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    Honorable Mentions:
    Slolb, the Treacherous by @DeepSky

    This little guy does a lot of neat things, each of which is very clear, but perhaps it's just a bit too much? You got the Coward concept across mechanically in a super neat way. Well done on that (favorited) submission!

    Bael, The Unknowing Blaze by @bnew07
    Mechanically unique and clever. This guy would still be useful even with his drawbacks, though I didn't quite get the "Coward" vibe without the very specific flavor text. Nice job, your card has been faved! P.S. Craven Thunderfoot was cool too! A little too precautionary perhaps?

    Gluppa the Lily-Livered by @Gelectrode
    As usual we have a unique and thought out design from Gelectrode. I'm not a fan of the possibility of players' creatures blocking their other creatures and would implement the suggestion I made on the card's page. Maybe that's just 'cause I'm a Coward? Well done, your card has been faved!

    - 3rd place!
    Paranoid Stabber by @TenebrisNemo

    This is interesting! It does a very good job at mechanically and flavorfully conveying Coward. This card would be brilliantly chaotic. Well done, your submission has been favorited!

    - 2nd place!!
    Timid Leviathan by @Flatfish

    I did not expect a Leviathan in this contest. Way outta left field buddy! I like how crazy this thing is (and how it can be good in multiple situations. The flavor text put this into the top three. Really fun (favorited) submission!

    - 1st place!!!
    Unreliable Spy by @ASubtleGhost

    This is a crowd favorite from a long time back. I even gave this a fave using my @jd_artwork account in the past! Definitely flavorful and elegantly designed. This is a 1st place deserving card if there's ever been one. Congratulations to you on your favorited submission! P.S. Your Fearful Behemoth was also very neat!

    You get to pick another card you'd like me to fave, and you have a new card paying homage to you over here: https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/Faiths_Guide/sets/5502
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    I made one last example(s) on the previous page if you'd like to check it out! Thanks for entering everyone, this was a lot of fun! Thank you all for being patient too!
  • @Faiths_Guide I was asleep, so I didn't wake up in time. I will clearly label my stuff if I make anything for your contests in the future and put nothing else. The first 3 cards were the entries. The other card wasn't a coward, and the last I said I realized I excessed my 3 limit and shared it because it bumps the thread and is on theme as I like showing similar ideas. I will not do that in the future for your contests.
  • @Lastjustice
    Oh, no problem. I didn't mean to sound so harsh, I just didn't want you to be unfairly treated.

    As it turned out, your submissions (I was considering 5 by mistake), didn't actually make it into the top 6 so I didn't wait as long as I should have.

    No harm done! Thank you for being a part, and sorry for any confusion.
  • Wonderful entries, everyone. Great job!
  • @ASubtleGhost
    You may PM me on this!

    @Corwinnn, if you please?
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