Official Challenge: The Second Annual Artwork Contest!



  • How's your art going everyone? If anyone want me to Photoshop your drawings, feel free to show me your art! I can add/change colors, shades&lights, merge two drawings into one(E.g. Creature+environment), edit proportion, delete mistakes.
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    Finally got to the computer. Here you go!


    I had originally planed on submitting a werewolf piece, but I feel this turned out better. I had originally drew this with the intention of just being a concept sketch for Xavier Boros, a character from an anime I'm planing. However, after drawing this, I just decided that I'd use it instead.
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    After clocking in a total of 21 hours, 53 minutes, and 57.23 seconds, I have completed what will probably be the best thing I will produce for many years.

    I included an uncolored version because I felt like it and the final version.
    image image

    This has been a lot of fun, and I am seriously considering illustrating more of my cards in the future!

    Bonam Fortunam Vobis! (Good luck to you all!)

    (Also, yes. I did have a timer.)
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    Here's my entry, hope you guys enjoy it:


    The updated version with Tomigon's help with photoshop:

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    If you look close, Arvin's body 'molded' to form Loxodon Warhammer and Mask of Avacyn in this drawing I did of him. He was created with a different matter then other Weirds as well: Ooze. Because of this, Ooze has a very powerful yet consumptive energy to it, and this helps feed Arvin's ability to manipulate Equipment around him. He can't hold all this power together permanently though, it's only for a short time, so he only uses this ability when he needs it the most.
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    I have a few other art pieces I would have liked to have used to make a card, but this is the only one I could come up with an idea for one.
  • It can't hurt to try this out:


    This actually started out as a Garruk-ish golgari hunter guy, but morphed into a righteous, wandering guardian of the meek type Selesnya card as I drew it.
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    Thank you to the person who gave me premium to edit this card and keep it under the same URL
  • Is there a different way to submit an image link?
  • image
    Perhaps at some point i’ll Create more cards relating to Twiglit and the Wimbershade.
  • Well... I hope you all like this card. I haven't ever seriously drawn before, so enjoy this 2D black and white illustration!

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    Nice entries! Thank you everyone!
    @Gavora - I got you
  • Hey y'all
    First time on cardsmith or on the forums, except for a tiny bit of experience way back when with a different account, so I'm not sure how to post the image in this comment, but here's my submission (or the link, at least):
    Hope you like it! Had the concept in a dream.
  • Also, holy s*** @Ranshi922, that is incredible!
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    (Deleted entry)
  • @Globert-the-Martian unfortunately cardsmiths are only allowed to submit one entry.
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    I guess it gives new meaning to the phrase "Draw a card."


    Big Ol' Angry Boy from a bit ago. (I did this a couple years back, haven't really done much painting anymore since then.)
  • Oh my god...

    (Good joke, btw)
  • @pewnd
    I didn't know you were Rhys Becker, 2D & 3D Freelance Canadian Artist. Your 3D model of Talghor is pretty sweet. I'm trying to learn Blender (eventually) maybe I'll come to you for some modeling tips ;)
  • @Faiths_Guide I need to update my portfolio some time, I haven't been indie for a while. I'm actually a contract 3D modeller now. Haven't done real illustration in a while. For sure though! Blender is an amazing tool and the new UI is sweet. Though I use Maya LT mostly.
  • @pewnd
    So cool! If you had time to swing by and leave a quick comment/critique on my eventual entry WIP over here that'd be awesome.
  • @pewnd, at first I had been thinking that there must’ve been a misunderstanding. Then I looked at your art station and saw the link...
  • @pewnd beautiful card and art!
  • I’m Pretty sure if there’s a prize for best art, we know the winner.
  • @Tommia Ay, it's ain't over 'til it's over.
  • @Faiths_Guide Left a response on the thread :)

    Thanks @Ranshi922 @sorinjace I actually love what you guys have as well! The Collabs are sick!

    Not really sure what the rules are about assisting other Cardsmiths like how @Tomigon is doing it, but I'd love to lend a hand doing color passes or shading other people's designs. Don't know if I can do that while also doing my own card :S
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