This is solely to introduce my new card ideas, input is encouraged.


  • 1st Idea

    Acrobatic Infiltration----{w}{b}{u}{g}{r}

    Plan {w}{u}{b}{r}{g}, {t} (Return a creature card from your graveyard and attach this Scheme to it. Plan only as a sorcery)

    Whenever attached creature deals or is dealt damage, deal 3 damage to target creature or planeswalker.

  • Schemes are like enchantments but have the plan keyword.
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    Once again, schemes are already a card type so that would be unwise. I've seen the same lately with Plane cards.
  • lol! everyone thinks things are original! XD
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    Given most people don't see the format played. I can't judge the absence of awareness.
  • I don't either... it's just really farooking funny to me! XD
  • Fair enough.
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    Dark Enhancement-- (1)(b)(b)

    Flirran Sorcery--- Rare

    (A Flirran Sorcery is played and stays on the battlefield. When one enters the battlefield, put three fey counters on it. At the beginning of you up keep, remove a few counter from the Flirran Sorcery, then repeat it's effects. When a Flirran Sorcery has no fey counters on it, exile it.)

    Play Dark Enhancement only to target a Flirran or Fearie creature.

    Target player discards two cards.

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