(Ongoing) Tommy’s Cardsmith Party Games #1: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!



  • I need reading material *slap* dictionary
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    @Bowler218 @Ranshi922 You are walking through a deep, dark forest when you are suddenly pelted by rocks. You wonder where they are coming from, when you hear a squeaking noise behind you.

    - - - Select-a-prize event: Moleder the Boulder Holder - - -

    “Ohohoh! He-hello there you two!”

    You look down to see a large mole carrying around a rather peculiarly grand sack full of stones.

    “Ah-hahaha! I see you finally noticed me! Y’know, it’s been lone-LEEEEE in these woods all lonely and alone! Anyways, in case you couldn’t t-tell, yes! I’m the one and only, MOLEDER! Y-yes it’s a pun... I collect rocks for a living. Buthese! These are no ordinary stones! These be the most precious shtones! Shiny! Smooth! Shimmering and glowing! Neat! Translucent! Shiny- wait, did I say that- OH neva mind! Tour my collection! You can have a stone free!”

    Out of all of the stones, six emit an aura. Between the two of you, and you two only, you may each choose two stones a piece. There’s only one of each, first come first served, but you won’t know what each stone truly is until you claim it. After the two stones you chose are revealed, you may only choose one stone to keep, but you can also give back both OR choose another stone that’s not held or taken.

    - A Flashy Stone With a Dark Aura
    - Smooth Pink Stone That Rattles When You Touch It
    - A Reflective Stone You Can’t See Your Reflection In
    - A Jagged Stone That Burns to the Touch
    - A Puzzling Stone With Glowing Inscriptions
    - A Stone That Shines So Bright It’s Blinding
  • I’m laying down for the night. I’ll get back to everyone later.
  • Flashy and Reflective. I’m egocentric want to look at myself.
  • Jagged stone that burns to a touch
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    @Ranshi922 LEEL

    @Bowler218 You get to choose two total to see what they do, and then you can choose up to one from ones that have not been taken. So you can see what one more does before making a final decision on which one you want.

    Also, to both of you, once you’ve looked at two, you can choose ANY of the stones as the one you’ll keep, even if you don’t know what they are, just as long as they aren't being held or claimed by someone else.

    Anyways, here’s the outlook on those stones.

    - A Flashy Stone With a Dark Aura (Being held by Ranshi) - Witch’s Spirit Stone: Whenever a player would win a prize, you may curse the prize, turning it into a DOUBLE NEGATIVE

    - Smooth Pink Stone That Rattles When You Touch It - ?

    - A Reflective Stone You Can’t See Your Reflection In (Being held by Ranshi) - Fade Stone: (You can use this in response to another item.) Choose an entry from this deadline. Exile that entry until the start of the next deadline.

    - A Jagged Stone That Burns to the Touch (Being head by Bowlerj - Burn Core: Whenever an artifact entry you submitted would be removed from judgement in any way, destroy target entry.
    MODIFIER - Sear: You must choose three entries to destroy, and one must be an entry you submitted.

    - A Puzzling Stone With Glowing Inscriptions - ?

    - A Stone That Shines So Bright It’s Blinding - ?
  • So what are the words?
  • @Ranshi922

    Heheh... see... in the last update I kind of opened Pandora’s Box. You can use whatever words you want as long as they’re unique and interesting and/or rare, but I’ll give ideas when no one enters for a bit.
  • What...? Seriously?
  • @Ranshi922 yeah. See, ideas come easier if they’re allowed to come naturally. It’s a lot easier to act on a thought of a cool word than to read a list a force out a card. Don’t worry. Lists for inspiration will come.
  • Hauberk n.
    a piece of armor originally covering only the neck and shoulders but later consisting of a full-length coat of mail or military tunic.

  • @Ranshi922 Hm! I never thought of an equipment counterpart to bestow!
  • Neither did I.
  • The mechanic was actually by @Red_Tower...
  • Huh, I hadn't actually looked at this contest yet. I might have to do something for it.
  • "Game on!"
    "Yeah, game on!"

    When will the list of words we can use drop? :)
  • @sorinjace, just like me, you didn't read stuff. I asked that and was told that we are allowed to use any word that is deemed interesting or odd. (Or so is my understanding.)
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    @KorandAngels Intended or not, everyone who comments gets a prize!

    You get:
    Waste Not (Rare), triggers on next prize activation or trigger: The next time a prize is used or triggers, you get one of that prize for yourself!

    @Red_Tower Same thing goes!

    You get:
    The Purge (Mythic), triggers at end of this deadline: Anyone with a prize that doesn’t submit an entry this deadline loses ALL of their prizes! (Excludes anyone that already entered a card this deadline.)

    @sorinjace Ranshi said it first for the word list, but sometime soon I’ll arrange a list of words for inspiration. You won’t be limited to those words.

    Oh, btw, your prize:

    You get:
    Funny Mushroom (Rare, Activated): Turn any entry into a copy of another. If one would win, both entries win.
  • @Tommia, what are my prizes and what do they do?
  • Well, I made a card using one of my favorite words. Conundrum!
  • @Ranshi922 please see my earlier comment referencing the revealed stones so far.

    Now that you know what the two stones you chose do, you may either keep one of them OR choose another stone that is not being held. Note that your selection is the stone you get, and that that selection is final
  • So I’ll hold onto the two I have.
  • Um, I don't mean to be prude, but am I supposed to decipher that comment for the prize...?
  • I got you.
  • Funny mushroom which is rare and activated if you can read this you may turn any entry into another. (At any time)
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    @Ransh922 @sorinjace KEK

    I’ll fix the text. It was a joke because mushrooms... I think you get the idea

    As for the stones, you can only keep one.
  • Do I get to keep my old prizes?

    - Knife (Common, Activated): Use this to deal two damage to a creature entry.
    - - - - > MODIFIER - Loose Handle: There is a 50% chance that the knife will break, doing nothing.

    - Time Capsule (Rare, Activated): Use this to enter any card you’ve ever made into this contest, even if you submitted it before.

    - Demon’s Rage (Mythic Rare, Activated or Triggered): Summon an all powerful demon to do your bidding. The demon will destroy up to three entries of your choice, two entries of ‘it’s’ choice, and one other random entry. If you do not call upon the demon within this deadline or the next, it will act upon its own will, destroying ten entries of its choice. Demon’s Rage cannot be sacrificed or destroyed, and its effects cannot be prevented by any item or event.

    - A Magic Chest (Rare, Triggered) - Keep this with you. You’ll need a Magic Key to open it, but it contains a Mythic Rare prize! Magic Keys can be earned from completing challenges or events, or as a rare prize.
  • @Ranshi922 of course! Plus since you already entered this deadline you’ll be immune when Red_Tower’s Purge goes off.
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