Sesonal Lands - idea for new lands

Any suggestions or opinions on my sesonal lands.



  • First off, the fact that they have land types (those being plains, island, swamp, mountain and forest) mean that the abilities are pointless. Having a basic land type means that the land gets "{TAP}: Add the appropriate mana type." by default. That makes the whole seasonal gimmick pointless, so it's a problem.

    Second, they're really wordy. I get what you're trying to do with the whole "Tap for one mana type the first turn, the other the second and both on three onwards." thing

    Third is a series of more random things. The lands should have their appropriate color borders, you shouldn't shorten seasonal counter to SC and I'm not sure why there's text saying "You can only put one seasonal counter on this card per turn." (that's paraphrased) because it doesn't seem to have a purpose outside of preventing really specific interactions that wouldn't matter in the slightest.

    Fourth and final point might fit into the random category, but is it really worth it to do two lands for each color combination? I'm aware that they're technically different, but every two-color land cycle since the dawn of two-color land cycles has been made up of ten cards, so it'd be odd (and also troublesome from a set-design perspective) to do 20. Despite this, I can understand if you do 20 anyway because it does remove certain logic issues.

    Sorry for being largely negative.
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