Planeswalker's Journey 2: Return to Clancularius



  • New and not from PJ1 card here. It also fits my niche better.
  • @Mantis17 Raise the Dead is still overpowered and still does exactly the same things, but now to your whole board for a single black mana. Also, why does it have a colourless border?
    @KorandAngels The loyalty ability on the sword still doesn't make any sense or work. I'd recommend: "At the beginning of your upkeep, put a loyalty counter on equipped planeswalker." as a way to solve that problem.
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    @memoryhead OK, sword take three coming.
    while i'm here, i might as well explain why it can equip to a planeswalker. it's so that La'ayiv can get the benefit while in creature form without having to pay {3} every turn.
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    i finally got the sword of heaven right!
  • @ShaperKyon while I think the uncommon is okay as a 1/2, I did lower sporadic growth's cost by 1 since it doesn't do anything to ramp my mana, and it the change helps to even out my curve (if we're even gonna focus on that this time). Thank you for the feedback!
  • @MemoryHead @ShaperKyon


    Did I finally get it right?
  • @Mantis17 Yeah, it's a lot more balanced now, that's for sure. The final ability's off-colour, but that's a largely Vorthos complaint so don't worry about it. I'd say that overall, the card is very, very good (probably OP) for its rarity, but it'll do.

    To anybody who cares, I'll have all of my cards out tomorrow, including the late ones.
  • id say thats at least a rare
  • Oh actually @Mantis17, while I think there's still room for argument on the nuances of the design and rarity, one little objective improvement that could be made is changing the text of the first ability to: "Search your library for a Zombie creature card. Reveal it, then shuffle your library and put that card on top of it." The reveal is necessary to prove that yes, it was a Zombie you tutored for.
  • @Mantis17 Raise the Dead no longer provides card advantage, which is good. I agree with @TheSuturedHeartMan that you should reveal the tutored card. Also that ability should cost more because it lets you choose your draws; maybe 4 mana since it's at uncommon. The second ability I would say: "Zombies you control have '{b}, {t}, Sacrifice this creature: Draw a card.'"
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    Well, here's my walker:


    Ever get that feeling you're going mad? Xandra doesn't. The ghosties and the ghouls she sees everywhere are perfectly normal, and the funny little whispers in her head that seem to know everything are something everybody has... right?

    My niche is discarding my own hand in various ways for various reasons.
  • Well, here are my opening cards to go with Xandra.



  • I've seen the middle art on a mtg card that got remade somewhere around here
  • @Aggroman15 Somehow, I still don't have time to write any story. I'll give you my cards though:


    Into the Forest: Draw fixing is usually given to blue, but for this challenge I think it's appropriate to stretch into green. The card is kind of weak but it does replace itself, choose your draws, and/or fill your graveyard.

    Silent Strider: A variation of Curiosity that also reminds me of Rampage.
  • These are my entries for the week one challenge:



    Whispers of Insanity is based off of Evermind, a card which I love and that nobody else has ever heard of.
  • Top should use the {0} mana cost instead
    bottom should either be {2}: Discard Refracting Prison: Scry 2 or scry 1 for current cost
  • @Bowler218

    No it shouldn't use {0}, cause the cost CAN'T be paid. Literally the opposite of {0}. You have to play it for the madness cost.
  • OHHHHHH, okay, I get it
    discard and get an effect from another permanent then do the effect on the card
  • The next challenge is coming sometime tomorrow, I was just too busy today to get it done. This means that you still have (part of) a day to get in/edit entries!
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    @MemoryHead In case you care, Whispers of Insanity has the same art as Whispering Madness:

    Oh yeah and for everyone else this is Evermind:
  • @AxNoodle Yeah, I know. A portion of the art I use comes from magic cards because it's always the right type of art.
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    @Aggroman15 What time (and time zone) and day are you planning to release judging normally?

    Time as in you can't edit or create cards past a certain time to keep it going
  • @Aggroman15 I'm with @AxNoodle here. It would be nice to know what day of the week you plan to judge cards.

    Also, are you alive?
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 @AxNoodle I am, in fact, alive, I just did not realize I would be this busy this weekend. This will definitely be judged and the next challenge will be done tomorrow, as it is about 11:30 tonight and I need to get some sleep.
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  • Can we get the next challenge please?
  • BuMpInG bEcAuSe I cAn EvEn If It Is A sTuPiD iDeA.
  • Guys, sorry I am late on this, I have just been really busy. I am in the process of judging right now, so you will not have to wait much longer.
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