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  • @jpastor - Merwolf? You mean seals?

    Jokes aside, I think the creature might be a little on the strong side when I compare it to Separatist Voidmage. I also think it's odd that there is "beast" in its name but it's not one of its subtypes.

    Here's a shade.

  • @jpastor
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  • @Faiths_Guide the tap sign should be on the other side of the mana symbols.
  • @shadow123
    Obviously! Thank you, I added it as an afterthought and totally missed that XD
  • @TenebrisNemo
    I commented on your card!

    Could we take another look at this [revised]:
  • Looks better. Maybe the cmc up {u}? But why all five colors for the second ability?
    How is this?
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    In accordance with the rules as @Faiths_Guide pointed out, I'm commenting on the card above in its comments.
    This is overpowered and kind of thematically confused.

    The good:
    The cost, stats and evergreen abilities are all fine though will probably need to be tweaked if you take my criticisms into account. Making a clue when a creature dies is a neat take on other really powerful cards like Harvester of Souls that allows you to leverage things that care about artifacts and things that care about clues.

    The bad:
    * Gaining life equal to the toughness of each thing that dies is very, very powerful. You could quickly and easily gain hundreds of life in a game of commander with a single board wipe, for example.
    * The gain life and make a clue ability triggers when it dies.
    * If you're trying to play on the 'vampire eating their life' theme, you should probably only gain life if this creature causes their death. Making it a catch-all is strange.
    * Making clues is already keyworded so you can remove a lot of your reminder text, it's called Investigate.
    * What does other creatures dying have to do with him investigating and uncovering clues?
    * The last ability is just silly. Nearly all cards that have a repeatable activated ability that kills something have it conditional so that it doesn't simply end a game. Avatar of Woe sneaks past this in the modern card pool by having a timeshifted reprint but god help anyone that has to play against this in limited.
    * Why is the destroy {1}? Why not {b}{b} or {b} and sacrifice a creature, that way it works in connection with the first ability? The way it is costed, you could simply repeat it as many times as you want. If you have a 6-drop that has two black symbols out, you can very easily play more cards and activate this ability every turn instead of having to choose one or the other. I would make it cost 3-5 to activate including at least {b}{b} or require a sacrifice or something similar that way it requires actual decision making and isn't an automatic thing.

    Deathtouch, menace

    Whenever another creature dies, gain life equal to its toughness and investigate. (Create a colorless Clue artifact token with “{2}, Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card.”)

    {1}, {t}: Destroy target creature.

    My card:

    It is a fresher take on an old card of mine:

    Which in turn is a rebalance of an old card by @animist:
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  • @Faiths_Guide Sorry if my feedback was useless, I am used to getting feedback from people like you instead! :)

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    I commented on your card!

    Thoughts (it's probably too strong)?
    Comparison Card
  • Thoughtsss?


    I almost forgot how to magic so I’m just making original copies of other cards ive made before
  • Does the wording of how vaults work make sense? Also, any cool ideas for other vaults.

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    @mtgbanjoman The wording makes sense, but if the number of key counters needed is based on the toughness, I'd include that in the reminder text. As for ideas, a vault eldritch magic? Just to come up with something off the top of my head.



    Does this feel enough like a "black" card? Also, is it balanced given the color restriction in the costs? If it isn't, what pushes it over the edge? I plan on making a cycle of these so any help to get this one right will go a long way. Thanks in advance!
  • @Megalomalice I commented on your card.

    Let me know how the replacement for banding is.
  • @TigerFang8
    Commented on your card.

    I've created a less draft-warping "Llanowar Elves"
    Still at common. Where's WotC's?
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    Hello. Been relatively not long here. Gave a fav already for the upper card of mine too.

  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos I commented on your card.
    How is this?
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    How about a rat that turns the idea of rats on it's head.
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    @TigerFang8 Thanks!

    Also, it doesn't need the legendary border. And what is a flicker actually?
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    Also, here's one where I would like an answer... SHould this be a sorcery or can it stay as an enchantment?
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos Flicker means it leaves the battlefield, then enters it. That allows it to exile another creature.
  • @faiths_guide maybe I’m not impartial but I think Llanowar Elves is an excellent card in limited and standard.
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    I don't want to start clogging up the thread with too much discussion, but you're absolutely right! Llanowar Elves is an excellent card, period.

    Personally I think it might be a little too strong at common in draft. WotC thinks this as well and has started making "mana rampers" starting at 2 CMC (which I feel a poor compromise). This is one attempt at getting around this and keeping the "Llanowar Elves vibe" at the same rarity and CMC. It would probably need a specific environment to be best, or at least feasible.

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    @Dechujoh64 I think the phobia mechanic needs a bit of a rework if this card is to be balanced. As it stands, it's a repeatable cyclonic rift for 4 (keeping in mind that many of the best faeries have flash, and this could trigger each upkeep with bitterblossom). Even as a sorcery, it would have to be cut down to something like "Until eot, whenever a faerie enters the battlefield under your control, return target creature to its owner's hand" which would essentially remove the phobia mechanic but could still keep the flavor. If you wanted to keep both the enchantment and the phobia mechanic, it could be changed to just "Phobia of Faeries: Whenever a faerie enters the battlefield, this creature gets -1/-0 until end of turn." Playable in a tribal deck, but balanced. You could even drop it to 3 CMC.

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    It seems a bit pumped.. 2 mana draw 1 card>then 2 mana (other cycling card) draw 1 card and get a 5/5+a creature (possibly 10/10) repeatably
    Maybe make it 3/3
    And 4 cmc or it's original cycling cost like 3/4 mana :) and dont bring the discarded creature back.

    Essentialy its a 4 mana draw two cards cheat in a 5/5 and a possible 10 mana creature.
    Otherwise really cool idea!

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    @Battlesocke card locks pretty cool i loke the artwork and deflect ill drop a fave
    Heres my card, im planin on makin an eldrazi themed set any thoughts on this guy?
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    Dont want to be a jerk, but could you give me a feedback on my card, before you post your own :D

    I faved your card btw ;)
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