Tournament of Champions 2 Rematch (The game has begun)

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Ladies and gentlemen! Warriors and wizards! Beasts and summoners! Angels and demons!

I welcome you to the Tournament of Champions 2 Rematch!

Choose your champion to enter the arena where he, she, or it shall face the champions of other cardsmiths until only one stands as the true champion!

8 or 16 champions will enter the tournament. After each stage, the winning champions will continue to the next stage stronger than before until only one remains.

If there would be an odd number of competitors, the 8 or 16 best of them will be chosen to fight in the tournament.


- Each cardsmith creates a legendary creature with converted mana cost 3 or less that will represent them in the tournament.

- After each victorious match, the champion will grow stronger (its mana cost will increase). A new, more powerful card will be created with the stronger champion for each level.

- Each champion's color identity is allowed to change partly between levels (colors may be added or removed but a core color must remain).

- Champions of higher level must be similar to their earlier versions. Main abilities must be the same or similar, secondary abilities may be removed or added. Make it look like natural evolving!

- Artwork between levels must be different. It would be preferred if they share some similarities.

- Champions must be balanced. Don't make a 10/10 for 3 mana without drawbacks.

- Champions may be replaced/remade but only before the first deadline.

- Old cards are allowed as long as they match the requirements.

Rematch rules for previous players:

If you played in the previous tournament discussion and won your match:

- Post the first stage version of your champion. You are allowed to edit the card in any way you want as long as the character stays the same.

- The champion you post here will have a guaranteed spot in the tournament (it will pass the knockout competition automatically).

If you played in the previous tournament discussion and lost your match:

- Create a brand new champion that is not the same character as the one you used in the previous discussion.


Pre- first stage:
The draft period will be 1 week at minimum. This may be increased if the desired quantity of champions is not reached. If the number of champions is an odd one, a knockout competition will occur, where the "best" champions will be taken to the tournament.

First stage:
When the 8 or 16 champions have been chosen, the positions will be randomized. Champions will then fight in an arena where the winners are determined through different factors. Some of these are: Power/toughness, abilities, balance, extra costs, flavor, etc, but also some special factors. The winners will be presented after some time.

Post- First stage:
The winners of the matches will then be given a minimum of one week to upgrade their champion. Extra time will be given if one cannot upgrade their champion within the given time. This will continue in a similar pattern until the last 2 champions remain. Some special rules will occur then but more about that then.

Converted mana cost for the stages are as follows:

First stage: 0-3

Second stage: 4-5

Third stage: 6-7


image image image

The first preliminary deadline is 23:59 EET (Eastern European Time), 30th of January.

Brief guide to uploading linked pictures/images in comments! (W/ Visual Aid)

Previous tournaments:

Tournament of Champions! (The game has begun)

Tournament of Champions 2 (The game has begun)


- Lore-wise, this is the 17th tournament.

- When you enter a champion, it will arrive to the port town named Eternstor, and have a place to sleep in the Tavern of Contenders.

- Tournament guards and hosts watch over your champions

- The tournament will be held in the plane of Avelaide, where the chosen champions will be brought once the game starts.


  • Here's the list of the cardsmiths and their champions, who won in the previous discussion:

    @KalamMekhar - Vir
    @bubbasnickey - Karnax
    @shadow123 - Tai
    @barchae - Ronnie
    @NokiSkaur - Bubbles
    @Iseebirds - Kozar
    @Faiths_Guide - Kift
    @MrPirate89 - Sunex
    @Scott_Anderson - Lobberknot
    @Lujikul - Gyar
    @pakashara - Sylva
    @TheCenterOfTheUniverse - Caphria
    @DoctorFro - Koorir
    @YaGirlSophie - Eleron
    @SpiritDragon - Threndal
    @pjbear2005 - Pele

    Those who want to join the game again, check the Rematch rules for previous players up above. If you do not post your champion before the first preliminary deadline, a new player and their new champion will take your place.
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    Summary of Braekun (if he gets chosen)
    Braekun is a strong warrior of a clan of polar bears.
    Braekun has a dream of one day becoming a Kongurin like a warrior in an old tale of the tribe. A title only given to those that has been blessed or honored by the greater or grand valkyries.
    To become a Kongurin, he need not only strength and vigor which he has but also dedication, a fire of will and reason to which he fight. And wisdom and understanding of more than just combat.

    Braekun is naive and believe that most things can be solved through combat.
    He is not necessarily stupid which he would appear to be. He has very limited knowledge about anything else but his home, Anigrima and the land of Vallarheim.
    He is exceptionally bad at dealing with warm weather. He is a polar bear after all.

    In the time of the tournament, Braekun suffer amnesia to anything that happened after he met the girl that presents herself as Valeria. He only know that he is here for some reason.

    Backstory (From tournament 2)

    Braekun comes from a continent named Anigrima on the plane Heventos.
    Anigrima is a continent covered in ice and never ending frost. Stories say that the eternal winter began when the elder dragon Helgnir fell to slumber in the heart of Anigrima and the winter is a way to keep out unwanted visitors.

    Breakun belongs to a clan of polar bears led by a greatfather and a greatmother.
    The greatfather, Halrakun is a mighty warrior and leader of the other warriors in the clan.
    The greatmother, Feldasir is a wise shaman and guide for the clan.

    Breakun is a warrior of the clan and eager to show his skill in battle to the current greatfather. He has the dream of one day become a Kongurin like the an ancient warrior of the tribe. A title only given to those that has been blessed by the greater valkyries or fought and won over one of them in battle. The greatfather does not doubt Braekun's vigor and strength but he does doubt his lack of wisdom and reason in battle.

    Braekun believed he could get these from battle so he set out to seek an opportunity to show his might.
    He found a valkyrie and challenged her to battle. The valkyrie did not want to fight the bear but he convinced her. The valkyrie defeated Braekun with two swift strikes. The valkyrie had some pity for the defeated bear but he had challenged her, a valkyrie while he was just an ordinary warrior of a bear clan. She left him to crawl his way back on his own.

    Two other bear hunters had seen the fight and approached Braekun. They said that to crawl back was the price he would pay for his shame. Not because he lost to a valkyrie but because he even thought he could prove to be a fight to a valkyrie, and a good one at that. The two left Braekun to crawl back home.

    Braekun however had forgot his way home so he crawled after the brothers, who walked away from the clan. After two days of crawling with a large wound. Braekun came to a camp. A camp of humans. The human warriors saw the bear approach them and went out to meet him. Braekun threatened the humans if they touched him. The captain just laughed at the crawling bear and went back into the camp. A teenage cleric girl called Valeri had seen the bear and felt pity for him. She asked the bear if she could nurse his wounds. Braekun was at first grumpy but he fell to the charm of this human girl.

    She nursed the bears wounds and let him rest at the camp for the night.
    Braekun however was eager to get back so without letting his wound heal, he began to crawl. He was however found and stopped later that day by Valeri and some other human warriors.

    Valeria forced Braekun to remain at the camp until he had healed. During this time, Valeria explained what they did in Anigrima. They or rather she was searching for Englahem, a large and ancient city deep within the coldest parts of Anigrima. The city of the first human civilization long before Anigrima became frozen. A city that now belong to the greatest valkyries. Braekun saw a chance in this to get that wisdom and fire that greatfather had spoken about. So the bear and the human began a strange partnership to find the lost city.
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    Delian learned that if he wanted to live his own life, he had to break rules. He had always found the swordmages interesting, and found a school of magic that he could excel in. Years of secretly practicing druidic magic passed, until his town was raided by the humans nearby. He fought as best he could, but couldn't save his family. He ran. Ran as far as he could, until he came across a stream, and something was sticking out of the stream. He pulled it out. Green light came up from the ground and wrapped around his legs, red coming from what he grabbed from the stream and circling around his arms, while white light danced around his head. He felt something primal grow in him. He had become a swordmage.
    Now for the good stuff:
    His fighting style is a mix of defensive and offensive, his human form being defensive and wolf form being offensive.
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    Gyar's lookin' great with its spiffy new border!

  • Sylva's back with a new border!

  • image

    Does this work? It's the same character with a different card because of story advances.
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  • My contender for the championship:
    If lore is required for new arrivers, I will oblige.
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    Drellen was once a small spiderbro
    Who was almost eaten by a crow
    That was so high on espresso
    That he thought Drellen was a potato!

    He chased poor Drellen around that whole area
    Some who were watching were caught up in the hysteria
    It looked to most like some strange Rakdos faria
    Luckily the crow died when it contracted malaria.

    Unfortunately the others kept chasing Drellen around
    The tenacity of the followers could surely astound!
    When he hid they would find them, as they had a greyhound
    Finally poor Drellen escaped underground.

    He came apon a cavern filled with Golgari
    Who were all feasing on tons of calamari
    He learned they were on a culinary safari
    But when he asked to join them, they replied, "I'm sorry"

    He learned if he wanted that food he'd have to join their guild
    He decided to appease them, and then was soon thrilled
    As their calamari cook was supremely skilled
    And at this moment in his life Drellen, for once, felt fulfilled.

    However, his hunger began to pang him once more
    And much more food he began to look for
    He found many mushrooms, but was a carnivore
    His incredible hunger he began to abhor

    Luckily, it seemed that Drellen was blessed
    A crazy looking man told him he was impressed
    And told Drellen to join in on his contest
    And if Drellen won, he'd get tons of food that he could ingest

    Drellen of course, replied "yes" right away
    The crazy old man brought him to a doorway
    He was kicked in and reminded "no foul play!"
    He hoped he would not have to fight birds of prey
  • @pjbear2005 Yeah, I figured I'd try something new
  • @pjbear2005 - Yes, you are allowed to alter your champion's colors, abilities, and artwork even though it's the same one from the previous thread. Much has happened to some of your champions, so it would only be logical if they've changed a bit.
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    As the prophecy foretold, a Leofae of the Aether has joined a tournament along with the best wizards, warriors and general fighters. Yes, a magic kitten. Don't underestimate him. He is a kitten that has powers connected to the very weave of the world.
    May I present:


    And his signature card:


    (I created the disperse mechanic)
  • That face looks just like one of my cats', so I can't take it seriously!
  • @Bowler218 @pjbear2005 Kittens do grow up, you know. Leofae grow even faster. Keep in mind he is a magic kitten.
  • I don't care! They took a look at my cat, and took the face, and put it on a piece of artwork! THAT'S. MY. CAT!
    i will remake this with the new border soon
  • @kandra127 - I'm sorry, but you can't use Ding Mettir, since he fought in the previous thread, and lost. Even more so, when he has strayed from his sanity. You must create a brand new champion and character for this tournament.
  • @kandra127 You need to create a completely new character since Ding Mettir lost last time.
    Also it would be strange if he would pop up again in the tournament after just have been sabotaging it in a more evolved form.
  • yeah. i forgot! i will make a new one!
    this is from a discussion that kind of died. anyways, I'm using them as a champion
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    Tai reappears!


    With her Flute:

  • Imma probs just use Koorir...but I might change a bit...will post Sat.
  • @TenebrisNemo Can we post signature cards?
  • @shadow123 & @Everyone - Yes, you may post an optional noncreature, nonplaneswalker signature card which your champion will use in their match. You are allowed to change and edit your signature card before each match.

    Here is also a list of things every victorious cardsmith is required to do after each match. One round is removed, for it was played in the previous discussion, and I really don't want to start a tournament with 32 contestants again.

    After 1st Round: Upgraded version of your Champion with CMC 4-5.

    After 2nd Round: Even further upgraded version of your Champion with CMC 6-7.

    After Semifinals: An additional signature card slot (two signature cards.)

    After the Final Match (optional): Create the 17th Champion version of your Champion.
  • @TenebrisNemo when you evaluate contestants in their matches will you include lore from the previous discussion?
  • @shadow123 - I will create the tournament bracket and randomly decide the positions of your champions in it once the 8 or 16 best champions have been chosen. Or do you wish that your old champions are in somewhat same match positions as in the previous thread?

    And yes, the lore is still included. This tournament is a straight continuation of the previous thread.
  • Hopefully a won't have to fight against Pele, I'm still a little (read: REALLY) pissed off at how that went down. I would've been fine with some thing like "I'm about to lose! So I'm going to put more power into my last fireball!" or something like that.
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