Survival Isle (Join Now!)

Bienvenidos, welcome!! (Sorry, have to practice my Spanish) it’s finally starting, Survival Isle!! For the next week, you can enter your character. But there are some restrictions: your character must be a non-legendary creature, cmc 3, ONE keyword to represent their weapon (for example: double strike for dual wielding, first strike for a long weapon), one activated ability to represent any ability they have (example: {t}, tap two target creatures), rare at most, balanced power/toughness, humanoid creature type only (no dragons, wurms, hydras, etc.).


  • Next I’ll go over turns: the first turn I will give a brief description of your surroundings, then I will ask “explore, gather food or gather resources?” Explore means you will pick a direction, North, south, east or west, and then you will move in that direction until night falls or you encounter something. Gather resources means you will search the immediate area for resources such as wood or stone, and gather food means you will search for food. If you encounter another player, you can work together, and if you encounter another creature, you can fight it or flee from it. Your character’s power and toughness and the the other creature’s power and toughness will matter for battles. The first three players to make it to the center of the Isle will go to a boss fight (more details on that to come).
  • Next is crafting. Yes, you can make and even find weapons (and shields). Weapons and shields will give your character extra bonuses. To craft you need to have the proper materials, so gather. If you have questions about crafting or the tournament in general, PM me. I thank all who enter, but I’ll only take the first 10-12 balanced characters.
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    I will post my creature when I get home on Monday from my trip, as it is much less convenient to create cards on iPad rather than computer.
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    image The rarity is suppose to be rare but the website is being glitchy.
  • @WickedShadow196 what are you unclear about?
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    @baryonyx69 Gathering food, exploration, resources?
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    Here's me!

    Redacted, I'll post a new entry soon
  • @saveria201 The contest is non-legendary
  • Oh, oops. I'll fix it when I get up in the morning
  • Would something like this count?

    He has an activated ability which essentially (along with his color) changes his keyword.

    He starts out as a humanoid 2/2 with reach for {2}{g}.
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  • @SacredAnima @WickedShadow196 typically if a card has a proper noun name then it is legendary. Also Glissa would 100% be legendary
  • @DoctorFro Does that fix your issue?
  • @DoctorFro I do not really see what difference it makes if it has a name or not but there you go.
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    OK, I'm here now! I had no idea what to do (I originally planned to do a Dwarven Warrior, then a Dragonborn Pyromancer, and then found this cool art and settled on this guy)
  • @Faiths_Guide awesome idea, but the keyword has to reflect his weapon. I’m sure you could find a way to make it work still :)
    @WickedShadow196 exploring will move you around the island, based on which direction (north east south or west) you choose. Your character will typically move in that direction until nightfall. Gather food will get you some food from the immediate vicinity (as will killing other monsters), which you will have to eat. Gather resources gets you some materials you can use to craft new weapons and shields, which can boost your characters power and toughness. You can only have 1 weapon and 1 shield equipped though, so choose wisely. Weapons and shields can also be found around the island occasionally.
  • Yea that is great! Looks
  • Is there magic on this island? can my weapon keyword be something like prowess, lifelink or hexproof? how futuristic can the weapon be? can the creature have explosives?

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    I'm still deciding on which one I should do. I have two characters to pick from. They are unique characters but they haven't done anything worthy of being legendary. YET.

    Josh, Animator of Waves

    Josh's keyword is shroud because he prefers to let his elementals fight for him.



    Marria, Dove's Light

    Marria is an aspiring paladin and she can ward off dark monsters and spirits.

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    Thanks, but yeah, I wasn't really that interested in entering (too busy right now), unless that older card already met the criteria.
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    I'm going to enter with a mage:


    I'm not quite sure if she's too strong with the gain life though, so maybe i'll still change that.
  • @Vardus it doesn’t really matter, because your character’s toughness determines how quick they will die, so it’s not like traditional magic, where I’m trying to kill all of you and your characters are blocking my attacks. So the life gain is fine, in other words.
    @fiskerton your keyword can indeed be prowess if your character is strictly magic based, but lifelink and hexproof may be something that the activated ability can give your character. Also I would try to keep it realistic, so no super powerful nova blasters or anything, but I’d say something like a Star Wars blaster is fine.
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    I will enter this little guy:


    Edit: cleaned up the wording
  • Today is the last day, so get your entries in quick! The contest will start tomorrow, but I doubt much will be able to happen because I have a soccer tournament.
  • Just one more and we’ll have 10!
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    Are you not counting pakashara's? You could just ask them to make another card that doesn't have a legendary title.
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