Tell Me a Story - With a Saga!

Heya everybody! So one of my favorite recent additions to magic was the Sagas of the Dominaria set.

Anyways, in order to bring some love to these really cool enchantments, I'm hosting a contest! It's all about making saga enchantment cards. However, the biggest challenge is to try to tell a story with your Saga; weaving abilities and story into one awesome creation!

Here are the rules:
1. Cards have to be Sagas
2. 5 entries per person, old cards are allowed!
3. Cards should be submitted by July 31st, 11:59 am PDT (This is a soft date, so it may change based on interest.)
4. Please credit your artists! They worked really hard and artists are really chill people.
5. Rules are subject to change (boring formality stuff)
6. Generally I'm not looking for MTG art or reproductions. You'll be amazed at the awesome art you can find at places like artstation and deviantart. And you'll be amazed how awesome your own ideas can get!
6a. Standard MTGCS rules apply to art and card making, and whatnot. formality stuff.
7. Be respectful, have some fun, and share some cool stories!

Now, many of you probably already know that there's no real "Saga" creator on MTGCS right now, but that's totally cool. The current card maker for enchantments (plus the added bullets and dashes) should allow you to make your desired sagas. Alternatively, if you find someplace that has a fancy saga maker, feel free to make one there to post, just make sure you have one made on MTGCS and that one is linked in the post as well! Here's a few sagas I've made to give you a nice idea of how you can format it on MTGCS (you can format it however else you better), and hopefully an idea what I'm looking for:
image image image

Honorable Mentions: Favorite on the submitted card and a favorite of your choice

Third Place: Favorite on submitted card and two favorites of your choice

Second Place: Favorite on submitted card and three favorites of your choice

First Place: Favorite on submitted card and five favorites of your choice

Cheers and happy smithing everyone!!


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