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'Do you remember it? Not many do. It was paradise - that's all I can recall. Humanity revelled in luxury: they praised at the altar of the iPhone, gave themselves, willingly, to the church of McDonalds, bowed down to their gods of Levis jeans and rolex watches. And all the time, they were ignorant, blissfully ignorant. Even as the scientists and geniuses realised the inevitability of their oncoming doom, nobody really believed their prophecies. Civilisation was too big to fail. Their happiness would never run out; Utopia would be eternal.

'And then it all changed. Within less than a few minutes, almost half the entire population was dead. Anarchy reared its ugly head. Men found meaning in insanity, logic in promiscuity. The old ways of blood and sorcery were upon them again, and their world had been irreversibly changed. Mutants roamed the streets. Death was the only certainty. There was no going back.'

But now...

The Contest

After almost ten years of the ultimate downfall of what is now known as 'The Internet Age', the world is a very, very different place. Wizardry and demon worship, all arts thought long to be extinct have been reborn, and fantastical creatures like elves and centaurs are everywhere.

The world is very different - but just how different? And what does this world really look like? That, friends, is up to you.
In this challenge, the objective is to create an entirely new earth. To enter, simply claim an unclaimed piece of land - it can be a country, a city, or even something smaller than that (please don't take entire continents however) - and then make a series of cards to express what that place looks like in this fantastical dystopia, as well as an optional short piece of literature to explain what has happened to this area of the globe.


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During the first years of the New Earth, famines spread like an epidemic across the known lands, Death taking the lives of thousands in its steely hands. Despite their best efforts, the few groups of humans scattered across the lands were unable to combat this plague - not only was the dirt coarse and infertile, giving nourishment to only a minority of crops, but these efforts were ruined by the wild rocs of the west. Wishing to aid the local populace, the kindly witch Oilka animated a group of scarecrows, promising they would be friends to the humans - their ultimate goal being to protect the harvest. But they were overly zealous in this sacred duty, concluding that, to protect the harvest, they must slaughter all the humans who would consume their prize, beginning a war against not only the rocs, but also humanity itself in Norway.

Location: Oslo and much of southern Norway.

Of course, I'm sure you know what the map looks like, but, for reference:


Claimed areas without cards are: Greece, Australia, Germany, Alaska, and New Zealand.

Claimed areas with cards are: Oslo/Southern Norway, Mexico, and the Alps.


  • This contest will probably be ongoing, meaning there will be no prizes - but it depends on how I feel.
  • I know you said no continents, but i claim iceland.
  • Scratch that, I pick Greece and the surrounding area
  • I pick the Alps.
  • I know you said no continents but is it possible to claim Australia, seeing as it's also a country?
  • @Lujikul
    I mean, you can claim Australia, but you can't claim Oceania - so New Zealand, the Solomon Islands ect. will still be up for grabs.
  • I'll take Australia, then.
  • I'll take Egypt
  • actually, I'll take Peru
  • god I'm so indecisive, Madagascar
  • dang it, Peru
  • wait, are Peru and Aztec the same thing? Can someone tell?
  • oh yes they are, I think.
    @KJMartin just tell me if it's okay
  • @Rawr73

    (1) Please don't spam comments like you have there. If you hover over your past comments, you'll see a gear symbol (in the top left corner). Clicking that will allow you to edit your comment.

    (2) "Aztec" isn't a country, and the Aztecs didn't come from Peru anyway - they came from Mexico. Feel free to claim Peru, however.
  • Can you update the list of claimed areas please?
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    @KJMartin Can I use Norway or no because of your example?
  • I'd like to pick Germany
  • edited February 2019
    @KJMartin oh ok, thanks
    I'm still pretty new to the challenges/contest
    Then if the Aztecs came from Mexico, I choose Mexico/Aztec Civilzation, god I'm so indecisive
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    @KJMartin I claim Alaska.

    After years, this has become a different place. Ravaged by monsters from myths and urban legends, such as the chupacabra, it still stands true. This place is no longer cold, it is covered in dark forests, back to primitive villages mixed with advanced technology such as hover bikes to create a truly bizarre place.
  • Wait @KJMartin , how do I add the picture of a card?
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    After The Fall(As I'm calling, you can call it whatever you want), the Aztec civilization found magic. After their newfound use of magic, they tamed jaguars and panthers, brought minotaurs to their side, and used magic in battle. However they still had a primitive civilization, they found the Thrargs, a species of always-angry monsters who would rip apart any intruder. So the Aztecs found them as good protection, using walls and underground tunnels to leave the jungle. With magic, they created the god Quetzalcoatl to destroy their enemies and conquer more lands. But he turned, savagely lashing out at anything that comes in his territory.

    I might add new cards every now and then, for story purposes
  • @bigbadbooknerd thanks for the help
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    First bit of general story for the Alps and part of western Europe.

    When the Downfall happened, most of the world was caught off guard. As such, when the brutal flow of magic roared across the cataclysmic landscape, nobody thought about securing the multiple nuclear power plants, especially in France, the United Kingdom, (Germany) and Spain. The subsequent nuclear detonations ravaged these countries, turning them into bleak wastelands, where the rare surviving living things were twisted beyond recognition by a mix of radiations and wild magic.

    Those who escaped unscathed, mostly French, Italian and Swiss, fled into the Alps mountains, where the radioactive fallout couldn't reach them. They established themselves as they could, having to face the harsh mountainous conditions and cope with the newfound concept of magic. They were safe from the radiations, but the creatures born from it found their way into the mountains too. The survivors, who called themselves the Last Coalition (because for lack of communication, they thought themselves as being the last on Earth), had to constantly fight off beasts of all sorts, including dragons and mutants.

    Their survival would have been very difficult, had it not been for the Yeti. These were once humans, transformed by the cataclysmic events. Some of them had kept their human mentality, and joined the coalition. Their superhuman resilience and strength was key to its survival. They also helped defend the moutain colonies against the terrible mutants from the newly called Dead Zone, who had fallen to madness through prolonged exposure in the wastelands.


    I will add more cards later to illustrate the situation.
  • Since Greece is near Italy, am I affected by his Fall (aka Fallout: Italy)?
  • edited February 2019
    @Bowler218 Seeing that there are no nuclear power plants in Greece as of today, and neither in Italy (I did my research wrong), it is safe to assume that Greece should be mostly unaffected (Let's say the wind blew in the right direction). But then again, it's up to you.
  • Ok, since I was thinking of a peace treaty or just allowing trading between the two groups when I post my cards for exploration.
  • For now I'm going to do New Zealand.
  • Also, if someone's claimed an area a long time ago, but hasn't made any cards for it, feel free to ask them if you can claim that area instead.
  • @KJMartin Can I do Norway? I want to so something with the midnight sun.
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