Enchantment Creature Challenge [CHALLENGE CLOSED]



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  • @LowLander oh yeah, I always forgot that manlands exist sometimes haha
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    Well, I have a card that involves the undying keyword ability without knowing it existed. Now I can edit that card sometime to instead give creatures undying, haha.

    Archetype of Eternity

    Love the card and its flavor fits it very well. A nice little way to provide some buffing, and undying on all your creatures will be interesting, especially if it provides incentive to avoid blocking a creature so that it does not trigger another "When this creature enters the battlefield..." which just seems like fun.

    10/10: Great art choice.
    10/10: Simple and lovely flavor text that brings the undying mechanic behind the card to life.
    10/10: Awesome and to-the-point design.

    Overall: 30/30
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    Mischievous Fox

    I like the design and how it tooks a mechanic similar to those on Oblivion Ring, Banishing Light, etc., and made it scale up. I'd be interested to see how this plays, and I'd also be interested in seeing a constellation with a similar mechanic, except "Whenever ~ or another enchantment enters the battlefield, exile target nonland permanent until that enchantment leaves the battlefield." if one doesn't exist already. I might just make one haha.

    10/10: Pretty artwork!
    10/10: Cute flavor text :D
    10/10: If you can't tell, I love the card's design.

    Overall: 30/30
  • @TenebrisNemo

    Temptress of the Forest

    I love the use of the custom bloom mechanic here (which is a keyword ability that should definitely be in MTG), with sort of a "series" of blooming similar to new life forming and growing out of old life, which matches the card being green.

    10/10: Beautiful art choice!
    0/10: No flavor text (Feel free to @ me here and say what it would be, and I'll revisit those points!)
    10/10: Fantastic design

    Overall: 20/30
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    And that's all for now folks. I am loving all of the submissions! I'll probably be starting another challenge like...now because, as a fairly new MTG player, I'm learning a lot through this. :D
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    Hol' up! First I have one submission!
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    Edit: Card reworked.

  • Alright kiddos, the challenge ended about 14 hours ago, but I was a little busy with work and sleep to post. I'll crank out scoring the rest of the entries as soon as I can; school is almost over with, so huzzah!
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    Ikling, the Shining

    I'm always a big fan of cards that can be casted in any color for a bit of a penalty (i.e. Phyrexian mana or {2}/{u}, {2}/{w}, etc.) and seeing how they play out.

    9/10: Great artwork.
    8/10: Cute flavor text.
    6/10: Nice idea, but I feel it's a bit on the expensive side for what it does. A little 1/2 that buffs a very specific kind of creature and will cost a decent amount of life in most decks.

    Overall: 23/30
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    Eladora, the Imaginator

    10/10: Awesome art choice that fits the card nicely.
    9/10: To-the-point and simple flavor text.
    10/10: Great setup. As a bit of a nit-picky thing, "draw 1" should be worded as "draw a card."

    Overall: 29/30

    Archetype of Infinity

    Ah, a WUBRG card. I always like seeing how these play out (almost as much as I enjoy seeing what the Wizards do with them). Preventing your opponents from altering their creatures' power/toughness is going to be rough on a lot of decks, and it's interesting to see how it prevents you and your opponents from reducing one another's power/toughness. Awesome! I think with its current wording, they presently will not lose additional power/toughness, but rather won't be able to gain or lose any from where it is now (as it isn't actively changing). Dunno if that was intentional, or if my statement is even correct at all.

    10/10: Fun artwork.
    9/10: Good flavor text.
    10/10: Functionally pretty awesome.

    Overall: 29/30
  • @Temurzoa

    Uhlol, Nebulous Enthraller

    So I already dropped a favourite on this card before I realised it was entered here.

    10/10: Phenomenal choice on the art!
    0/10: No flavor text :( Feel free to @ me here and just say what it would be
    10/10: Amazing design and a control card that I'd love to have...nevermind WU control...it's UB time. Or maybe WU with a B splash. HMMMM You have Elite Arrester's as well? I'll be taking those to add to my collection.

    Overall: 20/30
  • Four more left kek
  • @SammySammyson It was going to be an imp drake, but it wouldn't fit.
  • @KorandAngels I thought the image was like, a mystical peacock. Upon closer inspection, it certainly is not. Editing the scoring now kek
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