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  • ***WARNING: Potential Dark Tower spoilers below.

    ***NOTE: Roland Deschain will be represented on the cards in this tournament not as he currently is but as he remembers his life and adventures during each head-to-head challenge. Why, you ask? Because Ka is a wheel, ya kennit? And nineteen—always nineteen…

    ***EASTER EGG: 1 favorite to any Cardsmith for each Easter Egg in the card they can identify. There are 5.

    At last, Roland reached the top of The Dark Tower. The infinite stairway terminated in a single door engraved simply with ROLAND. A peace set over him as his scarred hand turned the crystal doorknob. Roland stepped through the doorway. Immediately, he recognized the blackness around him as Todash space, the empty void between worlds. But there was no paralyzing headache or grating Thinny-whine, only a thunderous whisper that echoed from nowhere into his very soul.

    “There is one more test for you yet, Gunslinger. You have proven worthy in this world, but as you well know there are other worlds than these.” Roland knew without a doubt that it was the voice of Gan. The next words were spoken with a hint of haunting tragedy, and laughter, which sent shivers down his spine as he was reminded of The Man in Black. “Defeat the champions sent against you, and it will be yours. Bury them all in lead and blood, and you will have your Tower.”

    Gan’s timeless voice receded, and the Todash darkness was replaced with a dusty ghost town. It strikingly resembled Tull, where his journey to The Dark Tower had truly began. A short stroll led him to a tavern hall not unlike Allie’s bar. With a confident step, he pushed aside the batwing doors into an unfamiliar space. It was only like Tull on the outside—on the inside were strange banners, barrels of mead, and most of all, other champions. Ka tolled its immortal bell as Roland realized he was the nineteenth champion.

    His resolve was steel as he primed himself for the challenge ahead. “I will fell all who stand before me one last time, for Jake, for Eddie, for Susannah, for Alain, for Cuthbert, for Susan. For all worlds and The Tower itself, I will remember the face of my father, for I do not kill with my gun. I kill with my heart.”

    He strode forward confidently then, amidst the others. He knew what they would see in his cold, blue, bombardier’s eyes as he passed by. He knew they saw their own deaths.

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    Whistler Stood in the nearly-empty tavern, his memory coils whirring inside his head. Many of the contestants seemed to be on about equal footing with him, but there were two that his mechanical brain couldn't quite process. The first was the enormous minotaur. Koorir's physical strength presented an obvious threat to the delicate mechanical wizard. As his memory coils whirred, they generated an internal monologue. "Koorir seems dangerous, best to avoid him if possible," Whistler thought. The second contestant that perplexed him was the artificer, Jaholion. He appeared to possess tremendous magical power, yet he relied almost entirely on his mechanical creations. "Further analysis is required to understand Jaholion," Whistler thought. "Perhaps he is like my master." Deciding that this was a thought for another day, Whistler prepared to switch himself off for the night.

    But before he could, the bartender walked up to him. "Hey, tavern's closed," he shouted at the metal man. "Dont'cha got a place to go?"
    "Apologies, I shall exit the premises." Whistler replied. He walked across town back to his master's workshop.
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    It was getting late. Judge Gaspar left the room. Minutes later, out of the wall faded a figure. It was a young woman, 17-20 ish. But she wasn't. She was, in fact, near 500 years old. However, that was about the age of 17-20 in ethereal god terms.


    She left the mansion immediately. She looked very worried. Then, she remembered a spell she learned last week, and vanished.

    Meanwhile, Jaholion was woken in his room by a magical crackle. And sure enough, the lady was standing there.

    "Oh, hi, sweetheart!" he said. "What are you doing in this realm, especially at this horrible hour?"

    "I came to warn you. I heard the judge talking, he had some information delivered to him. He somehow knew that an ethereal was entering the competition!" she cried.

    "That's because I tell everyone about it, darling! There's no use in hiding who you are, is there?" the reply came.

    The girl was first shocked, then immediately became enraged -

    "You and your reckless antics! First you enter this stupid contest with the mortals, where your brother was nearly killed, then you tell everyone about it! You swore you would keep safe!"

    Jaholion embraced the girl.

    "Amni, I'll be safe. Don't worry about me. Shh..."

    "Ok, you фыфйэбю!"

    "Dear, language!

    "Ok, fine!"

    And just like that, Jaholion was alone once again.
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    Zintius watched the few people who remained in the tavern from his secret sleeping spot on the ceiling. He couldn't sleep, the burns on his hand hurt worse than they did when he got them. He did his best to ignore them as he began to recall the events leading up to this.
    He was a member of a society dedicated to killing all vampire strains. He was assigned to kill the last few members of a strain that had been dying out the past few years. He killed all but one, and went to confront him.
    He was mixing a potion, Zintius assumed he was trying to cure himself to avoid being killed. Zintius prepared his crossbow, aimed and fired. The arrow hit the vampire in the back, nearly crippling him. Zintius knew he wouldn't be hidden anymore, and prepared his Khasite-coated sword. Khasite was a chemical invented by the greatest vampire hunter ever, and it was proven to cause instant death to a vampire.
    The vampire activated a special ability, aptly named Shadow Orb, and was encased in a large ball of darkness.
    Shadow Orb (This is Zintius's signature)
    Zintius had no way of getting close without dying, so instead prepared the one way to reverse Shadow Orb: a Bright Shot.
    The vampire, being stronger than Zintius expected, charged at him, knocking the Bright Shot from his hand. The Shadow Orb wore off, and there was an intense struggle, the details forgotten. Eventually, Zintius plunged the Khasite-coated sword into the vampire's chest. He then got up, weak and staggering, and then blacked out.
  • As the night drew on and most contenders had either fallen asleep or gone to their rooms, Pele was too nervous to sleep.With the tournament drawing closer she grew more and more anxious about getting in.

    When she got up to get some fresh air she could have sworn she saw a flock of ravens staring at her through a window but when she got outside there wasn't any animals in sight. As she started walking around she heard a flutter of wings and felt Constable land on her shoulder. She put her finger to her mouth because she didn't want to risk being caught talking to him.

    After walking for about an hour she decided to head back to the tavern to try and get some sleep. On the way back she went through a small alley that she had called her home for more time than she could remember, as she headed through the alley she finally talked to Constable.
    "I thought I saw a flock of ravens when I was in the tavern, has there been any nightshades out?" Pele said in a small voice
    "There have been other sightings of raven flocks around but I don't think it is an effect of nightshades." Constable crowed back "But I can discuss it with "The Crew"."
    "Ugh. I told you not to call them "The Crew" It sounds weird." Pele replied
    Then he crowed "Fine."

    When they got back to the tavern she realized how tired she was after the walk. She found an empty chair and fell asleep almost as soon as she sat down.

    As a large tree appeared with a small amount of land and a small hill surrounding it
    "Welcome back Constable" A feminine voice rung out "I see you've brought the girl."
    Constable then said back "She gets lost in nightmares, thats why I bring her"
    "Yeah Paris, she has bad dreams" Chimed in another bird mockingly
    "Leave them alone Harlem" a gruff voice said as a larger raven appeared in the tree
    "Fine" Harlem said to the larger raven, then to Constable "You look worried Constable, what is the problem?"
    "First of all, thank you for allowing us to come father" He said
    "I need no thanks" His father replied "But what worries you?"
    "It's the girl" Constable said "She entered the contest and she seems to be in danger"
    His fathers response "We will send some help"
    "Cheyenne, Cognate" His father said "I would like you to accompany Constable and the girl through the tournament."
    "Yes sir" Replied Cheyenne
    "Thank you father" Constable said
    At those words Pele awoke in the tavern on the floor


  • Attention!

    ( You've all been quite early. There is 11 days left until the first preliminary deadline, so you have plenty of time to edit your champions and/or your signature cards if you wish to do so. And those who haven't written anything about their champions aren't in a hurry either. The tournament stays open for new champions until the 1st of May, as planned. The game is not truly begun until then.

    When the day comes, a knockout competition will occur and the best 16 champions will be chosen to fight in the tournament. That's why you shouldn't put too much work on your stories now, because no matter how much and how well you write, card design comes first. Everything you write on this stage is just bonus and may work as a tiebreaker. )
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    Also signature card and lore will come soon :)
  • Tai reached the battlefield today early. About 30 min. She was definitely growing and changing. Tai realized that she could mix parts of the land with her powder to cause many distractions. She tried to practice. She reached for the red powder in her pouch and, it was gone. A scoundrel was running away with her pouch! She readied the same lunar spell aiming for the thief’s head.

    “My pouch is gone, the man in the woods stole it,” she cried as she launched the spell into the forest.

    “No one gets past our defenses,” a Soldier said, “You’re crazy.”

    There was a dark explosion in the forest. Tai quickly darted in.

    She took her pouch and reached for some poisonous berries and leaves, grinding them together, she created some black powder.

    The man groaned. He had Soldier-like features. He was armed with a sword and a dagger. Suddenly, Tai recognizes him. It must be the missing Soldier! She snatched her pouch from his hand and found he had devastated other guards with black and red powder. The yellow powder was gone.

    “Hands up!”

    Tai spun around and threw some black powder at the shadow. It was Sylva! The Soldier stood up, cut her wing and disappeared.

    “Sylva, I...” Tai said obviously not knowing what to say.

    “It’s okay,” she groaned back.

    Tai climbed up into the trees and snatched some sap. Deep in the woods, there were mushrooms and spinach. Perfect! Tai took the mushrooms, spinach, sap, and some sand into her pocket and put it on a leaf. She cast a spell. Instantly, the ingredients turned to yellow powder. Tai raced back, healing all the harmed, then she walked out with Sylva. Sylva was in full health, but the guards were not.

    “The missing guard,” Tai told, “She’s up to something. He took my powder.”

    With that, she healed her wing and flew back to her room.
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    Understanding that the rule is "no creatures" as complimentary cards, I will post him by himself for now. However, I petition you to allow him his sidekick. Would that be ok?

    EDIT: I’ve decided to withdraw this entry and think more about this contest before proceeding.
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    Signature card


    With a shudder the door opened... slowly a hunched figure appeared in the doorway. Ronnie didn't want to do this, but he had no choice, he was the top pick of his regiment to enter this tournament.

    His assignments have always been sketchy, but this time he really has drawn his shortest straw, ever. It may even be his last.

    Just looking over the room and other contestants he wonders how he'll make it out this time. Shuffling over to the bar a big orc suddenly blocks his way. "Well well, I didn't know they allowed babies in this challenge." Bristled the orc. "What are the organizers thinking, this is an insult to us veterans. I shall end you here and now before you even have the chance to sign up!" With a warcry the orc raised his sword to strike Ronnie down.
    Flinching and falling backwards Ronnie flips over a table, launching a pot of pepper right into the orcs' eyes. The orc lets out a roar. Flailing wildly and blinded, the orc slips over some spilled beer on the ground and impales himself on his own sword.

    The room fell silent. Ronnie got up and composed himself, wiping off some of the orcs' blood. In complete silence he shuffled over to the bar to sign up...
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    Perhaps I need to explain again what a signature card is. It's your champion's recognizable skill/spell/ability/item, which they use in matches. If everyone had a creature/planeswalker as a signature card, this might as well be a Pokemon tournament. )


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  • @TenebrisNemo does the winner of the tournament host the next one?
  • They can if they want to that is why TenebrisNemo is hosting this one
  • Because TenebrisNemo won
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    @shadow123 - You're god damn right! )
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    @shadow123 Sylva returned to her room in the inn feeling a little queasy still. "What was in that dust?" She said a little ticked off. "Why did she have to throw that much at me?" Knowing that this time alone would be just the perfect opportunity to tinker with her hammer. After checking around to see if she was alone she then bulled out her hammer and took off the head. In her hand was a gleaming dagger carved with ornate runes. During the years that she worked with hammers while repairing ships she had been tinkering with her hammer and she found that the head of a hammer can hide many things in it. After that she made a custom head for her hammer that she the put on the handle of the hammer that was actually a throwing knife that Gren found when he was exploring an ancient cave that housed a crypt holding a chest of enchanted weapons and jewelry. Thinking about Gren made her a little homesick. While fighting back her tears she replaced the head of the hammer and then went into the small forest outside. Running between the trees she practiced throwing her hammer at knots in the trees surrounding her. She wondered if she could try flinging the head of the hammer instead of the whole thing. After practicing this for a while she then tried flinging the hammer's head at the tree while throwing the knife at a separate one. After a few tries she could almost always hit the exact target that she was aiming for. "Its almost like it moves itself and readjusts for an exact bulls-eye," she thought. After a bit more practicing she the went to find Tai. She found her in her room. "Thanks for challenging me earlier." She asked. "I think that everyone is a little intimidated by me. Its nice to have a friend here."

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    The full moon was shining bright in that night. There were thick fogs here and there but it didn't deter a particular group of dark robed people who were slowly walking towards a thick forest outside of the city.

    'Such a pity I couldn't eliminate that contender yesterday. But no matter, a command is a command. Dark One guides me.' Pondered Sarazov. The former guard had already changed his attire into a dark-robed, plague-doctor style, along with a sheathed short sword and a smoking incense in his left hand. There were also currently five people who wore dark robes trailing behind him, guided by Sarazov himself. In short, the converted can also convert another people provided they have not enough willpower to resist it.


    And who would those people be? The poor and the ostracized of course. The outcast of the society who had no will to live due to their unsavory living conditions.

    Aside from the fog, a certain light unconscious spell was also cast by Sarazov to the city's guards earlier, to prevent unnecessary problems, one of many abilities bestowed by the Dark One herself to her most faithful followers, or simply just her puppets.

    An uneventful walking through the unnatural fog later, and the group finally arrived at a clearing.

    Without any sort of command, the group then started to position themselves in a circular formation.

    Sarazov raised both his hands in the air, with an incense was still hanging in his left hand. His eyes aglow with faint purplish light. More dark fog then came from the incense, enveloped the area of the clearing, preventing any further sight and intervention from the outside area.

    Then he lowered slightly both of his hands.

    "My brothers and sisters, we all already know the taste of power that bestowed upon us from our esteemed Lord, and so we are here. And to show our devotion to our Lord, let us begin the chant."

    And the rest of the cult's members began to stretch their hands in the air, their eyes also aglow with faint purple glow. A sort of unknown chanting were also being uttered while they were doing the sinister ritual. An otherworldly chant that had never been known in that world.

    From the ritual grounds, thin strands of purplish mist that barely visible also coalesced upwards into the cloudy sky above. The air in that area were filled with dread at that night.

    In the meanwhile in a very standard room Tourach obtained a while ago, she felt a surge of power washed upon her while she was still in her meditative stance.

    And she smirked.
  • Once in her room, Nya sat down and began to sort her things. Konus, her guardian and pet was there with her, when a bright white light erupted and two people in white robes appeared.

    "How go things here m'lady." Said the one on the left.

    "Quite well, the people here are very nice."

    "I am glad to hear that, your features are beginning to normalize."

    "Yes my ears are the only things that haven't changed."
    The people in white handed her a bag and then vanished once again.
    Nya looked in the bag and found a small vile of an unknown purple liquid. She shook it and it started to bubble she shrugged and put it in her bag.
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    Here's my champion! I'd love to here any thoughts you had on it's balancing. I'll post his write up soon. Thanks!

  • Tai raced out of bed, it was morning, well morning for her of course. The old clock in her bed read 2 a.m.

    “Ugh,” Tai sighed as she climbed back into bed.

    Tai tried to sleep, but she was disturbed by that guard. What was he doing here? Why did he go? Where did he go? Who is he working for? Why did he want my pouch? She sifted Black Powder through her hands.

    After hours of thinking, the clock stuck 7 a.m. Tai raced downstairs and found Sylva staring out the window.


    “Sorry about what,” Sylva responded.


    “It’s funny how that Powder deals so much damage. It causes so much affliction. Still, you have it. That Soldier, he wanted something. We need to be careful.”

    “Yes,” Tai said happy that Sylva forgave her, “In my world, everyone hated me and my powder. I am just happy that I have a friend here too.”

    “Speaking about that, wanna train?” Sylva said confidently.

    They raced out to the training fields only to see a Mage on the battlefield. It was Vir.

    “How is it that your powder is so powerful?” He said bitterly, “I used to be powerful once, I was a great Mage, I had a Great kingdom, but the burden took its toll. Be careful young Faerie, be careful.”

    Vir walked away.

    “That was odd,” Tai said.

    Sylva took off the hammerhead from her hammer and flung it at Tai. Tai easily dodged. There was a look of determination on Sylva’s face. What was under the hammerhead was an antique dagger. Sylva jumped up high over Tai, keeping her to the ground. Tai flung some glittering purple powder in the air. Using her dagger to cut through the air, she cut through the powder as well, then swiftly landed on the floor. She looked around. Tai was up again. She cast her lunar spell only to have it blocked by the dagger. They kept battling with incredible prowess. Tai flung her lance, as Sylva swept her from the air.

    “Tie,” Tai said as she sprinkled the yellow powder on both of their wounds, “It really is nice having you here Sylva.”

    “You too.”

    “Tell me if you have any information about the Soldier!”


    Tai and Sylva ran back to their rooms.
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    It is any number...I choose 000000000000!
  • @shadow123 @pakashara Once settled in Nya got bored and decided to go for an adventure. After walking around town for a bit she spotted 2 people battling in the training fields. One a faerie the other a human. The battle looked intense, one throwing a strange hammer the other throwing clouds of colorful powder. Once they saw her in the field they stopped and the faerie floated over.

    "Hello, what are you doing?"

    "Training." Said the faerie.

    "Could I join you?" Asked Nya with a smile.
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