• I very hastily went from believing I was golden here to worry about my ability to do well here, heh.
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    Lots of people would like to get their hands on a sweet mtgcardsmith playmat, so yeah the competition may just be getting started @Shadow29870 ;)

    As far as I know, I am able to gift a playmat to anyone when I asked @mtgcardsmith about different types of prizes, he brought up the usual prizes and premium account and playmat, and said they don't have the time to do special prizes in contests it would take up a lot of time he said. This is why I picked the playmat for the 1st place winner, it's the best prize on the site available to the rest of us to reward contestants with.

    This brings up a question, now that I think about it: If I can't gift the playmat for overseas players, what do I do? I'll have to figure out an alternative big prize if there is an overseas winner. How many of us are from the USA and who is from overseas? And if I have to have an alternative gift, what would you guys like to see as the 1st place prize for overseas winners? (Something cool but affordable obviously!)
  • @TemurGideon that pumpkins pretty disturbing lol.
  • @sorinjace
    If you can't ship the playmat, you can have mtgcardsmith give a steam code on your behalf using the funds.

    Also, I found my all time favorite playmat.
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    Here's one!

    When I think of Halloween, I think of the festive togetherness mood and enjoying treats together!

    I highly recommend checking out the full artwork here:
  • @sorinjace, might I suggest for an over seas winner, premium membership of equal cost to the playmat?
  • @Ranshi922 I'm going to have to talk to the big guns about it, but it looks like that might be the way to reward a winner if they are overseas.
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    You’re welcome! It would also be a gift that keeps giving if they add new beta features in hat time! •o•
  • Also I figured this would work bc it’s a vampire and one that’s kinda greedy. (The greedy part was mentioned bc kids want candy)
  • Randhi, what's the card's toughness?
  • When there is an X in the manacost, anything with the x is implied to be equal to x
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  • Fair enough @sorinjace . I'm just spooked because I'm not the best at multi-color cards, and those always do the best. comparing my current cards to others they're kinda eh. Spooks me yah know?
  • How much does relevancy affect how the card will be judged?
  • a whole lot of 'spooky', eh @Shadow29870? :)
    @Ranshi922 I'm not quite sure that is how that converted mana cost works, but maybe I missed something and they changed the rules recently!
  • Yep @Sorinjace .
    I just uh, hope my cards got this. What do yah think of the ones I've put here so far?
  • @Ranshi922 I'm not @bnew07 where I put intricate percentages on how the cards are judged lol. I will say this though: Grammar is a HUGE thing for me, and if it leaves a bitter aftertaste in my mouth after reading the rules text, it wont do so well in the judging stage.

    Ranshi, here's another tip: There's a saying that I learned when I was doing time and I started to get really good at Spades, during the days BEFORE I learned to play Magic:
    When in doubt, take it out.

    What that means in this situation Ranshi, is if you are having doubts about your card, and you really want to get 1st place, either a) edit the hell out of your card to be the best it can be (which even if it wasn't in the contest you should still try to do anyways!) or b) simply pull the card from the contest and submit a different entry you feel more strongly about. The good thing about this contest is you DO get 13 entry positions, so you got 13 tries at 1st place!
  • @murkletins, that is a cool playmat btw
  • @Shadow29870 I actually really like both of them. The entries so far are kicking butt to be honest. Some grammar issues on several cards, but the entries are highly creative, and we still got a few more weeks to go yet! This is going to be a hard contest to judge!

    Well I'm off to crank out some cards here while I still got some time. Stop by check them out if you get a chance guys, ttyl!!
  • Will do @Soinjace! Also, do you or @Ranshi922 notice any errors on mine? I make minor ones but never notice.
  • Grammar powers activate
  • cant now tho
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    It's okie.

    Also! Have a spooky non black or blue card!!!

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    Just incase yah don't notice, this is made around the Rezzeta set, and art creature tokens. Trying to spookify it before it's even made, heh...

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  • @sorinjace, I have a song to sing to you!
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