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  • @cadstar369

    I don't see any problem with Silver and Blackflame, I would like it for my deck, if it were real thing!

    I am trying out on something, no one never tried before- And I made it to do something crazy!

    Does it works well?
  • @FireOfGolden You're gonna need a clause that states you need a minimum amount of cards in the deck, otherwise you can make a first turn win deck on you're opening hand.  A 7 card deck obeys your rule of under 100 cards after all.
  • @FireOfGolden What @Sweda says is correct. I think if it reads "If Ink is your commander, you may have a 60 card deck.", would be a lot nicer. Not 100% sure if that's how it would be worded though.
  • @Sweda @ShadowReign
    7 cards deck? It takes 5 turns for all lands, so Ink can be casted. Then player will discard a creature to make copy of it... BUT, if they draws the last card, they will lose the game.

    So they are very vulnerable to red player that destroys land and blue and black player that forces mill and discarding.

    Therefore, I don't see the necessary for minimum rule.
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    With the first ability as it is, you don't need to cast your commander to win.
    All you have to do is have 7 cards in your deck - Draw 7 cards to start the game - Start with Leyline of Anticipation on Battlefield - Play Mana Crypt - Play Mox Diamond - Discard a Land - Play Laboratory Maniac - Draw for turn - Win the game
  • @FireOfGolden What Sweda and ShadowReign have pointed out is by far the biggest issue with the card, but as they've already covered that, and there is more to speak about, I'll skip it.

    The card could use a bit of rewording, I'd have it as follows:


    At the beginning of your upkeep, you may exile a card from your hand.

    T: You may copy a card exiled with Ink, Emotionless Artist. If you do, you may cast the copy without paying its mana cost. Ink becomes that card's color or colors until end of turn.

    A few things to take note of:
    •  "...exile a card from your hand" could be changed to "...discard a card. If you do, exile that card from your graveyard", but the only difference would be that the latter would work with discard synergies. 
    • You don't need the "put it under Ink" specifier, people tend to put things under cards with effects like this to keep track of them, but that isn't an effect that needs to be written out.
    • As this is intended to be a commander, you may want this to be able to copy cards exiled off previous castings of this, which it presently can't do. You could change this through the use of counters. i.e.: "...exile a card from your hand with an ink counter on it." and "T: You may copy a card from exile with an ink counter on it..."
    • The way I currently have it worded, you can "store" multiple cards and copy any one of them, which may not be the way you intended it to work based off the original wording of the tap ability (...copy the exiled card). If you wanted to change this, that would require additional rewording.
    • This can currently copy any card, including permanents, which would, in fact, become tokens.
    Finally, a note on power level. A 5-drop that can cast a free copy of any card from your hand every turn (multiple times with an untap effect) seems like a bit much. Even being 5 colors is almost more of an upside in commander. I'd suggest you, at minimum, make the copies no longer free, but even then there are still some problems, like infinitely casting Time Warp effects.

    WHEW! That was easily the longest critique I've ever written, congratulations to anyone who managed to get through it all! So, finally, here's my card:

    One preemptive note: it IS intentional that you can put this on your opponent's in-play artifacts ;)
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    @FangQuil I really like how versatile this card is. This thing is super useful in almost any situation. The only thing is having the ability to gain control of ANY artifact in ANY graveyard can be really strong, so I think it should be {2}{w}{w}, if not {3}{w}{w}, as well as "cost {2} more to activate." But nonetheless, this is a super cool card, and I really like it. Great work! Also, the art fits very nicely.

    Here's the card I would like one's critique on:

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    @ShadowReign Commented on your card!

    Here's my card:

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    @shadow123 nice kill spell. Feels more like an uncommon rather than a rare to me, since you'll probably have only a couple Clues at most lying around when you cast Case Closed, so it can't kill much (tokens aside). It's almost strictly better than Foul Play though, so perhaps it's right where it should be. One thing of note is that I'm fairly sure you have to choose the target (if any) before you investigate, so the new Clue won't affect your choice of targets, but it will help confirm the kill during resolution if your opponent tries to mess with your existing Clues.

    @Jadefire thanks for the feedback! :) I totally forgot Eggs was a thing. I might change the ability to nonland artifacts, but it may be fine as is since WU isn't great at ramp, and playing a bunch of artifact lands leaves you extra vulnerable to mass artifact removal.

    @ShadowReign trading Treasures for mana rocks & equipment seems like a fun way to annoy people with A'keem. I appreciate that you don't lose life from the activated ability unless the 'trade' goes through. Perhaps the activated ability should cost 1 more, because getting 2 permanents for {u/b} is already strong (especially at flash speed), but then you get to trade one of them for something better for another {1} (and 3 life), which is better than any exchange spell aside from Gilded Drake. And it's repeatable too, so 3 life might not be enough of a drawback (at least in commander; 3 life is probably a lot in other formats).

    I'd appreciate additional feedback on these partner commanders:
    Silver Royal DiplomatBlackflame Royal Inquisitor

    In particular, I'm concerned about Silver's last ability. Is 2 life too much perhaps?
    I'm also uncertain about Blackflame's power level relative to his mana cost. I don't want to increase it, but I'm wondering about decreasing the mana value and/or strengthening the last ability.

    The main idea for these two is a grouphug/politics deck that's better equipped to dole out punishment (when necessary) than decks like Kynaios & Tiro.
  • @FangQuil @shadow123 @ShadowReign @Sweda
    Thanks for your opinion! I discarded the card then created newer card with your advises. (I mentioned you, shadow123 because you commented on my card link. So, if that wasn't you, PLEASE let me know.)

    Here's improved card;

    Now, @shadow123
    I will do my best to read your card because your image of the card seems very poorly quality.

    "Cased Closed" is something card I would want to add it to the "Law and Order" set. If this was used with Ink, Emotionless Artist, you can have many of them in the commander. :smile:


    My mind is steaming out from creating this error mechanic word...

    I want it goes as;
    If creature is being targeted, (In term of creature is already destroyed) it will becomes colorless and loses all ability but gains indestructible. The mana value will be same as its power which controller can pay for it when it was returned to its owner's hand or it enters the graveyard or becomes exiled.

    If land is being targeted, it becomes Wastes which {t}: You gain a colorless mana.

    Others are just simply useless colorless card that does nothing but increases Error's power.

    I could make the colorless permanent belong to the opponent or owner, but there are no room, so I need help with making it any less complex while remains on logic responding to type of permanent. 
  • Plus, I want the owner to add flavor text to it as well.
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    @FireOfGolden Honestly, I like it! It's art doesn't look like a skeleton, so I would retype it to Nightmare, but the mechanics are very interesting. As you said, the Error mechanic is very complex, but that's not really a bad thing. 
    Next up:
  • @KorandAngels Eschatological Tower would be obscenely frustrating to play against, and likely format-warping. Consider the existing cards that can cause a draw:
    • Celestial Convergence costs {2}{w}{w} and takes 7 upkeeps to end the game, generally forcing a conclusion at turn 11. However, it only forces a draw if each player has the same life total, so any player can still win by playing normally.
    • Divine Intervention costs {6}{w}{w} and takes 2 upkeeps to end the game, forcing a draw around turn 10.
    • Eschatological Tower is a colorless land (so it can go in any deck, unlike the other two) that only takes 6 activations of the mana ability to end the game, so you can force a draw by turn 7. But, unlike the two enchantments above, Eschatological Tower counts up, so you can use proliferate to make things even faster (potentially having Eschatological Tower untapped with 6 counters on it by turn 4; a dedicated deck could very consistently untap with 6 counters on it by turn 5, making this twice as fast as the enchantments).
    • Additionally, unlike the other two, Eschatological Tower doesn't immediately make the game end, so you can keep playing if you're winning. And since you can pull the plug on the game at any time, your opponent(s) practically cannot win the moment you have 6+ counters on Eschatological Tower, so the game becomes one-sided. On top of that, land removal is much less common than enchantment removal, so Eschatological Tower is significantly harder to deal with than the two enchantments above. And if you can't remove it, you basically can't win, so everyone would have to change their decks to make sure they can counter Eschatological Tower, 'cause everyone's definitely going to be playing it since it has no real downsides.
    I'd suggest making the draw-forcing ability a triggered ability similar to the referenced enchantments, since then you wouldn't be able to one-sidedly end the game on a whim to your benefit.

    @FireOfGolden here's an attempt at unraveling & rewording your Error ability.
    When a permanent is errored, it's destroyed, then:
    • If a creature is destroyed this way, its owner creates a copy of it which loses all abilities, gains indestructible, and has mana value equal to its power.
    • If a land is destroyed this way, its owner creates a copy of Wastes.
    • If a noncreature, nonland permanent is destroyed, its owner creates a copy of it which loses all abilities.
    • The copies are not tokens. (I don't understand why you want this, since all existing effects create token copies, and there's a number of potential rules issues waiting to happen here, but sure.)
    If I have that right, I'd suggest this: Error target permanent. (Destroy it. If it's a land, its owner creates a copy of Wastes. Otherwise, its owner creates a copy of it, except it's colorless and loses all abilities. If a creature is created this way, it gains indestructible and its mana value becomes equal to its power.)

    (Using Garth One-Eye for reference.)

    If you really want to fit flavor text on Error, your best bet would be to create something else that has the error reminder text, that way you can omit it on Error.

    Still looking for feedback on the partner commanders (see the end of my last post).

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    @cadstar369 Can you help me understand the "partner with [name]" mechanic, I don't fully understand it. Cause regular partner has both commanders in the command zone, but the "partner with [name]" tutors the other? I don't get it.
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    @ShadowReign “Partner with NAME” means “when this creature enters the battlefield, target player may put NAME into their hand from their library, then shuffle,” when it’s not on a legendary creature. If the creatures are legendary, it both means the prior effect and also functions as original “2 commanders” Partner, but restricted to those two creatures. For example, Gorm the Great & Virtus the Veiled can be together in your command zone, but you couldn’t pair either of them with Tymna the Weaver.
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    @cadstar369 So, you may have both as your commander(s) (in the command zone); and if they are not your commander(s), you get to tutor the other?
  • @ShadowReign basically. But even if they are your commanders, if one of them gets shuffled into your library, having the other one enter the battlefield will still let you tutor for the first one. (You can also target people with the trigger to grant a free shuffle effect.)
  • @cadstar369 Gotcha, okay I think I understand now, thanks for your help. I was asking because I was gonna look over your partner commanders, and I didn't know how that worked.
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    Silver, Royal Diplomat
    • I feel gaining 2 life at the beginning of each opponents turn can add up very quickly, and you should maybe gain 1 life instead, or not gain life at all. You are in black and white after all, so gaining life shouldn't be too hard.
    • At three mana, being able to draw up to 8 cards each rotation is way too busted, so I think you could get away with only one draw ability, or the cost should be significantly higher; maybe mana value 6.
    • With those effects in mind, I think it's fair say this is a mythic card.
    Blackflame, Royal Inquisitor
    • Having to discard a card and sacrifice a permanent for every ping of damage is unfathomably unfair. Don't get me wrong, I like the card, but I think it should be more restrictive; say "Whenever a creature deals combat to you, that creature's controller discards a card and (though at five mana, I think it should say "or") sacrifices a permanent."; or "At the beginning of each opponent's end step, if a source that player controls dealt damage to you this turn, that player discards a card and (again, optional "or") sacrifices a permanent." Either feels way, WAY more balanced, cause if a player controls even a single Blood Artist effect, and a boardwipe happens, they won't lose all their lands and have no cards in hand.
    • Again, with the effects in mind, and since I think the other should be mythic, this feels like a mythic.
    With that said, I think these are great ideas, and they seem to work amazing together, but I feel they are way too powerful as is.

    Whew, that is the most in-depth I've gone on a review and it was pretty gruesome to do (especially on mobile). I hope you feel I did a good job, and everything I said makes since.

    Here is the card I would like one's critique on:

    This uses a custom surveil-like mechanic that may or may not be introduced in a custom set at some point in time.
  • @cadstar369
    Tokens usually ceases from the existence when it leaves the battlefield.
    So, Errored permanent will be destroyed and creates another new permanent which is colorless verison of it and it has nothing but indestructible. If it's creature, its mana value is equal to its power. Which allows for any player to cast it back or put into the battlefield. Error cannot be player's commander because of this unless the a card says otherwise.
    Consequently, colorless permanent will be in graveyard, exile area, etc until it is put onto the battlefield or shuffled into library.
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    @FireOfGolden if the flavour of error is to wipe all identity of a permanent then why not just
    {2}{b}{r}{g}: Target permanent loses all abilities and gains indestructible and devoid.  If it's a land it has "{t}: add {c}".
    I still don't understand what you mean by this
    If it's creature, its mana value is equal to its power. Which allows for any player to cast it back or put into the battlefield.
    The ability to recast at a different mana cost is over complicating things and is very arbitrary.  Why, for example would a 1/1 initially cost 3 mana now be 1?  Just search for 1 power creatures and look at the highest mana cost ones and you can see there is problem if you can cast them for 1.  There are ways to do it but it'll be like exile it with X counters and you can cast it equal to the counters but there will not be any room in the text box for anything else.  No way in paper magic are you going to make people keep track of a new mana cost in their hands, it's too easy to cheat.
    Are you saying they permanently lose all abilities and are indestructible even as they move to different zones?  Is that your justification for power=mana cost?  If so you have so be more clear.  If it's that then maybe this:
    {2}{b}{r}{g}:Put an error counter in target creature.
    Creatures with errors counters on them lose all abilities and have indestructible and devoid.
    When a creature with an error counter leaves the battlefield exile it instead with an error counter.  Players may cast creatures they own in exile with an error counter on them for {x}, where X is it's power, if they do, it enters the battlefield with an error counter in it.
    You can forget about erasing lands or other stuff, it gets too complex and won't fit in the text box if you want this casting cost changing bit.  As ridiculous as some of your cards are, I do quite enjoy trying to figure out how to word them with Magic's framework.
    Also Error gets +1/+0 for each land in play since they are colourless so it'll be pretty huge when it drops, not sure if you intended for that.

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    @ShadowReign thanks for the feedback! 
    • Definitely agree with the rarity increase for both of them.
    • Going to change Silver’s last ability to just give 1 life. That way he always gives an okay present, and sometimes gives everyone a better present via the other ability.
    • I like the idea of switching Blackflame’s trigger to a choice. I don’t tend to play decks that deal lots of damage, so I wasn’t sure how impactful the current effect would be. Leaning toward keeping the trigger for all damage, as a sort of side-graded Michiko Konda (better body, worse effect since they get a choice).
    • Luckily for aristocrats players, Blood Artist & friends don’t deal damage (also for your boardwipe scenario, Blackflame would have to somehow survive, or he wouldn’t see any of the damage you took), but things like Impact Tremors are definitely bad against Blackflame (your opponent can always choose to sacrifice their problem cards first though, much as it might pain them to do so).
    Now I just need to find some new art for them… 🤔

    With regards to Conjure Into Existence:
    • Having a restricted single tutor for 5 is pretty weak (consider Ignite the Beacon, Invert // Invent, Shared Summons), so this card's rarity could definitely drop to rare or even uncommon depending on how strong you make support interactions with face-down exiled cards. After all, purge is significantly worse than scry or surveil unless you can somehow make use of the purged cards. Unless you make something that straight-up lets you look at & cast face-down exiled cards you own though (making this tutor + draw up to 3, which is certainly nuts), this could probably still drop to a rare. Looking forward to seeing what you do with purge.
    @FireOfGolden so… you don’t actually want to create a new permanent; you want to permanently alter the majority of a permanent’s properties as you destroy it? That would cause huge memory issues and be impossible to keep track of, in addition to being incredibly clunky. It also probably wouldn’t work in the first place because the errored permanent is no longer the same card once it changes zones, and thus the game no longer recognizes it as errored.
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    • Right, I probably should have said Vindictive Vampire, though the scenario presented would still not work; but the point was damage can be thrown at you pretty easily and frequently in Commander. However, yes changing it to a choice effect will definitely keep it a little more under control.
    Regarding your critique on Conjure into Existence:
    • I would like to keep the card a Mythic, so what would you think about no restriction "Search your library for a card, put it into your hand, then shuffle."
    • There are plans to be able to use some of those cards that you exile face down, but it will be at a hefty price.
    • Also, I'm thinking about changing the reminder text for Purge to "Put the rest on top of your library in a random order." I feel by doing so, it should give more of an incentive to Purge some of those cards away. Also, if it is changed, would it make sense to dig deeper on average? Having more cards to consider may shy people away from Purging all but one card.
    • If the change is made, I think Conjure into Existence could have Purge 7, which will kind of feel like a low-key second tutor, and will further it's worth to be mythic.
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    • Having a universal tutor at instant speed definitely sounds more like a mythic. Perhaps the cost should be adjusted to {3}{b}{b} to be more in line with existing universal tutors.
    • If the price is going to be steep, I will proceed as though you couldn't recover them at all (since that's how many players will likely interpret the ability). It is nice to know that there will be something to do with those cards though.
    • Putting the cards back in a random order is an interesting 'downside' that would definitely encourage exiling cards. However, I'd caution against increasing the value too much. It's pretty difficult to go through your entire library without going infinite or using something like Demonic Consultation, so you might end up with players fearlessly exiling two-thirds of their library while digging for key cards (Thassa's Oracle might be particularly potent in such a strategy).
    • Since Conjure Into Existence is a 5-mana mythic, Purge 7 could be fine, but in general I think it should stay around 3~5. That way there's enough of a choice to be a useful alternative to scry, but you're not seeing so many cards each time that it's significantly better than scry when only keeping 1~2 cards (probably).
  • @ShadowReign i think for 5 mana its a bit much maybe if it had purge 5 but i dont really get what purge is for if you had put another card that could do sum with the exiled card then i can see the point but if there is a point to exiling them face down then just use scry or surveil 

    welp here my card and as always judge it as a commander plz

    so this is a adventure themed deck and i didnt want to make the card 4 or 5 colors ( cuz i dont really like those kind of commanders.) so i picked the 3 best ones and thought of this idk if i worded it wrong or not cuz i couldnt find any cards similar to it but basically once you cast a an adventure it goes to exile well with nonnie you can then recast them from exile (the instant or sorcery) but this time it goes to the graveyard. so she can give you double value off of sum like beanstalk giant. now whenever you do cast an adventure instant or sorcery you gain 2 life which isnt much in commander but i figured it works like you read the sstory and it fill your mind with hope or sum but hey look it doesnt mean you cant cast the creatures heck she gives you a incentive too if you do which is a lot better then 2 life you draw a card. im curiious to know if i worded it wrong on her or is she balanced enough like she not broken and i woould aslo like to know if she is too weak. and another thing if someone said can i use this custom card as my commander would yall let them play it or even play it yourself?

  • Nonnie seems like a really good idea. I don't think it's broken since there really aren't too many adventures out there that could make this an issue. I personally wouldn't play it, not because I don't like the card, but because I'm not big on adventures. I'd let someone else bring their Nonnie deck though. I like what it does, but I'm biased because I don't play adventures. Good job on it.

  • @Ashdust
    Not gonna lie, that's awesome creature!

    To make it look prettier, make texts smaller and give a space between abilities. If there is enough room, you can add text flavor to it!

    I am waiting for feedback on Ink, Emotionless Artist.

    Now back to my own art and card!

    I made a custom type of the card is called Forgot Creature. By default, all forgot creatures controlled by player must put a -1/-1 counter on these on the end step unless he or she discarded at least a card this turn.
  • @Ashdust This is quite strong, if allowed to attack you can pay 4 life to make it 8/8 and gain 8 from lifelink making paying the cost to double the attack not much of a decision. Then pay to get an extra combat pay 8 life and it's a 16/16 and on hit gain 16 life. At the end for 6 mana you're netting 12 life, 24 damage all from one creature on one turn.
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