DISCLAIMER: This is more of a personal work showcase than anything else, but if you guys want to help me with this, I'd be thrilled.

DISCLAIMER #2: Most of these cards are hella OP, I think, so I would love to hear any feedback the community can give.

Convergence of the twenty worlds, and what the hell is up with that cycle I made

In a remote corner of the multiverse, lay twenty worlds, in equilibrium. However, that equilibrium is thin at best, and ephemeral at worst. For these worlds were created by mad and authoritarian gods (who were kinda OCD), and as such come built with an inescapable, age-long cycle (like the aurora of Lorwynn/Shadowmoor), that tilts them all in one direction to converge (roll credits) in one point in space once the planes diverge from the path of perfection and bliss laid out for them by the gods. Once the status quo is disrupted, this causes a chain reaction in the other 19 worlds (as they are all connected), and the Convergence is triggered. The greatest mages of each of these realms are slid into the convergent point, and battle begins. The champions fight to the death, and as each one dies their world gets Thanos snapped, but not in half, completely, and a new one springs into its place. Only the last survivor gets to have their world not be destroyed.

In the last convergence, the one world that didn't die was Tureon, an all-encompassing dark forest (like those on Innistrad or Shadowmoor), that still manages to foster life that not only survives, but thrives in the mystical shadows. The world's saviour was a man called Beldur, an aged neromancer that could shift souls between life and death. And, surprisingly, after two thousand years, he is still alive (sorta), kicking (if ghosts can kick), and considered by the god's algorithm to be the greatest sorcerer of the plane. As such, he shall fight in his second battle of the convergence, to see if Tureon shall last two thousand more years.


Though Tureon is still very much the same as it was, all the other worlds have now turned over into new incarnations. And those incarnations have new champions. Let's explore those, shall we? (DISCLAIMER No. 2: Buckle up, there are a lot of them!)

Plane: Soer, Champion: Igledon


So, lithomancers have traditionally been associated with white and red, but why not white and blue? I think stone can represent incapacitation really well on a spiritual level, so Igledon and his cards will be about denying the opponents resources (making lands and creatures tap, denying card draw, that sort of thing).

Plane: Nestra, Champion: Oreon


Let's see here. White has an affinity for making small creatures. Black has an affinity for exploiting small creatures. Combo sacrifice engine with the spirits? The theme I'd like to explore here is WB token generators and their usefulness, as Orzhov is mostly life-focused up to today.

Plane: Eonia, Champion: Gelken


Though both white and and red have plenty of artifacts, Boros seems lacking in that regard, so that's a theme. I also would like to explore this idea of alternate opalescences for artifacts, and this seems a good way to do that.

Plane: Foralig, Champion: Berenia


Choice is a theme I was always fascinated with in Magic, and I like adaptable cards. So far, this has mostly appeared in black and blue, but why not white and green? After all, what is life if not a collection of choices?

Plane: Ispeer, Champion: Eprexa


Eprexa believes that everyone should have a second chance, and that includes chances at life. Cards that support her will have many recycling effects as well as the more traditional Azorius-affiliated blinks.

Plane: Eleor, Champion: Ihris



That aside, I also would like to explore the theme of absorbation. Exiling cards under other cards is a really neat mechanic, and Ihris will be the way to explore that.

Plane: Kapsil, Champion: Igel


More efficient TÖKEN machines. Creating many of them is a red ability, bu we will also use blue to exploit them using number of creature effects.

Plane: Weyerd, Champion: Ish


Bringing some green fun into the blue scientific method, Ish'll have adaptable creatures with the explore mechanic, but keep that trademark blue sneakiness and reconnaisance tactics.

Plane: Doracka, Champion: Elern


Self-hurt for a greater gain is very BLAAAAAACKKKXXXXX, but I intend to make it more orderly with white splash. Elern is intended for long games where she and her cards can slowly chip away at life totals.

Plane: Tureon, Champion: Beldur


Enchantment creature un-creatuning and threshold go great together, in my opinion, so Beldur will pioneer an army of cards that get better as the game progresses, as well as fetching spells of glorious black randomness using my patented alternate suspense methods.


  • Plane: Naro, Champion: Quege


    Exploitability and exploitation are a prominent theme in black, but here I intend to build an engine that spills many small creatures, and then pumps them with Quege and one-shot sends them to battle.

    Plane: Xala, Champion: Rache


    Creatures are green, cheating is black, so cheating creatures into play using golgari is a neato concept, I think. Plop down big baddies and try to win the game until their drawbacks have a chance to hurt you.

    Plane: Telebria, Champion: Corniik


    Essentialy, I want to make a more aggresive Jeskai here by eliminating blue. This neat explanation allows me to keep prowess, though it is usually affiliated with the Izzet part of Jeskai and not the Boros.

    Plane: Yia, Champion: Itsishi


    OK, so land removal is a well-known spook in the MTGC community, but I want to see if we can do it right. Itsishi is quite weak in your average deck, but I designed her as a build around, encouraging non-linear creature-low decks.

    Plane: Skareldia, Champion: Atanto


    Randomness is frowned upon in magic, but the fluctuations of Rakdos are perfect for this, I find. For pushed stats, every turn, fate hands you a different outcome for this creature. It will either be a devilish defender, aggresive attacker, or clumsy corpse. Excitement!

    Plane: Ungra, Champion: Bagrak


    Angery damage dealth! Chip away at your opponent every turn, while sustaining damage yourself, but Bagrak will also have plenty of burn to kill your opponent before you can ever feel a lick of it.

    Plane: Feaar, Champion: Yiiora


    Creates a buffer to prevent you from losing, while building up defense. A game stretcher, potentially combo-able with Elern in a white-focused Abzan deck.

    Plane: Telccuta, Champion: Ivitor


    Kill your opponents with confusion! Encourages large decks with graveyard stuffing, possibly Sultai compatible. (EXPLANATION FOR DISSOLVE: You ditch a card from your library, and if you have a card with the same CMC as it, you may get rid of them both to pump Ivitor). Flavorwise, this is a more Chemical touch on Simic than Biological.

    Plane: Rosha, Champion: Uchi


    #PortalThreeKingdomsKamigawaNowThis . Mechanics-wise, individual elimination through fighting is a take black lacks, and I think that is a real shame. Ambushing creatures with other creatures seems like a black thing to me, so let's just splash it and see what happens.

    Plane: Askva, Champion: Massim


    Ever since Garruk got an unspoken errata out of the story (R.I.P.), we never had a purely beast-focused protagonist, and though Gruul isn't usually my type, this is a niche we desperately need to fill. So here's this.

    How do I fix these cards, if I should? :)
  • Beldur should, roughly, read:
    'At the beginning of your upkeep, exile the top six cards of your library with six time counters each. If they don't have suspend, they gain suspend.'
    I am sure there is a better way to word it, but you should ask somebody else for that.
  • @TigerFang8

    That will make the wording really wordy, but I suppose that is the right way. Since this is a new set, do you propose we could change the needed wording slightly? Otherwise the cards I had planned might not be able to fit in their text.
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