• "For god's sake, toxicity is a two-edged sword.
    Under normal circumstances, I don't think people would be so accepting of boorishness.
    Can't you see that your actions hurt others?
    Kick off the shackles of rudeness and create a better tomorrow."
  • @ranshi922 I love surveys and game design May I?
  • @pstmdrn, feel free to fill out the survey.
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    For now, you already have all the hints you need.
    Interestingly, you seem to require more assistance.
    So be it.
    To solve the riddle, you must pay attention to the messages themselves.

    Look in places you have yet to consider.
    Everyone should be able to solve this.
    To note about commander...
    Truly, constructed and limited formats are usually superior.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but...
    Really Interesting constructed playables should gain more attention than they do.



    (Share the message you received, Bowler...)

    Don't click one of these!


  • ZKPR2A3M4I6S7 I tried deciphering it but it is garbage
  • This is far too memetic to be taken seriously.
  • @Letstalkaboutthis Not paying much attention to the actual puzzle here, but well played with that "FIRSTLETTER".
  • @Bowler Hmm? Your turn. No clue what this is, but I do like ARGs
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    @EnvyReaper I guess something's missing...
    Maybe K1R2A3M4P5I6S7Z8 ?
    @Bowler218 maybe you can help us?

  • R2
    Does the top one mean anything to anybody?{retorical question mark}
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    Demonic Stirrigs does refer to Krampis...
    The first letters of the messages (edited) form KRAMPISZMAN, which is the author of Demonic Stirrings
  • (Share the message you received, Bowler...) was also in the last gap.
  • How badly do you want it?
  • @Bowler218 ffs just give us the message and don't pull what you did last time
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    Last time? Anyway:

    "For god's sake, toxicity is a two-edged sword.
    Onder normal circumstances, I don't think people would be so accepting of boorishness.
    Ran't you see that your actions hurt others?
    Kick off the shackles of rudeness and create a better tomorrow."
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    Bowler's message means "FORK"
  • I think Bowler218 should go wash his hands after typing that!
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    Cardsmith count (I'll keep this updated when a new card comes out):

    Don't really need to state the obvious, but I don't think it would be farfetched to assume that the next cards we'll be seeing will be from various "Kings of Cardsmith."


    Though, how "EXPLETIVE" and "KRAMPISZMAN" fit together is still stumping me.

    And whether "N11" signals that we've completed a stage of this hunt or is a hint to help us get unstuck is still a mystery to me. Nonetheless, it looks important.

    It also sounds like sanjaya and bowler received the same message, since sanjaya hasn't said a word on this. Might just mean that letstalkaboutthis didn't expect sanjaya to never give out the info, using bowler as a backup

    . . . or sanjaya and bowler's messages are different, meaning we're missing a part of the entire thing. (Though, this ^^^ is pretty unlikely)
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    Also, yeah, it turns out we really were stuck and needed a hint. Look at the first letters of the original post and letstalkaboutthis's next comment. They also spell out KRAMPISZMAN.

    Well, KRAMPISZISZMAN, but you get the idea XD
  • sanjaya's message seems to be SPIT, but seems weird...
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    I thought about that at first, but dropped it because it really spells SPIIT with two I's.

    And I think it's more aimed at letsttalkaboutthis rather than a message from letstalkaboutthis, but who knows! It's a possibility, at least ^-^


    Also turns out N11 was just something to help us with the KRAMPISZMAN puzzle. N being the 11th letter. Guess I looked too deep into things XD
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    Asked sanjaya about the message. And yeah, sanjaya was the original recipient of bowler's message.

    Though, seriously mate, honestly curious where "EXPLETIVE" fits in

    (The gif that was posted by letstalkaboutthis that says "Wow, you're a very uncomfortable person and you're not very funny. What a pathetic joke" might be a hint to it though)

    EDIT: This entire's post's purpose might've just been to say "EXPLETIVE KRAMPISZMAN" lol
  • I’m honestly amazed that these things aren’t getting censored by Corwinnn.
  • Aye, I was assuming it'd be alright for the sake of a random word to progress the game. At least then it was just a word and nothing else because it had no context. But I guess that third to the last GIF that was sent was something foreshadowed this :/

    Was lookin' forward to a fun little Dimir-esque mission T-T But I guess this had some cogs spinning, so not a total waste of time.
  • But for what reason have I returned?
    You may never know...
    Everyone will wonder... Is this the end?


    (Share the messages you've received from me, both of me, Corwinnn...)

    JK I'm Corwinnn that's why I haven't deleted anything... Or not.
  • @corwinnn
    what's your message?
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    Message (the post, not corwinnn's) means "BYE"

    Followed by a whited out M9 A10

    ^^^ I still have no idea why letstalkaboutthis is still giving us pieces for the KRAMPISZMAN thing

    A whited out "JK I'm Corwinnn that's why I haven't deleted anything... Or not." was placed after the GIF

    Atm I can't see what the gif leads to because I'm on mobile. So :shrug: maybe something there will clear up something.

  • We

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