The Forgotten Characters

In Magic: The Gathering, there are so many worlds and stories, which equals a lot of characters. Many have gotten cards, but there are plenty that are still missing cards

Make a card of a magic character who has not yet had a card of themselves made

a few clarifications:

- you can make cards of characters who only have tokens, such as marit lage or karox bladewing

- un cards are allowed

- creatures and planeswalkers are allowed

I will judge winners by the following:

- flavor - do these abilities make sense for this character? _/5

- power - is this a good card? is this balanced? _/5

- spacing, spelling, grammar, correct wording _/2

Winners recieve: A follow, favs, and glory.

if you need help finding an uncarded character:


  • This is frustrating. I know of a planeswalker, but am unable to make a planeswalker. It will keep looking!
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    Admit it, you saw this one coming
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    Decided to do one not most people would do. I like to focus on the extras of a story more than main or side characters because it's fascinating to think that this is what the everyday citizen would do in a time of crisis.

    Obviously, this is the mage of Heartfire.
  • Old cards, Vallon from Shadows Over Innistrad and Disa from Dominaria's Time of Ice:

    image image
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    I made a bunch of these a bit ago...

    The long lost sister of Sigarda that Avacyn killed.. (She is unnamed so far.)


    I did a set of cards for older characters, either remade them or created cards for those who never got one.
    I made a card for Serra, Feroz and Daria, though Planeswalkers I opted make creatures.

    image image image

    Various other legends from Homelands(Ulgrotha) that only existed as flavor text.

    image image image image image

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    This is based on the man talking in Raging Kronch's flavor text.

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    So, I made Jared Carthalion as a Jeskai. Although it is also kinda unclear what he has become now.

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