Faction War (Of MtgCardsmith [Part 2 {The Return to Canon} ] )

Longer it has been.
And the score was kinda not settled.
Since the Squirrels were nowhere to be seen.
And the canon became not.
But I am no longer happy with the ending of that story.
And the Bidoofs have became tired and retired from the fight.

I offer all of you to set forth your mighty faction of Squirrels, Kookies, Porgs, and more in an attempt to finally settle who is the greatest.

As the Bidoofs haves stepped down, that leaves my Axolotls in charge. Even though most of the Axolotls have gone into the non-canon realm, the remaining Axolotl scientists have been working on major projects. They have been siphoning energy from the great Evershifting Rubik's Cube into a machine to match the power of the Noncanonize spell to return the factions to the Realm of Canon!

As the Axolotls are mourning over the loss of modnation675 they will not be somewhat out of the fight. But this will not stop their representatives from finding the ones to match their power (And maybe even the Bidoof's power) and will not stop pushing for an Axolotl set symbol to go with the Bidoofs and the Squirrels (@Corwinn *Wink* *Wink*).

1st Place Faction: Pride, a Special Designed card and More!
2nd place faction Less Pride a Special Designed card and More!
3rd place faction: Some Pride a Special Designed card and More!

1st Place Card: 4 Favorites and a Special Reward!
2nd: 3 Favorites and a somewhat Special Reward!
3rd: 2 Favorites and a less Special Reward!
HM: 1 Favorite and Reward!

Very special rewards are due for the ones to Succeed.


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