An Exercise in Narcissism

I'm trying to figure out what I do right and wrong with my cards, if anyone could take a sec and let me know their favorite designs I've made and why they like them it would be a huge help. I'm 100% willing to repay the action as well upon request. Thank you so much<3

Please try and look at some older cards. My favorites folder is a good place to check.


  • I'm probably not the best person for this, but here's my opinion on some of them:

    Assassination Attempt:
    I feel like this would be perfect at just (b) with a big hindrance like "With toughness of two or less", as opponents are going to counter this easy, but as (1)(b) it should have a lesser hinderance as this counters Petitioner Mill in Standard and Mana-Ramp everywhere else.

    2 CMC, at that power 2 CMC and Uncommon/Rare is good.

    These are just some cards I see are diamonds in the rough, but I'm probably not the best person to say anything. If you want to look through mine you can.
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  • @bowler218

    Those cards are designed for block constructed within a custom set I'm currently working on. I've edited my post to be a bit clearer about what cards I'm looking at as a range. Please refer to Arceus8523's post as well.

    I'll definitely take a look through your cards when I have a minute, thank you for responding.
  • Alright, uh, so here we go.

    Soul Shard:

    At {1} {b}, that's at least an uncommon. Maybe one more {b}?


    Nothing wrong with the card, but I feel like, due to the art, it should be green instead of blue (idk).
  • @mantis17
    I'd need to see it be broken before upping the cost here. It's supposed to be a sort of callback to Bone Splinters but if it turns out being op then will def edit.

    I see what you mean with Drakeshaper, I might change it if I can shift things around in the set or find new art. See above comment though, it's designed as part of a custom set so it fits within it's owns space. This folder is more what I was hoping to get comments on. Thank you so much for taking the time to help :3
  • Hey @East2West , can you drop some opinions on my cards too? It would mean a lot to me.
  • @mantis17 Hell yeah, any specific ones or dealer's choice?
  • @mantis17

    I went through and commented on a couple, might go over some more in the morning. Over all you have good concepts but your power level tends to be very high and you bend the color pie all the time. Neither of those things are inherently bad mind you, just something to bear in mind. Also you usually have room for flavor text but don't use it which is a nitpicky thing but I personally love flavor text. If you do use flavor text remember to put in the seperation line that WOTC has started using. I think you show real cardsmithing talent if you can tone down the power level and master the color pie.
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