Out Of The Abyss MTG Storyline

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You wake up, the smell of dampness and mildew fill you nostrils. You've been taken by them, things, the elves of the deep. Into the great labyrinth of the Underdark, and now you must escape........

The demons are infiltrating the Underdark! Can you escape? Can you put a stop to this?

This saga is based upon Dungeons and Dragons. Based upon the Wizards of The Coast adventure Out of The Abyss


Make a legendary creature, preferably a humanoid one, thats not gigantic or as tiny as a worm. Then make a card that represents that creatures main attack or signature move, such as an instant representing their favorite spell.

Also put a bit of backstory in about how they could be captured by a drow raid.

Once people join in, I will do the saga kick-off!


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