Constructive Criticism Welcomed

I love using this website, but I find that because of the time I'm able to get on, my custom cards don't get much attention. I'd love some feedback for my cards, if anyone would mind checking them out!

MTGCardsmith name is M1ST3RT0RGU3, same as it is on here, of course. Here's an easy link to the card page:


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    I recommend you try making more simple cards ^-^ I don't meant that you should rule out making bomb build-around rares, it's just that I believe that a simple design can go a long way. I would recommend maybe making cards with one or two "paragraphs" of text and have each of those cards only take up to three lines when it's rendered on the card since there are many simple designs that are wonderfully praised by many players in the MTG world and the custom card community.

    "Here's my little philosophy for cards, but you don't necessarily need to follow it:
    The more text a card has, the more restrictive that card is. It's best to keep things simple and let players explore possibilities."

    I wish to see you grow and prosper in the community! Happy cardsmithing!
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