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  • @fire12, honestly, the second ability seems kind of useless.  Why would an opponent willingly let you deal so much damage to them.  Maybe if it was player instead of an opponent.  Also, for 1 mana, that is really powerful.  I suggest making it rare and raising the mana cost by 3 or 4.  But other than that, great card!  Here's mine:
  • @FORFUN I see where you're coming from, but I do not see how Flashbolt is powerful. At its best, you either scry 2, then deal a little damage, and lose a card, or you scry 2, reveal a card, then draw it. Have you even seen Preordain? This is basically a weaker, red, version of that card. You scry 2, give the opponent a chance to get rid of a card you want, then if they don't, they know that you have that card in your hand! In some situations, it is just a weaker Opt.
  • But @fire12, you can manipulate your library with scry, and deal up to 7 or 8 damage to an opponent. Especially in standard, you'll get in a weird situation where you reveal a really good card, and your opponent has to choose between getting smacked in the face for a lot of damage or you draw a game-winning card.
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    @fire12 I don't see any problems with the card, though I would probably amend the reminder text to say "Look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order," unless the card actually has scry 1. I think other people have given ample feedback so I'll just leave it at that.

    [REDACTED because I'm dumb and somehow missed that the link in FORFUN's comment was to another card]
  • @Damnation I think you accidentally skipped FORFUN's card...
  • @feralitator
    RIP, I missed it because most people post an image and not just a link. I'll edit this after I see the card.
  • @FORFUN This is pretty meh IMO; 4 mana to give a single creature islandwalk until end of turn is way too much, even if it's a lesson and can scale (although 6 mana to give 2 creatures islandwalk/8 mana to give 3 creatures islandwalk until end of turn is also pretty bad).

    I would probably just replace islandwalk to unblock able if you want me to be honest.

    Anyway, next card.

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    I'd say this guy is a pretty simple beat stick card, swing in at every chance to take out 2 creatures, why not?  At least you gave the courtesy of making the token at the next upkeep so it can't swing again giving the opponent some breathing room, I like that.  Not unstoppable, bouncing the token or exiling can stop the cycle.  If you really wanted the cycle to not end you can put when it leaves the battlefield rather than dies.
    I'm new the forums and site in general, been designing some card based in some Hololive characters (vtubers) so forgive my weebness.  I try and design to reflect their personality or a meme associated with them using magic terms and it sure does get my creative juices flowing since I'm somewhat restricted but that's part of the fun.  Seems some folks have favourited some of them so they aren't terribly designed, plus if one does not like the anime aesthetic just judge by the card mechanics.

    Here is my card

    The idea here is she sets your lands on fire and they blow up after a turn or 2. After thinking about it maybe it should be 3 time counters
    Based off the time she burned an entire forest down in their minecraft server and her namesake being associated with fire.
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    @BT9154, honestly, I think it's a pretty good card.  I think the main issue is that it will be hard to deal that first damage to the player to start the cycle.  Maybe raise the mana cost to {3}{r}{g} and raise the P/T to 4/3. Other than that, great job!

    Here's my card:

    Introduction to Swimming

    I edited it just a tad bit.
  • @FORFUN that is some cool art. Also, the card seems pretty good. With the whole giving others land, not too bad.
  •  it's for a deck i'm making based on tabs.
  • @GloomyAndSunny1_0_1

    I'm guessing from the border that this isn't intended as a serious card? It is very powerful, but still seems overcosted at nine mana. The abilities don't seem to make sense for the design and trample isn't typically considered something mono-blue can do (there are a couple leviathans that they stuck it on, but ya).

    All in all I'd say this is more confusing than anything and could use an overhaul.

    Next Up:

    Favorite and/or comment on my card then post up to two of your own!
  • @Faiths_Guide ok, so the reason for trample is because the game i'm basing off is a longship. But in the game (Tabs) it kinda just crushes people. So, i thought trample would fit. And the price, i admit i still struggle with when making cards.
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    @Faiths_Guide Nice card but isn't it too good for uncommon?  Chrome Mox is very similar and it costs you a card and the colours are set after that.  I feel there needs to a be an enter the battlefield draw back. Of course it can become a dud if you have no more cards or only have artifacts and lands in hand, but you did fix that with the exiled card bit.

    My epic card for colourless

    A card for the Storm theme challenge

  • @Sweda, I believe one of the main reasons Chrome Mox and others like it are powerful is that they can be played in addition to your land for turn. @Faiths_Guide's card, however, is a land, so you can't play any other lands.
  • @Sweda The industrial card looks really good. I like the idea, kinda reminds me of a card i made. But better. Really cool card.
  • @AboveAndAbout
    Exactly, but it did need tweaking.
  • @Sweda, both of these cards are great, I just have one tip for you. On Map the World, you don't have to separate the text "Then if you control fifteen or more lands, you win the game" from the original line of text. That should all be one paragraph. But I do like the card, it may perhaps be a bit too cheap for what it does, considering it's an instant. Late game, that is almost a guaranteed win for a 4 mana instant.

    Industrial Revolutions seems like a good Epic card. That certainly would inspire an interesting build.. I like that you get to search for something different each turn, it's very similar to Enduring Ideal and Eternal Dominion. Nice work here.

    Here's my cards:

  • @CS101 Bolas' Inginutiy--the text confused me a little. Is it just the controller that exiles, or does each player exile in turn? Seems interesting, but that bit could use more clarity. Summoning the Rain Spirit --So, my experience has been that normally when there's big effect cards like this, there's some sort of balance so you don't end up with a 30/30 firebreathing merfolk or somesuch. I don't see that here. I mean, if you have a lucky draw, you could easily end up with what....a 20/20 spirit creature with menace for 7, PLUS putting one of those 4 casting cost cards in your hand to play the same turn (depending on where you're at in the game, of course). Seems....big. 

    My card's part of my May secret lair theme if anyone cares to look. I don't really post much here anymore as it just felt too nitpicky to be the fun out of it for me.
  • @AboveAndAbout You're right the Mox can get you 1 mana a head faster, it's not the mana fixing that is broken it's the free ramp.
    @CS101 Thanks for the feedback, it is a tad cheap but if you're about to win with this I don't think mana would be an issue. Closest card to this would Sprouting Vines at 2G that searches for a basic land and puts it in your hand with storm. 3G for a potential land, but it goes into play, and can be nonbasic... don't know 3GG at most. If I had to tweak it maybe make it to 20 lands to match up with the instant win cycle back in Odyssey and to make it harder for dedicated ramp decks, I'll keep it 4 mana since you can still play it for the land digging mid game.
    Yeah Industrial Revolutions is just more or less an artifact version of Enduring Ideal but I tone down the power a bit since artifacts are way more powerful than enchantments, I don't want you grabbing a free Darksteel Forge or something without some work or prep. 

  • @JMGreer41 thanks for the feedback! The text from Bolas's Ingenuity is the same as it is on Nicol Bolas, God-Pharoh, except updated to say 'they/their.' His +2 ability is what gave me inspiration for this card. And Summoning the Rain Spirit can definitely give you a huge creature, but I don't see the issue you see. Body of Research from Strixhaven typically will give you a much bigger creature than this for less mana, and though BoR has a harder casting cost, StRS is legendary and you have to exile it afterwards.
  • @CS101 no big deal, just my take. Haven't gotten into Strixhaven too much yet, so wasn't familiar. Its also a personal preference thing - I usually play free-for-all games with the same 3, 4 guys, so tend to work with things that build a little slower.
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    @JMGreer41  Cute one drop, not much to say really if I had to build around to maximize it I'd try use the many clone spells blue have, but only some will work since some target while others choose, or maybe create tokens of it and populate.  Use those spells where it turns all you creatures into that creature for a turn or something.  Not being able to be targeted by non green opens it open for Voltron strats since green is the weakest colour for spot creature destruction.  Neat little card.
    My card

    Shark theme vtuber Gura,. When there is blood in the water prepare for the sharks
  • @BT9154 i think thats a pretty good card. If i could, id put it in my sea horror deck. but then again, it's another "Girl that looks like 14 but is actually 2000 years old" but otherwise, pretty damn good
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     I like silent hill. And i play dbd, so i thought this works.
  • @GloomyAndSunny1_0_1 Pyramid Head seems like a creature with Bestow.

    Still, enchantments that attach to (enchant) permanents are Auras, not Creatures. Rules-wise, they can't be both at the same time (hence why Bestow transitions).

    For its intended effects though, it might just be better to have "Whenever Pyramid Head attacks, target creature can't block this turn" instead of the whole Enchant package.

    Also, I believe you italicized the mechanic Forced Penance, rather than its reminder text (the text in paranthesis). As a comparison, Spellweaver Eternal and its Afflict mechanic.
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    To be used with the "Learn" cards...

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    @Yururu I like it, a desperate colour fixer for when you are colour screwed, a land you don't have to put in your deck but a backup that can tutored up to keep you in the game even though it's incredibly inefficient. Not bad choice in draft too, it allows you to pick that one powerful off colour card for if you ever draw it you can learn this card out and be able to cast it, maybe even swing the game in your favour.
    My card, the first card I design here

  • @Yururu oh well, i tried. Looking through all the card abilities is a pain. So thanks for telling me.
  • @BT9154

    I love the card and concept! I'd just suggest raising the cost a little since it's currently a lot of value right now. You also need to make sure to add in the threshold text- it is an ability word, which means it has no rules meaning by itself.

    My cards:

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