Planeswalker's Journey



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    I will allow new cards for 10 more hours.
    I already have a result from the current cards. So if enough people would want to I could make the elimination earlier and go on to the next challenge.
  • I require more time
  • OH GOD I NEED TO DO STUFF! Plz don't judge it now, I still need to fill out my spell book!
  • @Jonteman93 Please extend it a bit, I didn't get around to it this week, and I won't have time to do it before the deadline because I have stuff going on!
  • I have come to a solution that I believe will be somewhat more fair and give you the time you need. Hopefully.

    This challenge ends with no eliminations.

    the one that would have lost will be given a temporary minor penalty for the next challenge where an additional person will be eliminated.
  • Ok! That sounds good! My cards will be coming later today.
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    Challenge #10 - Trial of the guardians

    "Step into the shadow."

    After a few days through the hostile wilderness you have made it to the border of the land of seven rings. Something have felt strange about the hostile wilderness, something you cannot put your finger on. You approach the magical shielding that surrounds the jungle and the land but it prevents you from entering for some reason. Maybe you try to force your way through or study the field, maybe you try to find another way in or just wait. The hours passes by without success. The sun has gone down and the now moon is shining upon the world with its silver light. The moon travels behind the tower casting a shadow upon that travels across the ringed land. "Step into the shadow?"
    When the shadow moves just inside the field from where you are you hold your hand against the field and when the shadow falls over you the magical field lets you and your followers inside.

    You all travel through the Jungle from different locations without anything stopping you. But just like the moon's shadow have moved across the land like a clock you all have come different far. The next magical shield after the jungle and before the mountain does not stop you. One after another you make it past the second shield until there is only one left in the Jungle. The large elemental planeswalker Aggrol is the last one left in the jungle when the seemingly empty jungle comes to life. Animals, birds, beasts, and earth elementals begins to occupy the jungle but they are not hostile towards Aggrol. Something humongous is moving in the jungle towards Aggrol. Something far more powerful than anything he has yet seen in this world. The guardian of the seventh ring, the fifth trial guardian of the tower, Guardian of the jungle. A beast like creature as large as mountains is approaching the elemental planeswalker with a simple message.

    The other planeswalkers move beside and over the large calm mountains of the next ring. Nothing is there besides themselves and their followers. One after another is let through the next shield towards the huge swamps. All but one. The Tehan planeswalker AxNoodle levitates through the air quickly towards the shield but the shield does not let him pass. Then the mountains show their true face and erupts spewing molten lava and ash filled clouds into the air. But the closest mountain to AxNoodle remains calm so no lava nor ash comes close to him nor his followers. Then a swarm of goblins, fire elementals and phoenixes. They are not hostile towards the planeswalker and his followers. Then the ashes in the distant sky is blown to the side revealing a huge dragon. The guardian of the sixth ring, the fourth trial guardian of the tower, Guardian of the mountains is approaching the Tehan planeswalker with a simple message.

    The swamp is wide and deep but the path towards the next shield is solid and easy to walk on. The swamp is filled with what appears to be dead bodies and bones. One after another they reach the shield on the other side which leads to a frozen lake/sea. One after the other they move through the shield until only the Spirit planeswalker Alex Jones remains with his followers. The air begins to smell foul as the dead begins to rise from the swamp. thousands upon thousands of zombies, skeletons and ghosts rises up. Bats begins to fill the sky above but none is hostile towards the planeswalker and his followers. A black cloud begins to concentrate and from the cloud a large black demon steps out. The guardian of the fifth ring, the third trial guardian of the tower, Guardian of the dead land is approaches the Spirit Planeswalker with a simple message.

    The frozen lake/sea does not provide any hinder for the planeswalkers as they move towards the next shield that lead to great open fields. Only the Formshaper planeswalker Kyoniq is stopped as the ice begins to break around him and his followers which are let remain on a large ice block. A storm begins to rage around them and the air begins to fill with sirens and birds while the water fills with fishes, merfolk, octopuses, whales and water elementals that reaches up. A huge shadow appears deep in the water and moves upwards. A Leviathan as large as an island breaks the surfaces. The guardian of the fourth ring, the second trial guardian of the tower, Guardian of the sea is approaching the Formshaper planeswalker with a simple message.

    A gentle breeze is everything that is disturbing the calm in the open fields. The sun is gently shining behind a thin cloud. Of the two planeswalkers only one moves through the shield unstopped. Only the Bird planeswalker Demetrius is stopped as the gentle wind begins to pick up speed. Lions, elephants, birds, stone giants and spirits begins to surround the planeswalker and his followers but they are not hostile. The clouds in the sky to reveal the shining sun.. From the light an angle of great stature descends. The guardian of the third ring, the first trial guardian of the tower, Guardian of the sky is approaching the bird planeswalker with a simple message.

    The message: "Reveal your power planeswalker, Reveal the might that can form a destiny. Only if you succeed shall we let you pass."

    The Challenge
    Create one card that show your power as the planeswalker you have become. A card that will signify your greatness.
    The card can be any type except planeswalker. The challenge only counts one card.
    The card should be very powerful or at least powerful.

    You will receive the following:
    * 1 legendary slot
    * 1 mythic slot

    And because we have only been able to choose a new color 3 times thus far. Your choice of either:
    A: * A new color

    B: *1 higher cmc and an uncommon slot.

    Deadline is Sunday the 4th.
  • I took option B.

    Jonte's example card:
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    Okay. Well then. Let's make this count. I'm going to take Option B.


    For those of you who don't follow the story I make for Aggrol, I gave him this kind of "Ultimate Form" where he just kind of wrecks everything. (At least, everything related to his enemies.)
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    Here's a story blurb for the previous challenge.

    Aggrol, Sam, and Sean were happy. They were only a few week's journey from the Tower, and they had just not died in a battle with a very powerful avian warrior who called on elementals of ice and air to combat his earth and fire. They had slung spells and summoned beasts back and forth, until the avian suddenly disappeared. Aggrol counted that as a victory. When in the Overlay, he had seen the standings, and his opponent was below him, (Side note: I actually did go look at the standings for when I posted the Overlay, and this is indeed fact.) but this did not mean that it was an easy win.
    The snake came to his ear every week, bringing news of new demises. At this rate, Aggrol thought, I'm due to be silenced at any point. He shuddered at the thought, but moved away from it as they delved deeper into the forest. Soon, they came to what looked like a large tower. That's probably because it was a large tower. Aggrol said warily, "OK, guys, I'm not sure what's in there, but I don't want to be the one to find out if it's bad. I'm sending in some troops." He created some earth and fire elementals, and told them, "So. What I need you to do is go in there and see if there is anything dangerous. Come back out if you find anything." They rushed into the tower, and after a solid half hour of waiting, one of the fire elementals came out. "Sir, all of the rest of the soldiers have been dispersed back into the elemental realms. In other words, they were killed." "Well, that doesn't sound good." Aggol muttered. "What happened?" "There was a horrible beast, and it seemed almost unaffected by our fire and earth magic. There was nothing we could do to it." the soldier said. Aggrol thought for a second, and then said, "Well, it must be guarding something cool. Let's go!" And he rushed into the tower. "Well, this can't be good." Sam said. But when she looked to see what Sean thought, she realized that he was already gone.
    Inside, the tower looked more deserted than it looked on the outside. It was almost too quiet. Not a mouse or bug could be heard. They continued up the tower, and continued to see nothing. Soon, they reached the top. On a pedestal on the other side of the roof, there was an ancient-looking statue. The statue was of a water elemental, and radiated power. Aggrol felt pulled toward it, but when he reached it, he felt a presence behind him. He spun around and put up a shield of earth just in time for an enormous wurm to smash right into it. "Really? Another fight with a Tower Wurm? Well, it can't be that hard to beat. Last time I just smashed the statue."


    Aggrol quickly turned around again, and raised his fist. He brought it down on the statue, shattering it into millions of tiny pieces. Suddenly, he felt something change inside him. He looked at the remnants of the statue, which were dissolving into a strange blue mist. The mist flowed into him, and he felt the power of the powerful enchantment that was on the statue beginning to meld with him, become part of him. Suddenly, he heard a voice in his head. Hi there! Thanks for letting me out of my cage! Well, I suppose I'm stuck in your mind now, but I guess this is better than being frozen as a statue! My name is Tide. I'm a planeswalker that was sent here around ten years ago, and when I was eliminated, something must have gone wrong and I was trapped in that stupid statue! Thanks for letting me out!

    (This is a card that I am submitting. This is not just a story card.)
    Aggrol stood there, extremely confused. "Wait. So you're telling me that you are now inside my head?" Tide said, Yep! I've given you the power to use water magic too! Try it on this guy. That's his only weakness! Kind of ironic, given what he was guarding. "Ok..." Aggrol said warily. He summoned up that new feeling inside of him and grasped it, calling on an underground reservoir of water that he somehow knew was there. He willed the water to come up, and so it did. It blasted right through the tower, and basically disintegrated the wurm. "Wow. That was surprisingly effective." Aggrol said. Yeah. I guess we make a pretty good team. Tide responded. Aggrol made his way down to the ground again, where he met Sam, Sean, and the hydra. "What happened up there?" Sam asked. Aggrol responded, "I smashed the statue, thinking it was just another Tower Wurm, but this weird enchantment flowed into me and now I have water powers and a former planeswalker living in my head." "Well, that's... interesting. Let's keep moving. I want to get to this tower as fast as possible."

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    Option B.
    And you say a dragon? Well, someone had to get the mountain or forest not in their colours...

    Aaaany way, just summoning another finisher. One that lives in "the greatest Antimagic mages’ souls across the ages: the chosen ones."
    May I present:

    ERRATA: It says "draw TWO cards" instead of one.

    And its spell lockdown combo from a different set:


    So, since the first Split challenge...

    AxNoodle had fainted because he had turned back to human.
    In his sleep, he saw Necomancer Queen Astol telling him to kill the town leader, Wostrom.
    Instead, he betrayed her, learned secrets off of the magical artifact ball thing from Wostrom and defeated Astol.

    Then he travels with the Tehans who know about this "game show" and do nothing. Maybe counter a few things, not have time, master changing form between human and Tehan (prefers Tehan) learn secrets of the ball- Telakor- and fight Christo (DoctorFro)

    He finds Jei, a Mox of antimagic bound by an enchantment. Mine now

    And now here. The dragon.

    AxNoodle looked up at the bellowing dragon. "Reveal your might."
    "That is the Fourth Guardian, Dracni. A mighty dragon of the mountains. Do as it says. Summon your Sorwalk!" shouted Wostrom. AxNoodle had never tried this before, but from his extensive time reading the Tehan books he knew what this was- the mightiest mages of Antimagic, especially the ones to wield the Great Artifacts, had access to a being of pure Antimagic, one that surely would meet this dragon’s recommendations.

    He drew on power from the leylines around him, from the lost mox Jei, and concentrated on... something. Something that was there, but... how to get to it? He used all his power on drawing out the object - no, the being, and projected it to a single point.

    Suddenly, pure light shot out of his horns and began to take a shape. A Tehan, no doubt, with those strange features. It didn’t take long to make its final form and bellow "I am Ksown, the full collection and incarnation of Antimagic! Prepare to meet your end, dragon!"
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    @JonteMan93 I'm going for Option A, and choosing black as my third color.


    "I don't care about your silly games anymore. Your snake does not scare me, nothing ever will. I have faced entities who devour beings LIKE YOU. If I must embrace what I have fought for my entire life, then so be it. I will do anything to destroy you, even if I become my enemy. You WILL feel the pain thousands of unfortunate planeswalkers like us have felt, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT."

    P.S. Wowie this edge is sharp! I don't know if there's any sheath that it won't cut through! Hopefully the card seems ultimate enough.

    Spell slots left:

    Commons: 3
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    Does anyone else compare this kind of thing to the cutscene in The Legend Of Zelda BoTW where the champions pew Calamity Ganon
  • @AxNoodle you talking about the challenge or something else?
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 I am saying that everyone summoning massive power all at once in the challenge to fight the enemies is like that cutscene in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
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    @MonkeyPirate2002 Do you know the cutscene I am talking about? It is pretty epic

    It is in the first bit of this but SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t played the game yet and might in the future.
  • @Aggroman15 Is Tide meant to be the "enchantment" for the challenge and therefore an enchantment creature?
  • @AxNoodle No, as I understand it @Aggroman15 's enchantment for Planeswalker's Heritage is Water Infusion:


    Tide, Planeswalker Remnant is another entered card.
  • Wanted to add. It is not obvious in the challenge text but the travel time through each ring is quite significant. 12 hours or so active travel time. So there is almost never more than one trial active at the same time. (unless someone for some reason takes really long time to channel a spell or something.
  • @Jonteman93 or they’re just in a control standoff...
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    @AxNoodle @ShaperKyon Correct. Water Infusion was my enchantment. Tide is just another card that signifies the voice in Aggrol's head.

    I'm just gonna create some cards to round out my spell book.

    Errata: Break Down Defenses says "Elementals you control gain trample until end of turn." in addition to everything else.
  • Also, Merry Spoopy Day!

  • I just realized something; you can create spells that you would consider rare normally and put them into a common spell slot.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002, @Jonteman93 will probably take points off for that. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  • @Aggroman15 I believe that’s a question for @Jonteman93 to answer, not for me.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 Yeah. That's why I tagged him. I was saying that he could correct me if I was wrong.
  • @Aggroman15, @MonkeyPirate2002 That is kind of correct. If cards are one rarity step wrong I don't mind so much since that is mostly what happens in real magic.
    A card should feel like it belongs in its rarity slot or otherwise it risks losing points for being in general too weak, too strong or have another limitation or over-efficiency.
    Also I don't see why making a rare card in a common slot would be advantages. It's only worth the slot of a common, not a rare.
    So a good common card in a common slot > a rare card in a common slot.
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    @Aggroman15 For Break Down Defenses I would change the text to:

    Until end of turn, all creatures with hexproof lose it and gain hexproof from non-Elemental, and all creatures with indestructible lose it and gain "Damage and effects that say 'destroy' from non-Elemental sources don't destroy this creature."

    I'm not the best at rules but I think that if one effect says that something can happen and another effect says that it can't happen, the "can't" effect wins.

    Either way though Break Down Defenses is pretty weak and very narrow. Compare to Bonds of Mortality:


    I would give Break Down Defenses another effect to make it playable.

    Also for Elemental Quake I would change the "destroy all non-Elemental creatures" to "Elemental Quake deals [absurd amount of damage] to each non-Elemental creature" because straight-up destroying all creatures is only in white and black.
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