Crush This Fool!

Greetings advisors, assassins, warriors, and the rest of you. I have called you here today to announce that I have placed a bounty on this mans head:
Malgolan used to be my loyal court jester but after I caught him embezzling, poisoning officials, attempting to sleep with the queen, making jokes about my mustache, and (I believe) starting a minor rebellion in my kingdom, I have decided to have him killed.
Unfortunately he fled the palace and is now on the run.
This is where you come in.
Send me your finest and/or most amusing ways to kill the jester.
1. Must be creature, instant, sorcery, artifact, enchantment, land, or planeswalker card.
2. Two entries per person.
3. The card must be able to kill Malgolan.
I will favorite all of the cards I like and the top three will get to request something special of me or my royal treasury. (as long as it doesn't involve jesters)


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