Just some custom legendaries with mtg.design


  • Would appreciate any opinion :)

  • Eh. The centered text doesn't look good... also:
  • I agree that centered text isn't working here. It makes these cards super hard to read. Another note on the organization is that keyword abilities usually go up top for quick reference so you don't have to look through the card to remember which ones it has.

    There are some neat ideas here. If you're looking at building commanders, Kess is the nearest you're going to get to Nero. Arahbo or Marchesa for Rergo. I would reccomend Daxos returned over Lady Chantress, probably Varina could be built like your Brago, and there's not much lick your Council except like Baird.

    These are very complicated and usually undercosted cards, but some of them are interesting ideas. Rergo I think is the most balanced and interesting. He would be a pretty fun commander if his templating was more legible.
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