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  • @Globert-the-Martian
    Willem, Son of Willem cracks me up. The fact that he is common card allows you to have up to 5 cards in standard deck (Or others that's not commander).

    Last abiltiy is somewhat powerful, but forcing it to becoming tapped is little better. But that doesn't change the fact that upon Willem death, his "son" will get quite powerful equipment without paying to equip AND paying for "son's" mana value. 

    I would like a feedback on this card, thanks.
  • @FireOfGolden I love the card concept, and the flavor is amazing, though the effect seams more black-green than mono-green. With cards with varying sizes I would also recommend an X in the mana cost, that way the card isn't completely useless in a lot of the game. Maybe a {x}{g}{g} that allows you to exile twice X cards? If that's not the effect you're going for maybe have it selfmill on cast? The card just seams very style-specefic in most cases. All in all, great card, I could totally see myself getting crushed by something like this in a Vorinclex deck.

    Card I would like reviewed:

  • @jaceberlin Mix allows you to exile many creatures as you want when it enters the battlefield from all graveyard, not just your graveyard. Then put that many +1/+1 counters on it.
  • @jaceberlin I really like this card. Especially in a Lathiel deck. A guaranteed counter every end step, even if you do pay it for green. It's good that you have to tap it because otherwise, it turns into an almost channel-like effect. Great job balancing this card. 

    Here's my most recent:

    Haruni Prideful Patron
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    I really like Haruni. I think he's well thought out, and in my opinion, well-balanced. Minor thing; flying counters, trample counters, and hexproof counters don't need capital letters. 

    Can I please have a comparison between these two cards with an indication of which card is "the best" in terms of balance and realisticness. Thanks!
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    @CrimsonFox Arkanach is broken because flicker effects, you cast it, draw into more flicker effects, flicker it, draw more etc... it can be nuts.  I would word it so the effect happens upon casting rather then enter the battlefield.  If it was that then most of the time you're drawing 2-3 cards by the time you can cast for 7 and that is still very good.  You'll only be getting 4+ after setup or refraining from casting for a turn or two and that's a risk and drawback but for huge card advantage, and who is to say that you can return to your hand and double your hand again, it's just a bit harder and I'd say still might be broken.
    Panic-inducing Swarm - This is like a strictly better version of Marrow-Gnawer and he is already a good card even with all his restrictions, being legendary and you need to sac a rat to use the rat doubling effect. So the casting cost needs to at least match Marrow-Gnawer (or 1 less because 1/1) or the effect needs to have a tougher price for it to be balanced.  Yes you can untap him and repeat, but you can have multiple Panic-rats or clone them.
    Here is mine

  • @sweda thank you, I appreciate the feedback, there is so much I overlook when balancing my cards, so this really helps! 
  • @Sweda
    Alecto is actually powerful commander!

    I don't see how Unearth can help with this ability. It just allow Alecto to enter the battlefield, but the Suspend is not activated this way. Afterwards, it becomes exiled.

    On another hand, Alecto is something I would like to try fight against!

    Here's card.
  • I need know if equipment will still stay on creature once equipped, even if it transformed.

  • FireOfGolden Thanks for liking it, initially Alecto had a return to your hand ability rather than Unearth but I felt it was a bit too straight.  I think typically the play would be to suspend for 2 place 2 mark counters and kill a card when it enters and then sac Alecto to something and unearth to kill the other, for the mana and time spent I think it's decent value.  Of course you can suspend for a lot and she will then act as a deterrent against playing important creatures until she drops and in the right deck with assassins you can get a lot more value. Unearth and get that last bit of value if there are still mark counters around.
  • @Sweda Then she would make an excellent commander!

  • @FireOfGolden The card is pretty nice, but since it's very non-traditional, there isn't too much to say about it. It represents the Scp pretty well, though the dead body not being a creature is a little flavor imbalanced. The card itself is pretty strong yet balanced, but the second ability on form 1 isn't worded correctly.

    Card I would like reviewed:

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    @jaceberlin I like this creature because, if you're in a 4-player game, you're likely to have a great deal of choices. I think it's well balanced, I personally don't see anything wrong with it. Good job. 

    Dinya Chronoshaper
  • @Ashdust Picture issue.

    I agreed with Ashdust, good job!

    Demented Lost Soul is just a card to explain how to put a -1/-1 counter on Burnman.

    Otherwise, As long as you control at least a forgot creature, at beginning of your end step, put a -1/-1 counter on each forgot creature you control unless you discarded a or more cards this turn.
  • Fixed it
  • @ashdust ;
    Dinya would make a great card for Nizz-Mizzet, Parun!
  • @FireOfGolden you're expected to leave more than just a sentence.

    @Ashdust Dinya is a great card, and definitely fits her r/b theme. I could very much see a lot of strategies in this card, mostly with its first two abilities. It could be used to play as instant speed and then counter and opponent move with a cheap sorcery. The card does have a small problem though; its randomness. The first two abilities fit the card and the third one does slightly still fit, but the last ability is totally out of place on the card. If you can't think of another ability, flavor text is always an option. 
  • @Ashdust
    I somewhat agree with jaceberlin, but there's a couple other things I'd like to point out:
    • Dinya's second ability affects spells on the stack, not cards in your hand. As such, it won't actually change when you're allowed to cast your first spell each turn. I'd suggest using "you may cast your first spell each turn as though it had flash" instead. (See these cards)
    • In addition to Dinya feeling like three cards stuck together, the third and fourth abilities don't fit very well into UR. While the symmetric draw can be found in blue, this kind of effect has been given mostly to white in recent sets (see these cards). Also, while blue has a variety of '[un]tap target permanent' effects, the restriction to lands makes it a very green ability. I'd suggest removing the restriction to lands and making it "untap target permanent".

    • Burnman seems weak for a 6-mana rare. The body is rather small compared to similar cards, and its second and third abilities are at odds with each other.
    • Additionally, 'draw then discard' (aka looting) is generally a blue effect, since you obtain more information when taking the actions in this order. Red tends to get 'discard then draw' (aka rummaging), which is more in line with red's rashness as you don't know what you'll get by throwing your card(s) away.

    I'd appreciate feedback on this card:
    Timespinner Themis
  • @cadstar369 Does this work?

    You may cast your first spell each turn as though it had flash.
    Whenever you cast a spell during an opponent's
    turn, draw a card.
    {t}, Discard a card: Untap up to one target permanent.
  • @Ashdust while the wording works now, the third ability is absurdly powerful, as turning all your spells into cantrips during your opponent's turn would make for an incredibly potent, if not flat-out broken, control deck.
    • For example, consider Baral, Chief of Compliance. His second ability supports a similar strategy, but provides card selection instead of card advantage, and only works for countermagic effects. If Dinya were at the helm of a similar deck, you would have access to the full array of UR's instant-speed removal and practically never run out of cards in hand.
    • For something a bit closer to Dinya, look at Nymris, Oona's Trickster. She also has flash and supports casting spells during each opponent's turn, but only puts one card in your hand per turn for doing so.
    Since Dinya has 4 abilities in total, with none of them being particularly red, perhaps consider changing the third ability to something like "At the beginning of each upkeep, exile the top card of your library. You may cast it this turn." This would both restrict her card advantage to a level similar to other cards around this mana cost, and also utilize her second ability in a potentially interesting way.
  • @cadstar369 Thank you for the suggestions. I'll fix all of it on Monday.
  • @cadstar369 Cool card! I'm typically not a big fan of cards that mess with exile, both because I don't think it should become the "second graveyard" and because it can have some weird/broken interactions. That said, I think this one threads the needle! The only comment I'd make is that I'm not sure the wording on the first ability is ideal. Maybe something along the lines of: "Whenever one or more cards you own without suspend are exiled, put four time counters on each of those cards and they gain suspend" could work better?

    Here's mine:
  • @FangQuil Cody, the Helper seems very overpowered to me. Not only is he a one mana 2/2, which would be overpowered by itself, he also has an ability that can allow all permanents to gain indestructible until end of turn. Now, let me explain just how powerful that ability is. First of all, you can activate that at any time, which means that you could use that ability to block an attack from your opponent without losing any creatures or use that ability to prevent destroy spells and board wipes. Second of all, Cody doesn't even die when you use this ability, rather he is shuffled into your library, which allows you to get access to him again later on. That ability also doesn't require you to pay mana or tap Cody to activate, which means you can do it any time at no cost. Now I know you did try to balance it, by making it so that all permanents are indestructible, but that doesn't really change much about Cody's power level. Cody also has his first ability, which can allow for extra card draw for both players. If you were to build a commander around Cody, you likely would have cards that would use card draw, thus allowing for you to use that to your advantage over your opponent's, but even if you were playing in a more limited format, this ability would more likely be more beneficial to you than your opponent.

    I can appreciate that you were going for a very mono-white legendary dog card, and you have succeeded at that, but your power levels are going through the roof. I would suggest making Cody at least three mana, if not more.

    For my card, I was trying out making a card for the latest set, Streets of New Capenna.

  • @FangQuil I'm curious as to what card(s) you're using as a reference for that suggested wording, as I can't find anything remotely similar. Judging from these cards, it seems like I should perhaps change 'enter exile' to 'are put into exile'.

    • Maestros Initiation is pretty crazy at X<=3, considering how easy it is to drop an X/1 or make a couple tokens of the requisite power early on.
    • Convoke takes this way over the top, since you likely already have plenty of creatures lying around in a Casualty deck, and even if you didn't this turns most cheap token generators into a 'free' double tutor for removal, combo pieces, etc. (e.g. turn 1 creature, turn 2 make two creature tokens, convoke Maestros Initiation for X=1 or X=2 & sac for casualty.)
    Wording Notes:
    • Casualty N is "power N or greater." Also, since this spell doesn't have a target, the "and you may choose a new target for the copy" is extraneous. (e.g. Illicit Shipment)
    • Since the tutor has a mana value restriction, the player must reveal the card(s) they searched for (to prove they actually found something with that mana value and aren't cheating). (e.g. Mausoleum Secrets)
    • As of Strixhaven, 'converted mana cost' has been replaced with 'mana value'. (e.g. Confront the Past)
    I'd appreciate feedback on this card:
    Mythcaller Ashdust
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    Mythcaller Ashdust is a bit of a thinker, but I think I get it. I like it. I personally can't see any way I'd change it. (Sorry, I know that's not very helpful. I just thought this discussion could use a bit of lubricant.)

    Here's mine:
    Tamper with Fate
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    My thoughts on most of the interesting cards from this page:

    Tamper with Fate: As of now, could use a tiny power boost. Maybe change the upkeep trigger to an end step trigger? 

    Maestros Initiation: Seems very, very busted, primarily because of convoke and the fact that it can search for itself, which allows for dumb loops, and can search for lands. For context, Sylvan Scrying is 2 mana but still sees play in Tron, and this searches for lands and actual cards. Convoke on a tutor is also very good, especially in a deck like, say, Vintage or Legacy dredge which need Bazaar of Baghdad to win. Even outside of that, paying 1 mana and saccing + convoking a creature to search out ANY two 1-drops is just busted, in addition to the flexibility it provides. EDIT: It also needs to reveal the card.

    SCP-682, Immortal Lizard: Having a blocking trigger that relies on creatures dying feels awful, and requires killing creatures before combat for minor gains.

    Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader: Black doesn't get "Destroy target permanent" effects, especially against artifacts or lands, and having a 2 mana 2/1 that destroys anything, esnetially like a 2-mana stone rain, is broken. I'd suggest making it only destroy creatures or planeswalkers, and for the suspend to cost something like XBB. 

    Arkanakh, the Oracle: Surprisingly balanced, if not underpowered; you first have to actually reach  7 mana to cast it, which is unrealistic for most decks. You then have to actually have cards in your hand to make use of the ability. You then have to actually make use of the extra cards it gives you without dying because you used seven mana to draw a few cards. If anybody finds a way to blink it multiple times and set up a combo, they deserve to win due to just how clunky that combo is. The better application of its power is in Modern Tron; 7 mana is perfect for tron, and drawing a few cards on top of that is nice. I'd personally change the power and toughness to 5/5, 6/6 or 7/7 to allow for it to see play in Tron. Really cool card, either way.

    Otherworld Paludal: This card sets a really bad precedent for future cards with lifegain or life loss synergy. Being able to just gain life for free off of a land permanently restricts the designs you can make going forward; experimental designs like Mortality Spear permanently need to be nerfed to avoid breaking any formats, because this card exists. It isn't currently overpowered, but is an issue.
  • @Globert-the-Martian sorry about that user giving you trouble. Great card design :>
  • @Globert-the-Martian to clarify: your card is a great counterspell and especially useful against rat mob type decks. Just wish I could use it in commander, hAh- 

  • @Ashdust_II Thanks! And no worries, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that guy's probably not an ideal source for constructive criticism. 
  • @Ashdust_II Neat card the closest I can find to it is Bygone Bishop.  Yours does do a lot more in that your investigate trigger is much more easier to occur, it has vigilance and it can pass out +1/+1 counters.  I think those additions are more than an extra mana, legendary, rarity and mulitcolour so I think it's a tad undercost.
    This does have a 3 for 1 effect if you play tokens, was that your intent for the power level for this card?  Create a token, you investigate, then you get two +1/+1 since that was two tokens that entered.
    I like it, it's a very blue white in ability, art and it can consistently add value little by little, it quite a neat package.
    Here is mine

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