Where are y'all from?

Hey guys! Long time no posts! A lot of new faces have mulled about since the last time I was here, and I wanted to get to know you better. Keep in mind that you can fill this out even if we've interacted before, especially if you've been around for a while.

Here's the questions:
Where are you from (vaguely, you don't need to give an exact town, but a general city/area).
Where do you live now (vaguely, you don't need to give an exact town, but a general city/area).
When did you start making cards.
Whats's your favorite real card.
What's your favorite custom card.
Who's your favorite card smith other than you?

Here are mine:
I'm from Lattslek, Virginia
I'm currently living in Braunau am Inn, Austria, although I am moving to Glasgow, Scotland pretty soon.
I started making cards in 2016
My favorite real card is Mudhole
My favorite custom card is Krampis, Bidoof Demon (Maybe Corwinnn's downfall... IDK.)
My favorite cardsmith other than me is @Faiths_Guide or @Tomigon

Thanks in advance!


  • Hello! I guess I’ll start this off:

    I’m from (and still live in) Portland, Maine

    I’ve also started making cards in 2016

    My favorite real card is Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind

    My favorite custom card is Shivsnab, Yidris’ Cohort

    My favorite cardsmith is @MemoryHead and @ShaperKyon
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    I'm from Washington State
    I live in The Boston Area
    I started making cards on Nov 14, 2017
    My favorite real cards are Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, and Bramble Sovereign.
    My favorite custom card is https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/the-thought-1?list=user
    My favorite card smith other than me is @Jonteman93
  • My birth place is in germany but I always say I'm from the breadbasket of 'merica. And I still live in the midwest.
    I wanna say I started last year around september. But I can't remember.
    I have two favorite real cards: karametra's acolyte and primordial hydra (both of which are in my mono green commander deck)
    My favorite custom card is: https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/lucas-nighttail?list=user
    And my favorite cardsmith is: anyone on here that i have talked to.
  • I am from St. Louis, Missouri but I say I'm from North Carolina because I've lived here almost my whole life.

    I currently still live in NC.

    I started making cards in March of 2018.

    My favorite real card is either Ajani, Valiant Protector (For the Art) or Nahiri the Harbinger.

    My favorite custom card I made myself is Polly, Captain's Companion and my favorite made by anyone else is Modnation's Ingenuity by @Teacup.

    My favorite cardsmith other than me is either @Modnation675 or @Jonteman93 (for his amazing stories)
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    I’m from and reside in the Pacific Northwest

    My favorite real card is Tamiyo, the Field Researcher because she was my first mythic and still is an awesome card.

    My favorite custom card is Cryptic Visions by @sanjaya666

    My favorite cardsmith is either @Faiths_Guide or @Corwinnn

    I started making cards on September 15, 2016
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    @KrampisZman it's good to hear from you again!

    Since this is for everyone...

    I'm from and still live in Toledo, Ohio.

    I started making cards in February 2017.

    My favorite real card is Traumatize (but my favorite card changes from time to time.)

    My current favorite custom card I made is Eden, Puppet Master.


    My current favorite custom card I didn't make is Unreliable Spy by @ASubtleGhost


    My favorite cardsmith is everyone that has ever been helpful to me on here by way of making my cards better (you all know who you are.)

    *Also anyone who has favorited a card of mine or commented on a card of mine in a non negative way. (Critique isn't always negative, so long as there is suggestions to help the card out. I will accept critique from new or old cardsmith's alike.)*
  • @sorinjace that’s a cop out to saying who’s your favorite.
  • Bryn Mawr, PA
    Malvern, PA // Bryn Mawr // Surf City, NJ
    More than a quarter of my life ago.
    Hard to say... I adore any Jace but I love my Krenko EDH....
    Gonna have to say its Gan Ceann, the Headless by virtue of the research time I took to make it.
    @sorinjace, by virtue of his cards and just how much we talk. Last night he came to me to ask me for grammar advice that may or may not have been to settle an argument.
  • Barcelona, Spain
    December 2018
    Fav real card: Hapatra Vizier of Poisons.
    My favorite custom card is Ydiri and Shu, Inseparable by @Crimson (https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/ydiri-and-shu-inseparable)

    My favorite cardsmith is @sorinjace. Obviously he has amazingly polished cards that I love. However, he suggested I could join the forums when he saw some of my cards, and I'm very thankful for that.
  • Limbo.
    Before you.
    What is real?
    Just one?
  • @Ranshi922 I can't help it, there's just too many good cardsmith's here!

    I'm flattered @Ranshi922 and @ArmisJoe thank you! I'm glad I'm somebody's favorite! :)
  • @sorinjace... I have a wonderful part inside dark joke that if you want to hear you should message me on discord.
  • Am I the only one not from america? Also, any 'strayans out there with me?
  • @Mantis17 I'm pretty sure @Bowler218 said he was German...
  • I was born in Orange County, California but I grew up in Douglas County, Oregon.
    I currently live in Lane County, Oregon though this may change soon.
    I started making cards in May of 2018.
    I don't have any one favorite card but it would probably be a tossup between Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur and Atraxa, Praetor's Voice.
    My favorite custom card is probably Quina Merda just because of the chaos it would cause.
    I don't have a favorite Cardsmith. It's actually a blessing I was able to come up with the favorites I did.
    Edit: Look at Letstalkaboutthis' comment just below this for the link.
  • @Letstalkaboutthis Yeah, that. I looked but couldn't find it. I wonder if I just spelled it wrong when I searched for it.
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    @Letstalkaboutthis is that card yours?
  • @ArmisJoe, I don't think it is his. Maybe it is a "This is my favorite card" thing?
  • @Mantis17
    I said I was born in germany but I don't say I'm german.
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    a.) Ohio/Ohio (Yes, I do not live in the Far Realm like my profile suggests.)

    b.) Mid-2012 (under multiple different names)
    - First one was my actual name, big mistake to be honest
    - Second account was made in 2013
    - Third account was made in 2014

    c.) Murder
    - Don't ask why - I don't either. I guess it's the simplicity. But then you could ask "Why not Lightning Bolt?"

    - Homicidal Seclusion is fun to play with. :)

    e.) @CrucibleofHate, @Memnarchitect, @Polanety, or @Prostein1011
    - Yes, I can't decide. I would've also put in more of the older members (think @AustinSmith, @Beeswax, @Corwinnn, @Faiths_Guide, @Suicidal_Deity, and @Tomigon) but I didn't want to go with a smith that most users here know. I also chose these four out of countless others because of all of the interactions we've had over the years - especially Crucible and Memnarchitect.
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    @ArmisJoe That is the card @Daedalus_The_All_Father said was his favorite, but couldn't find @Letstalkaboutthis was merely locating it.

  • @Corwinn oh. I was surprised to see a card in my language
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    I’m from the Northwest US in what I like to call “potatoland.” I’ve grown up here my whole life,
    I started making cards longer ago than I thought, a little over two years now.
    My favorite real card is probably either the new Narset or Umbral Stalker.
    Favorite custom card: I have no idea where to start.
    Favorite Cardsmith: I almost have to say @Phlegming because their feedback has helped me improve my cardsmithing significantly.
  • Where are you from?

    Kerava, Finland. My family moved away when I was only a few years old.

    Where do you live now?

    At countryside in Southern Finland.

    When did you start making cards?

    4th of April, 2016. I was playing a video game, then I got a spontaneous urge to create one of its enemies into a Magic card. MTGCardsmith was the site which I found first, and so I created my first card. I've deleted countless old cards except that one because of the memory: https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/darkwraith-12

    Whats's your favorite real card?

    Right now, Vorapede.

    What's your favorite custom card?

    Tiamat, 16th Champion. I've felt like I've actually accomplished something significant here when working on that character.

    Who's your favorite cardsmith other than you?

    The one reading this right now.
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    I am from US
    I joined the site I beleive some where in 2016, however I did not join the forums until late 2017 to 2018.
    Favorite cards: Lyra Dawnbringer, Counterspell, Entreat the Angels, Tiana, Ship's Caretaker.
    @Ranshi922 and @sorinjace have to be some of my favorites along with @Revan who favorites most of my cards and enters into most of my challenges.
    Favorite on site card: Peryon Peacekeeper https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/peryon-peacekeeper?list=user
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    I'm from Canberra, Australia.
    I joined in November 2018.
    Favourite card: Zurgo Helmsmasher
    Favourite on-site card: Letum, Unliving Ruin https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/letum-unliving-ruin?list=user
    Favourite smith: @Toomb
  • Where Tennessee touches Georgia and Alabama

    2 years I think, played magic about 9 years

    Wurmcoil Engine

    Phorcykah from my best of is a pretty fun commander.

    Bnew07 and Faithsguide

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    Born and raised in my lovely Midwestern Cornhusker State XD.

    I started my love for custom cards since 2014 when I discovered this progam. Then discovered Cardsmith and loved it waaaayy more (I literally get feedback on my stuff.)

    My favorite card is hard since I literally put a little love in my decks that I use both competitively and casually. Though, Trostani has always been my main love for when I need a little love with my swarm.

    All time favorite customs I've made that I enjoyed very much are these;



    Literally had a love for r/w/u cards for a long time before going back to g/w XD.

    Not going to lie that I favorited a LOT of cards on Cardsmith. So it's really hard to decide in what I consider to be my favorite among everyone. Everyone has their own flavor or spice to add to their work. Giving it a unique way to stand out. So the cards I've favorited thus far have been my all time favorites out of so many creative minds here.

    The same goes for a cardsmith. I can't pick a single favorite. Everyone here brings something to the table. Those so far that I follow have been my favorite. The list still grows as I see new faces. I look forward to see what goodies I see to add to my collection further on ^^.

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