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I'd like to preface that this discussion isn't really to stir any particular conversation. I'd thought about doing for a long time so that more people would know what Cardsmith was like in the past, although I'm busy with school and work, like anyone else. Now that school is nearing a close and summer is near, I figured I'd at least put out what I can recall before I forget. I'm closing this paragraph with the regretful fact that I wanted to do this last year, the year before, the year before that year, and the year the forums were created.

For the sake of clearness, I'm also perusing the blog, which goes back to early 2013.
Surprising, isn't it? It's obviously updated every so often, but I could hardly believe
it went back that far.

This is going to be a long read. You've been warned.
You have been warned that my memory is hazy - I am only human. Some details may not be correct. They'll be fixed by blog posts with the appropriate link. Since I missed several different time periods, they'll supplant what I was not present for. I hope I don't bore you with links from years past. I'm only covering what I believe is important, since 8 years is a lot to cover. If I have time, I will continue to link from the past notable events that aren't linked here.

Will I regret posting this? Maybe.

Remember that this post is filled with personal bias. Advance at your own peril.

Personal History

I've been a user here since late 2012 to early 2013, somewhere in between. Not the most faithful user, mind you, but here and there. When I first came here, there was very little. It was nothing like the MTG Cardsmith we all know and love. It was like an empty canvas, but it was budding, for sure. You couldn't tell from the lack of a way of communication or forums, but it was there. The constant buzzing of smiths smithing their cards. We didn't have accounts back then, which makes me chuckle whenever I think about it now. Disqus wasn't supported in the early years either, so there was no appraisal, only endorsement, although it was silent and from afar. I used my real name back then - it sort of makes me glad we get purged regularly. But I'm sure you'll find my name if you dig far enough into my Disqus comments.

There was a Favored Cardsmiths section, but it was nothing like the Favored Cardsmiths we have today. Back then, it was measured by how many cards you could make in a year. There was a smith who smithed 1,500 cards in the span of a year. I guess it's appropriate to say they were an early Biblio of sorts, except they didn't make too many references to mainstream media. I wonder how the community would react if they saw what they had smithed, all 1,500 of those cards. Probably more. That was real dedication.

As I mentioned earlier, accounts were not a thing in the beginning. At the end of the smithing process back then, you were able to put in who the smith was. Or you could simply stay Anonymous. That works too; people still do it now, but I hardly see them.

You'll have to forgive me since I was not exactly present for the majority of 2013. New card types were introduced in the creator, such as Enchantment Creature, and new set symbols were introduced. The iconic Shield and Axe is now limited to premium users, unfortunately for those who want a taste of nostalgia. However, these three stood out.

April 5th
Blog - Planeswalkers

Blog - Disqus
Yes, Disqus, our lovable form of communication outside of the forums. No comments.

June 6
Blog - Honored and Legendary Authors

Closing Remarks : The introduction of Disqus is very important to the site's history. It is used primarily to promote conversation between cardsmiths, and as you can all tell, offer feedback and ways to improve our smithing skills. Planeswalkers are also an important addition, now a highlight of the game, and especially with the pending release of War of the Spark come the end of the month.

The blog post for honored and legendary authors is important because it reveals the stark contrast between the featured system of today and years back. Imagine if we still used it now - Beeswax, AustinSmith, and other cardsmiths of similar magnitude would probably not be featured.

Again, I was largely absent for the year. These are personal highlights.

January 17
Blog New Coordinator

February 3
Blog Hybrid Mana

If I could, I would bold this a thousand times over.
- Beta
- Official Rollout

December 7
Blog - M15 Border

Closing Remarks : One of the things I personally believe should've been in the blog was the Athera Collaboration. It was one of the first attempts by the community to work with each other to create a full blown set. It was hugely popular at the time, and reaching the front page propelled it immensely. I missed the early stages of the set, but you can still witness some of its former designers now. Some have passed, purged and forgotten for inactivity.


March 4
Blog - Forums

April 11
Blog - Notes on Growth
I wasn't there when the site first came into being. I wonder who's been here all along?

June 7
Blog - Sets


May 30
Blog - Sets

June 19
Blog - 5 Years + New Borders

November 4
Blog - Editing Cards (Premium)

November 22
Blog - Account Updates


February 17
Blog - Updated Card Maker

Featured Cardsmiths
October - Beeswax and Platypusburger
November - Teacup and AustinSmith

December - 1,000,000 Cards
- Featured Cardsmiths : Faiths_Guide, modnation675, and Mercyque


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