(Ongoing) Tommy’s Cardsmith Party Games #1: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!



  • But so far in this section, I’m the only one with an entry?
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    I’d also like to use the time machine to bring back a previous winning entry of mine:
    Suspicious Serendipity
    Hell ya!

    Appearing out of thin air, Suspicious Serendipity joins the current list of entries!
  • Can I enter this game?
  • I still really like Suspicious Serendipity!
  • @ElMagici, it is the Cardsmith Contest equivalent of an open-world adventure, meaning anyone can join the party at any time. (And take it anywhere, I guess)
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    @ElMagici Feel free to enter! Anyone can enter at any time!

    Oh! And since you’re here, you get a prize!

    You get:
    Tweester (Rare, May Be Activated Only After a Deadline Ends): Use this to change the winning card of a deadline’s category (you cannot choose the new card that wins, and the new card may still be owned by the same player)
  • I would like to join also, a question can you also ise planeswalkers as entries?
  • @Tommia, what does that mean by "Change the winner of a prize"?

    My understanding is that it can just change who wins a segment.
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    @Ranshi922 I updated the description of the prize above to elaborate a little.

    @joerivlimpt All Cards are allowed as long as they’re new. Oh, and a prize since you’re here!

    You get:
    The Fun Gun (Common, Activated): At any time you may choose a creature entry. Has a 50% chance of dealing three damage to it and a 50% chance to shoot confetti instead.
  • Still confused... what's the point of it?
  • @Ranshi922 It’s a jerk move to keep someone from getting a good prize, especially if you think you should of won >;3
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    So... they swap their prize with the winner's prize?

    That feels like changing the winner, as the reward is still shifted over...
  • It changes the card that wins the prize in the chosen category, but the prize and category remain the same. So yes, it changes the winner.
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    And you just handed it out like a cheap party favor...
  • Well, I don’t think it compares to the chaos about to unfold, from Demons destroying everything to prizes of inactive smiths being purged
  • It could just be because I’m bored today, but I feel like shaking things up a little. For every 5 unique cardsmiths to enter during the current deadline (including those who already entered) I’ll flip a coin. If it lands on heads, I’ll extend the deadline a week and add a month of premium as one of the prizes!
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  • Don’t look at the spelling mistakes
  • @joerivlimpt, you bet I'm going to look at them!

    If you know they're there, then why not correct them?
  • @Ranshi92w Because I have to make the entire card again. Maybe later though
  • ... I meant while you were making it.
  • Yeah I noticed it after posting
  • image
    Flummox: To flummox a person (verb) means to confuse them a lot.
    Curmudgeon: Someone who’s very bad-tempered and grumpy.
    Tittynope: A small quantity of something left over
    Kakorrhaphiophobia: Fear of failure

  • Ah, Kakorrhaphiophobia... my age-old enemy... T-T
  • Wait, what did I do??
  • @KorandAngels And you get a prize! And you get a prize! Everybody who comments right now gets a prize!

    *limit one free prize per person per promotion
  • What prize do I get then?
  • Going back in time to see...

    *worp worp worp worpworp!*

    Okay! Since everyone is probably “Totally Lost”, I guess I’ll help them “Recall” what prizes are “in play”! (I’M BORED)

    - Knife (Common, Activated): Use this to deal two damage to a creature entry.
    - - - - > MODIFIER - Loose Handle: There is a 50% chance that the knife will break, doing nothing.

    - Demon’s Rage (Mythic Rare, Activated or Triggered): Summon an all powerful demon to do your bidding. The demon will destroy up to three entries of your choice, two entries of ‘it’s’ choice, and one other random entry. If you do not call upon the demon within this deadline or the next, it will act upon its own will, destroying ten entries of its choice. Demon’s Rage cannot be sacrificed or destroyed, and its effects cannot be prevented by any item or event.

    - A Magic Chest (Rare, Triggered) - Keep this with you. You’ll need a Magic Key to open it, but it contains a Mythic Rare prize! Magic Keys can be earned from completing challenges or events, or as a rare prize.

    Prize being held:
    You must choose a single stone from Moleder’s collection to keep

    - Just a Few Too Many Bombs (Rare, Reusable) - Use this to deal 3 damage to an entry -OR- destroy an artifact entry. You can use this as many times as you want during the deadline you use it on, until you throw the bombs away. Every time you use it, however, it has an increased chance of backfiring, destroying every entry you’ve entered during the deadline, as well as all of your prizes. If this happens, you’ll be unable to enter for the rest of the deadline.

    - Aegis (Mythic Rare, Interrupt): Use this to nullify ALL of the effects of any prize or event that would affect you, excluding prizes and events that ignore protection prizes.
    - Hacking Module (Rare, Activated): Use this to treat an artifact entry as your own.
    - Funny Mushroom (Rare, Activated): Turn any entry into a copy of another. If one would win, both entries win.

    - Fireworks (Common, Activated): Use this to deal one damage to every creature entry in a deadline, even if they’re submitted after this item is used.

    - Trump Card (Uncommon, Triggered): Automatically used at the end of the deadline. Your trump card has a random chance of being picked as a winning card.

    - Waste Not (Rare, triggers on next prize activation or trigger): The next time a prize is used or triggers, you get one of that prize for yourself!

    The Purge (Mythic, triggers at end of this deadline): Anyone with a prize that doesn’t submit an entry this deadline loses ALL of their prizes! (Excludes anyone that already entered a card this deadline.)

    @Bowler218 Prize being held:
    You must choose a single stone from Moleder’s collection to keep


    Anyway’s a recap on Moleder’s Stones. (Ranshi and Bowler)

    Bowler may reveal one more stone’s effect before finally choosing a stone.

    - A Flashy Stone With a Dark Aura (Being held by Ranshi) - Witch’s Spirit Stone: Whenever a player would win a prize, you may curse the prize, turning it into a DOUBLE NEGATIVE

    - Smooth Pink Stone That Rattles When You Touch It - ?

    - A Reflective Stone You Can’t See Your Reflection In (Being held by Ranshi) - Fade Stone: (You can use this in response to another item.) Choose an entry from this deadline. Exile that entry until the start of the next deadline.

    - A Jagged Stone That Burns to the Touch (Being head by Bowlerj - Burn Core: Whenever an artifact entry you submitted would be removed from judgement in any way, destroy target entry.
    MODIFIER - Sear: You must choose three entries to destroy, and one must be an entry you submitted.

    - A Puzzling Stone With Glowing Inscriptions - ?

    - A Stone That Shines So Bright It’s Blinding - ?
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