "Let's just say - I have a few friends from your land. In case you are wondering - I did not do anything to the tea nor do I want something from you. I just think that friends are a nice thing to have, especially when you want to prove yourself"

    With this cryptic remark, Jaholion left the druid and went away once again into his room. Sounds of welding and hammering could be heard.
  • 4 Hours later, Jaholion approached Sir @TenebrisNemo , the host of the competition. He had an innocent yet intriguing smirk on his visage, just as usual. he posed a question: "Am I right that I can use any weapon I create in the battle? Just checking that my little project will be of use"

    (in case it isn't clear, I would like for the host to answer that question, plz.)
  • ( @shadow123 - You write pretty well. By the way, isn't your character's name Tai?

    @HeroKP - I am not an existing character your champions could interact with. Let's pretend Jaholion asked the question from the man sitting behind the registration table. )

    "The formal rule is that contestants are only allowed to bring what they can carry and essentials. You can use any weapon created from the materials which you have when you enter an arena."
  • @baryonyx69 Did you use heroforge
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  • Anybody's character wanna come hang with Koorir
  • Zintius is all alone.
  • @TenebrisNemo can Tai use her powder?
  • Also what plane is the tournament of champions on?
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    @shadow123 you may want to edit your card for a clearer AND shorter text. Leaving more room for flavor text if you so desire.


    Creatures you control with power 3 or less have Skulk

    {b}: Target creature with skulk loses it and gains deathtouch until end of turn and you may have another target creature block it this turn if able.

    (Gain is used on triggers or until end of turn. Static effect like this uses the term have. Check any lord creature for reference ^^.)

    (I think shortening the second ability maintains its use and rule functionality so why not.)

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    @icyyou Thanks! Is it better?
  • @shadow123 it is better this way but in every case, forcing blocks is worded without the until end of turn. also in your new wording, creatures dont gain deathtouch making it hard to kill the blocking creature. you may word the ability the way you want but the way i wrote it kept the original functionality of the card while shortening it.

    dont take it personally I just want to share my knowledge and understanding :)
  • The plane is the world that Jonteman created as far as I know I can’t remeber what it is called...

    Koorir walks over to Zinitius and says hello
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