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    Nya awoke to find that Tai was gone, she quickly got up, gathered her things and left. On her way back to the tavern she noticed that a lot more guards were placed. She and Konus hurried back to the tavern. Once she entered the tavern she noticed that there were guards here too now. I will have to be more cautious with what I do here. She thought as she walked to her room.
  • @Bobman111 is that your signature card?
  • The art fits in better later in her story
  • Here is Callum's signiture card, his staff:
  • Tai got out of bed and raced downstairs. Nya wasn’t there, Sylva wasn’t there either. It was Sir Robin.

    “Good day, Tai,” Sir Robin said.

    “Hi,” Tai replied, “It’s nice to see you.”


    “We better get training quickly,” Robin said as his expression turned soft to stern, “I don’t think we have much time.”

    They hurried out to another training ground, that was unknown. It was hidden in a small cave with a narrow passage to a field next to where the sky met the sea. There were different kinds of training fields. There was a meadow, a forest, a beach, a cave, and an icy battlefield.

    “This is where soldiers used to train, its abandoned now because when Zaralim came, it was destroyed.”

    “Wasn’t Zaralim one of the champions?” Tai asked.

    “Yes, He was, he was devoted to Goddes Friyena until he went mad, he killed my brother.”

    “Wow,” Tai said not knowing what to say.

    Then, they started. Tai chose the forest. She darted quickly through the treetops. While Sir Robin easily followed. Every few minutes, Tai would jet some powder to the ground clouding her position and seemingly dissipating into the thick powdery mist. Wardman wold catch up again and knock her down with his sword. Tai threw green powder this time creating a behemoth. It towered over Sir Robin. Sir Robin quickly battled it off and went searching for Tai. Tai had hid in a rose bush and she quickly readied a lunar spell. Catching sight of Sir Robin, she hurled it through the trees destroying all that stood in the spell’s way. Sir Robin was smashed into a tree, managing to block the worst part of the spell’s blow.

    “You’re getting better.”

    Sir Robin suddenly raised his prowess. He got faster than Tai. Tai had to start throwing powder more frequently and in that time lose him and make new powder. By that time, he would catch up. Sir Robin took out a crossbow and fired at Tai. This took her by surprise. She quickly dodged and tried to counterattack with her rose, Wardman’s crossbow shattered but Tai was blown back. Tai jetted powder out of her rose constantly. Now Tai was completely invisible. Tai threw her lunar lance at Wardman and it toppled him like a stone, or so she thought. Tai ran over to find Wardman sprawled on the floor with his eyes closed only there was one thing that was odd...

    He swung his sword at Tai knocking her into a tree and everything for Tai went black.

    “That was quite a performance,” Tai said to Sir Robin once she woke up.

    Wardman replied, “Never celebrate until you know your enemy is dead or unconscious. That is one of the biggest mistake a Soldier could make. Nice Job though.”
  • Later, Nya decided to go and find something interesting to do. Konus was nowhere to be seen so she went and checked the forest, once there she heard loud explosions and clangs of metal. She went closer and saw Tai with a strange man, he looked like a guard, they were in the middle of an intense battle. Nya watched for a while and then she left. This is good. I am glad she found someone else to train with. I don't deserve to be with her. She returned to the tavern, ordered a drink and sat down at a table near the back.
  • Hmm. Why is Sir Robin Wardnan in Eternstor?
  • @Jonteman93 @TenebrisNemo said that all the Soldier were there since the 1st tournament so Sir Robin Wardnan would be there, and he seems like a fun character to play around with.
  • I can change it if you wish.
  • ( @shadow123 - I didn't literally mean all soldiers of the plane. Just the ones who've guarded the judges since when they've hosted the 1st tournament.

    But I do not mind if Sir Robin Wardnan is in Eternstor. )
  • @shadow123 I would prefer if you created a character of your own interpretation since using Robin Wardnan is not really fair. This would give you much more freedom in how the character works and behave.

    Also Robin's personality has not really been presented so none of you know exactly how he is as a person.

    In general. Try to avoid using already existing characters that has not been presented in the current story or events. @TenebrisNemo knows where his story goes and thus knows if and when old characters can be brought in.
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    @shadow123 & Everybody else.

    ( From now on, if you wish to use an existing tournament character in your stories or you wish for an event for everyone or for certain characters, message me about it beforehand. )
  • @shadow123 You could still use the story segments you have written but we could pretend that the person is another one who also is a knight under Friyena with a brother that died to Zaralim. That would give him depth and make it more interesting.
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    Ok @Jonteman93 I’ll get rid of him from my story.
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    Another night came.

    A full moon was hung in the sky that night.

    "Stop snoring and make yourselves useful."

    A flick of fingerplay and dark magic from Sarazov, the converted guard, and voila, newly converted cultists.

    Wordplays were too long, complicated, and too ineffective anyway.

    'What a wonderful day.' Chuckled the plague-doctor styled person with a raspy voice while was applying the magical conversion process to the simple-minded, sleeping civilians. The converted guard preferred to convert a whole family instead of randomly nitpicking due to avoid the possible problems of people that would be suspicious due to the lost of their family members.

    'These two are still young, nevertheless. Dark One doesn't care about such triviality.'

    Another four newly converted people were standing in front of him. Two adults and two teenagers. All also have the new marks of the conversion, namely disfigured faces and broken psyches. But still they can follow orders nevertheless.

    "Good, now suit yourselves."

    Each of them then adorned themselves a sort of tattered cloak over themselves to hide their disfigured features from the prying eyes.

    A moment of praising the Dark One passed, and the group finally started to walk from the half-broken house of the newly converted cultists towards the outskirts of the city.

    'How amusing that there are so many outcast from just this small society.' Sarazov just smirked.

    At the city gate, he was greeted by a pair of city guards.

    "Halt, where are you all-"

    Another flick of fingerplays and dark magic, and both guards fell unconscious. Besides of it, he also touched their heads and cast a memory erasure spell upon them so that they won't remember anything about the encounter.

    "It's none of your business." He whispered with his broken voice.

    And under the moonlight, the group ventured deep in the forest towards an abandoned building that located a little farther away from the city in quest of sounding the hymn towards their lord, Tourach the Dark One one more time again. And again. And again...

    Meanwhile in the said person's room, another thin, sinister smile was plastered again in the face of the meditating female lich.
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    As Pele awoke she saw a hulking mass standing over her, thinking it was still the shade she instinctively lit a small fire in her hand. Before she could throw the fire she realized that it wasn't the shade but it was in fact Koorir the minotaur that she had met in the tavern.

    "Thanks" She said getting up and dusting herself off
    He replied with a grunt
    "How did you kill the shade?" Constable asked

    Your turn
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    The door burst open as a human sized monkey with a staff casually walked into the tavern and wrote his name on the sign up sheet.
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    Here is my champion: Coltras Drasonkai.

    He is from the merfolk kingdom of Jubani on the other side of the world. His family line was blessed by dragons two centuries ago, and were gifted with a magic staff (Coltras's signature card):


    Coltras entered the tournament to learn more about the outside world and make himself stronger. Winning isn't really his goal.

    I. Introductions
    Coltras Drasonkai approached the tavern. He had finally arrived at Eternstor. He had left as soon as he found out about the tournament, but it took him a month to make the journey. The first thing he noticed was a large dragon sitting outside the tavern. The dragon emanated great power, but Coltras was repulsed by its chaotic and violent aura, so different than the graceful dragons of wind and water that had blessed his family. He made a short bow and muttered a greeting in Draconic as he walked by. The dragon introduced himself as Karnax as his elvish guards raised their eyebrows at the use of Draconic.
    Coltras entered the tavern. All eyes went to him as he scanned the room. He met each and every gaze with a searching stare, gleaning as much information as he could. It was certainly a diverse crowd - humans, elves, an imp, even a monkey. He walked to the table to sign in, counting 23 names. "So how do beings from other planes get here?" he asked the guard sitting at the table.
    "I've been told the man running this tournament is a planeswalker," said the guard. Something to muse over.
    Coltras made his way to the first person he saw of interest - an ethereal, of a powerful race of near immortals that fancy themselves gods. "My name is Coltras Drasonkai of Jubani," said Coltras as he extended his hand.
    "Jahalion," said the other and accepted the handshake.
    "You're an artificer, I see," said Coltras, gesturing towards the various trinkets on Jahalion's person."
    "Yes, would you like to see my latest creation? I call it the Warp Armor Double," said Jahalion. The two walked off to Jahalion's room.

    Seeing as this is my first reviewed work, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on my cards. I intended the Magical ability to be printable at common, but it seems a little involved to me.

    P.S. How do you embed cards into the thread?
    P.P.S. Sorry for all the text.
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    Also, don't be sorry for writing an interesting presentation. I like it! )
  • @ShaperKyon typically when you create a copy of an instant or sorcery it enters on the stack and you dont cast it...Also if you exile a copy then it would just go away.

    Instead of the exile ability on magical I would just say get rid of it.
    And on the staff change it to whenever you copy...
  • Throughout Nyas stay at the tavern she saw many new faces and began to realise that the competition was getting more and more numerous. She left the tavern and went out to train in the forest. A little ways in she found a clearing where konus was sitting, gnawing on an unidentifiable object. She sat down and began to concentrate. She heard the crumbling of dirt, the cracking if rocks and the splintering of wood. When she opened her eyes she saw around her, only vines. From the outside, a guard looked towards the forest and saw a sphere of vines the size of a castle. Once inside, Nya released her concentration and began to train.
  • Tai reached the battlefield and all she found was a note.

    It read:

    Hello Tai,

    I have gone back to take my brother’s place under the goddess Friyena. I may not be able to return, so keep practicing. I wish you good luck in the tournament.

    Tai raced back to find Sylva and Nya.

    Nya stormed over to her as she said, “Wher have you been?! Ditching us? Training with a special Soldier?”

    Nya displayed a rare case of anger. Sylva ran to her side, “Calm down,” she muttered.

    “I was in the hospital wing and he caught me. I told him that I was searching for the soldiers that went missing so he tested me,” Tai protested, “He told me to train with him and he was a high honored soldier,so I gave in, I couldn’t ever beat him.”

    “Fine,” Nya said, “Don’t do this ever again.”

    “Friends stick with each other,” Sylva said, “even when the time get rough.”

    Tai felt a little better now. She was happy that this all was over.

  • @shadow123 We are gonna assume what I wrote happened earlier.
  • Nyas anger wasn't at Tai. It was at herself for lying, and giving up. She looked back at the forest and saw that people were beginning to gather around and look at it, some people even tried to damage it. They could never break through it and if she removed it it would collapse a large portion of the forest. She returned her gaze to her friends who were already battling intensely in the field. She just sat there and thought.
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