Stitia, Plane of 13 Deaths (RPG Style Saga/My First Saga)



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    The doors of the Oklein Manor open, and the guards block off access to the auxiliary areas of the Manor. They form a pathway, leading straight to Mastiffa’s throne. All of them bow in respect to Xataxji, but nonetheless they have their weapons prepared for if they decide they don’t want to be so peaceful. “Sire... you are invited in.”
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    Planewide Phenomenon - Legends of a Fool


    Not many planeswalkers know of the tale of old Tommia. When the Mending occurred, the sheer energy of Tommia’s collapse split it into two separate new planes; a parallel and Stitia. It is said that some of old Tommia’s residents may of survived, including a planeswalker who lost his spark...

    ...years before this event, known as the Severing of Tommia, there was a young boy named Joseph. Very young at the time, he had bold dreams, including becoming a planeswalker. Through his journeys, his wish was fufilled, but instead of fixing problems, he just caused them. He caused Tommia’s collapse, led the Eldrazi into Earthrealm, and ended up becoming partly corrupted by the Eldrazi, betraying the last hope for Tommia in a random act of violence. He also made the bleeding of the evil plane Ephemera into Tommia possible. The gods of the multiverse deemed his acts unforgivable, and so, he was supposedly exiled to Stitia to suffer eternally...

    Some say he still roams the plane, somehow alive. But not in any recognizable form...
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    Since you notified me you are working on characters, I will allow you to enter after the deadline, but be warned; it’ll be a lot better if you enter sooner
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    Verth was terrified by the proposition that Uvras has just made. "Is this still the wise old scholar I knew back in the day? What happened to making rational decisions?" Verth thought to himself. Verth may have known this stranger for an hour or two, let alone get to know him. The situation would've been less shocking if it wasn't for the fact that Verth didn't even know this man's name. In their transit to Uvras' house, not a word was exchanged between either of them. Now this wizard plans to bestow this incredibly dangerous power to him? What was he thinking...? Unless...

    Verth saw something in Uvras' eyes. Like he knew what he was doing. This was all going to work for the better. What Verth had on his finger was an experiment, a prototype that turned Verth into the ultimate super-soldier. What Uvras had in mind for the new wereraven was a means to save this man's humanity. While Verth was a schemer and a planner, Uvras was on an entirely different level. From the day Verth's powers were created from the Crimson Moon, Uvras KNEW this was going to happen. "I trust this man," Verth nodded reluctantly.
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    “Very well. Now that we’ve come to an agreement, there’s just one tiny problem.”

    A problem?

    “See, the last time I did this... oh gods forgive me for saying this... Arne blessed the ring...”

    “What?!” Verth couldn’t believe this. Was he talking about... that Arne? Originally, Arne didn’t know the ring’s power, but he knew Verth. If it was true that he blessed the ring, he had to know its power.

    “Then riddle me this... how come one of him was fighting vampires, two of him were stuck in a temporal rift, and two of him were in the Beyond... at the same time?”

    This man really is starting to sound crazy. Even proposing that there’s more than one of Arne? That couldn’t be possible, could it?

    “You’re going to need to find... the real Arne. And your time is quite limited, I’m afraid, as at night, this man’s curse will seize him. You obviously can’t access the Beyond, but you can try to call him down. So, there’s a question you must find the answer to. Which Arne is real?”

    He then tells you four places you can go to find him. You’ll have time to investigate two. Each of you chooses one.
    - Changing Arcanum (Threat potential: Arne the Betrayer, who is currently fighting Rafael and Niyan)
    - Pray at the Center of Prayer to call him down.
    - Woewedt (Threat potential: Bloodwood, rivals to Duskwood and to Vryx)
    - Pray at Zythlvale to call him down.
  • I'll take Woewedt and the Changing Arcanum
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    // Since you can only choose one, unless @EpicBoss99 is good with those decisions, which one would you prefer?
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    I'm fine with that. Let's go to the Arcanum. I was originally thinking the Center of Prayer but I don't want to leave Vryx alone.
  • // @EpicBoss99 @Bowler218 Very well. If you have reached an agreement, you will go to the Changing Arcanum first
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    Woewedt is on the way there, we can check that while going to the Arcanum, thereby saving valuable time.
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    Oh awesome. You know that area way better than I do so lead the way!
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    *There is a page written by Darna that describes how the Living Amulet works*

    "I should keep it intact until I bring it back to the others, I think Schoren could use some spider venom, but what about these two?"

    Draundr sat there, pondering what to do with their bodies, but in the end he decided to resurrect them, he manipulated the venom out of their bodies and ended up using two whole trees to revive them.
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    It’s a long way to Woewedt from Delvad. It could take until the evening, even by air, so Verth makes haste, once again carrying Vryx. Thankfully, the pass over Descour meant that Verth could fly unimpeded, until a flock of vultures interrupted their flight. With care, Vryx picked off the vultures, clearing the way for Verth to continue flying.

    You are arriving at Woewedt

    Verth flies over the border, where the desert bleeds into the Forest. Giant trees fill the views of both of the rangers as they make their way through. They were given a lantern to carry, one that Uvras always kept with him. Once Arne notices the spiritually frequency he should come to them. That is, if it was the right Arne.

    Verth and Vryx fly through the trees for a couple hours, and find no signs of the half man, half Manticore. This is bad. The duo has flown around pretty much the entire perimeter. Even if this wasn’t the right Arne, they should of at least found something by now. As they turn from the Northwest corner of Woewedt and fly towards Bloodwood territory, the lantern begins to chime, a sign that the real Arne is close. This only means one thing; he’s deep in hostile grounds.

    Allied Attack

    What would Arne be doing in Bloodwood territory? Normally the divine tend to stay out of the affairs of elves. No matter what, neither of you are going to be able to negotiate with them. You’ll have to fight. The lantern chimes again, this time loudly, and it starts to hum and glow. He’s definitely nearby. Suddenly, you hear a roar, which draws your attention. It’s Arne alright, and he’s descending on top of the Bloodwood Hometree.

    “Arne... I wasn’t expecting an encounter with you today.” Vallelika, the High Bloodelf. Her lips are lined with blood, and she has claws for hands. Somewhere between woman and beast lies this Shaman, who approaches Arne.


    “As I didn’t know you were mass murder the other two clans. That’s why I’ve been sent here. By the Six to stop you. You plan to set Delvad alight. This isn’t war anymore. It’s a random act of violence, and I’m here to stop you. And I’m guessing negotiations are out of the question...”

    Suddenly, everyone on the top of the Hometree notices you. “So Vryx... your still alive. Pity. That means I get to crush you personally. I also see you brought a little pet bird with you. Shame if I were to abuse it.”

    “I’m no pet, thank you!” Verth lands on the Hometree beside Arne, setting Vryx down.

    “So, I see Uvras sent you. This is a really bad time, but I know exactly why he sent you. If you lend me your aid, we should be able to get rid of these scoundrels as quick as possible. Everyone, ATTACK!” Suddenly, the entire forest erupts as elves and beasts swarm you and Arne. It’s time to fight...

    Each of you must make two cards depicting how you will fight against the enemy. The average score of both of your sets of entries will determine success. This time, spell effectiveness will be judged mainly by how balanced the card is.

    • 2 points for proper rarity
    • 3 points for fittingness
    • 10 points for card effect and balancing, excluding rarity
    • Remember. You can’t submit a card you’ve already submitted, and you’ll lose five points if your card is not new.

    The max score in this scenario is 15. You will get a “miss” if you score less than 10.
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    It felt strange for Verth to fight in a group. Vryx and Arne seemed focused and well-prepared for this battle, but for Verth fighting a large horde of enemies wasn't his forte. As elves and beasts of all kinds swarmed them, Verth was going to teach this blood elf a lesson in manners.

    Despite the fact she was the leader of the Bloodwood clan, a title that Verth would normally associate with respect, this blood elf infuriated Verth since the moment he met her. First her over-inflated ego agitated him. Then her sloppy footwork on the battlefield made a mockery of the training that Verth had endured for weeks. Afterwards, she revealed her plan of spreading violence through Delvad. To Verth, she was irredeemable at this point. Her claim that he was some sort of pet was the last straw for him. Now she was a target. "Please hold them off, you two. I'm going for the source of this problem," He angrily cawed at Arne and Vryx, picking up a large rock with his talons and soaring high into the air. Verth was dead-set on giving the strange amalgamation of elf and beast an attack that she would never forget.


    Once Verth reached an altitude that was definitely out of sight, Verth began to descend from the air. His heart rate increased rapidly as he tucked in his wings. He had this idea for an attack for a long time, but he never put it into action up until this point. For many days after becoming a wereraven, he has done research on flight patterns of birds of prey in order to diversify his fighting style. Verth figured that if his speed reached a certain level in a dive, he could defeat the blood elf in one shot. Just as Verth was feet away from the blood elf, reaching an unfathomable speed as he descended, he attempted to bring the rock in his talons down onto the elf's head. This way he would not only defeat his enemy but prevent the creation of another wereraven in the process.

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    @EpicBoss99 @Bowler218

    Since it’s relevant to the story, here’s the scores.

    Arlin, Vengeant Archer: 15/15

    • 2 points for proper rarity
    • 3 points for fittingness
    • 10 points for card effect and balancing, excluding rarity

    Vryx’s Hunting Knife: 15/15

    • 2 points for proper rarity
    • 3 points for fittingness
    • 8 points for card effect and balancing, excluding rarity

    There’s never been a true set of rules for situational casting costs and situational buffs. That said, I was a tad questionable about the knife, but I correct myself by saying these cards are well balanced.

    Strike Against the Corrupt: 14/15

    • 2 points for proper rarity
    • 3 points for fittingness
    • 9 points for card effect and balancing, excluding rarity (Possibly underpowered?)

    Since I’m not sure, I’ll only take a single point on this one. However, I’d just make the creature completely unblockable until end of turn.

    Dive Bomb: 15/15

    • 2 points for proper rarity
    • 3 points for fittingness
    • 10 points for card effect and balancing, excluding rarity

    Welp. I’ve gotta say. I haven’t seen a good yet simple card like this in a while. It’s very much balanced.

    Team Score: (About 15)/15

    High... err... five? With scores out of the way, I’ll get to typing!
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    Battle Phase - A Battle of Sticks and Stones

    This fight was deeply personal for all three of the attackers. Verth’s alliance with the Duskwood made the Bloodwood a serious enemy. The Bloodwood’s plans enraged Arne, who was sent to stop them. And Arlin... Vryx was facing the very people that took the life of his one true love. Past, present, and future ordeals all gave them the motivation they needed to fight as they prepared to strike...

    “Everyone, ATTACK!”

    Attack. This is the first time such a word left Arne’s tongue like this. A divine being, saying such a phrase with anger and hatred burning in his heart. As the combatants came forth, a swarm of elf and beast came to stop them. Vallelika’s elite stepped out from behind her throne, bows draw, and fired. Vryx shot an enchanted arrow from Thylinder in response, splitting the incoming arrow in two. Verth caught the other one in his hand, and let it fall to the ground.

    “I expected a slyer tactic than that, coming from you, Vallelika.” Arne roared. Suddenly, the group was surrounded by elves, all with either swords or bows draw.

    “So you were saying...”

    Suddenly, another arrow left Thylinder. It hit Vallelika in the chest, near her heart, but she pulled it out and sang a chant as the blood fell to the ground. She was smiling. Suddenly, the blood began to take a form in front of the trio. A beast. Vryx quickly fired a volley at it, but it still stood... with two heads...


    It... wasn’t working. Even with the enchanted arrows, this beast was somehow just too strong. Even more so than the behemoth he fought over a week ago. Suddenly, Thylinder stopped glowing, as did the arrow Vryx held. He felt the guide of his movements leave. Then, the bow left Vryx’s hand. What’s going on? Vryx has no time to waver now, so he pulls out a knife and stabs an incoming elf, killing it instantly. The quiver is taken from its back by an unseen force, the same that took Thylinder. And then the bow is drawn. A figure emerges, and lines up a perfect shot. “Step aside. This one’s mine.”

    “Ar-Arlin?!” Vryx can’t believe his eyes. She guided him, and in his time of need, she manifested herself as a spirit. And yet, today, it was as though she was there, in all of her beauty. As though she never died to begin with. She releases an arrow straight through one of the beast’s eyes, impaling it. Vryx takes no time to follow suit, picking up the bow of a fallen elf, and firing again. He splits the first arrow with his own, sending it further into the beast’s eye. Then, seeing what he did, Arlin gracefully jumps over him, firing one last shot to burrow the others into the eye. The first arrow has been completely shattered, and is now in the beast’s skull as the monster collapses.

    Meanwhile, Arne is fighting the beasts on the ground. A giant bear attempts to attack him, but Arne impales it with his scorpion tail, wasting no time. He flies with said tail facing the ground, as though all he cares about is killing, and puncture after puncture, elf and beast alike crumble into dust.


    “Your sins are wicked and cruel, Bloodwood! Your chances at redemption are over. By the order of Conse, I sentence you all to death!” A crash of thunder is heard in the distance. “A thousand curses upon your name! May the history books never bear it!” Suddenly, the bright, golden glow of the sun gliding across the horizon was blocked as storm clouds began to form. Meanwhile, Verth was nowhere to be seen. Hopefully the incoming storm doesn’t impeded him.

    Arne rises into the sky above the Hometree and transforms into a human, but his wings remain intact. A crash of lightning comes down, hitting a group of elves and sending them flying off the top of the Hometree. “You cannot be forgiven. May you suffer the fate you wished upon the others...” With a red glow in his eyes and a draw of his sword, the entirety of the Bloodwood Hometree spontaneously combusts, except where Vryx, Arlin, and Vallelika stand. Thousands of Bloodwood are set aflame, disintegrating into nothing as they are given only enough time to scream.

    Vallelika hasn’t even budged one bit, her smile still gleaming. It’s sickening. How can she be happy through all of this? Suddenly, she raises her hand, and the Hometree begins to extinguish as a flame gathers in her hand. She chants again, but this time with unrenowned determination. Her chant is frenzied as a great ball of fire collects in her hand. She finishes the chant, and the fire is raging as it burns her helm, melts her hands, and sets everything around her alight. And she lets out one last twisted monologue as a primer for her final act.

    “So, Arne... you really thought I wouldn’t be prepared for this kind of fallout? Trust me. I knew this was going to happen. I knew all too well. Khansievth will come forth. He’ll be reborn. He has given me his wisdom. His power. His rise to fruition is grand. It is fated. And with this power, will be the fall of you all. With this power, he shall begin his-“


    Suddenly, in a mist of blood, Vallelika disappeared. Her spell was gone. Everyone knew what the sound was before the sickening crack and thud, but no one saw it. As a boulder made a earth rattling crash, everyone looked down below to see nothing but the boulder... and a bloody smear that was once the proud High Bloodelf.
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    @EpicBoss99 @Bowler218

    Arne finally calms down, and the storm around him dissipates. Verth finally reappears, landing beside Verth lol Vryx and Arlin. He’s covered in blood, and kind of wishes the rain would come back. Being covered in guts isn’t exactly going to please anyone. Arne realizes just how bloody Verth really is, so he decides to give him a moment to wash himself in the rain before he speaks with the trio.

    “So then. Very good work. I know I kind of stole the show, but without you three to deal with that wretch, may her name not be spoken again, things could of taken a nasty turn. I knew she had plans. A deal with Khantsievth. That’s why I needed your help. She expected me, but she didn’t expect any of you. I could of easily set her alight, but Khansievth is a twisted demon. He’s capable of giving any mere mortal the power to vanquish gods if they so please, as long as they fulfill his end of the bargain. Without you all to stop her, she could of used my spell against me...”

    “Verth Odbar. Vryx Obin. Arlin Cherlain. I thank you all. I’d like to bestow upon you each an amulet of my power. May it prove useful.” Arne descends to land in front of the three, and he summons three necklaces, one for each of them. “In the meantime, I know why you are here.” Suddenly, a light appears from above Arne. Another appears very far away, but in sight. It’s above Uvras’s hut. “I’ll take each of you back with me to Uvras. We shall make a ring to restore Vryx’s humanity.”

    In an instant, all four of them are swallowed in a light, and seem to begin to disappear before the light fades. They are at Uvras’s hut. “Heheh. By the way, everyone.” Arne pulls out Uvras’s lantern and tosses it to an awaiting Uvras. “We almost forgot something.” Uvras laughs a little as he takes the lantern inside. “Now, I must ask all of you except Vryx to remain outside. We must resonate the ring with him.”

    “Are you sure I can’t come in?” It’s Arlin.

    “I’m sorry. I know you two haven’t talked for a long time, but no one else can be in here, or it could lead to some... unintended consequences. Once before someone tried breaking in while we were working on a prototype, and they ended up transforming into, get this. A hyena.” Everyone chuckles a little at the notion.

    “So Vryx,” Uvras looks at him with gleaming eyes. “I thankfully prepared for something like this. With Arne here to bless the ring, we can begin.”

    Uvras starts by giving Arne a small piece of mythril. Saying a blessing, the mythril begins to hold a bronze tinge. He sets it into a dragon forge, which begins to melt it, while Uvras fits a mold to Vryx’s finger. An ephemeral wall keeps anyone from getting too close, but Verth and Arlin watch as the process unfolds. The mold is in the shape of an owl. Arne puts on a pair of gauntlets, as if he needs them, to carefully pour the mythril into the mold, and Uvras pops out the ring, which is somehow already cool enough to touch. Then, Arne leaves the hut and passes through the ephemeral wall.

    “This is the part where no one can be close to him. We don’t need any more unnecessary transformations. I know what you’re thinking Verth, but don’t even get me started on what will happen if you enter with that ring on.”

    After about ten minutes, the sun dips below the horizon. A howl of a werewolf is heard in the distance. Verth and Arlin appear to be slightly unnerved. “Don’t worry. We aren’t late.”

    The door opens. Upon his finger, Vryx bears an owl-shaped ring. He is very much human, and everyone lets out a collective sigh of relief.

    “So. How does it feel? This ring will let you retain your human side at night. Perhaps at some point I can give it... ‘improved functionality’, but this will do for now.”

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    As the spider goes to attack you, you use your amulet to manipulate the trees around it. The spider manages to hit you with one of its legs, but it is helpless as it becomes ensnared. It’s very clear that it is not going to stay restrained this way, so you exert the amulet, killing some of the trees around you as the ones around the spider bind it like a prison, and it becomes unable to move. You ponder whether to kill it, but decide against it.

    "I should keep it intact until I bring it back to the others. I think Schoren could use some spider venom. But what about these people?”

    You look down at the dead adventurers strewn across the ground. There’s a good five of them at least. Using the amulet once again, you decide to revive them using the life essence of more of the trees. A giant one lies beside the campground they had set, and it crumbles into dust as you absorb its power.

    “Ah! What’s going on?!” One of the adventurers wakes up, revived. “I- I was being attacked by a- AH! There it is!” The man turns and sees the spider. Then, he notices you. “AH! A DEMON! P-pl-please don’t hurt me! I beg you!”

    “What in the name of- Danny, could you stop wetting yourself over there?” Another adventurer wakes up, and doesn’t seem to be phased by you.

    One by one, the rest of the adventurers wake up. Now, it’s up to you to decide what to do with them.
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    "Who are you people, and why are you here in Aranis territory? You should expect to see demons if you are in Padetra."
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    “Look. We’re a scouting team.” A very smart looking person walks towards you. She is wearing glasses. “We were sent to chart Aranis. Despite there not being a detailed official map of Padetra, there do exist maps of all of the areas, except Aranis, of course.”

    “Yeah, that’s why we’re here. Take a look if you fancy it.” Another adventurer approaches you, this time a rough looking man in plaid. He shows you a map. They had just finished drawing... the area depicting the Coven Hideaway. “Pretty fancy if I do say so myself.”

    “W-w-why are you treating this guy like some friend?” The man who originally went to investigate cuts in. Danny. He sure is a scaredy-cat. “He’s a d-demon! Don’t you know?! If you wake up and the first thing you see is a demon, that’s a bad omen man!”

    “Would you shut your trap for one second Danny?!” The rough guy scolds him again, when a fourth adventurer, a 15 year old boy, chimes in.

    “Yeah, Danny! You need me to change your diaper for you?”

    “Can it! All of you!” Another woman steps in. The last adventurer, and the apparent leader. “We’re sorry if we’re trespassing, and it’s apparent we wouldn’t be here without you. Even as a stranger, even as a demon, if there’s any way we can repay you, let us know.”

    “Y-you’re crazy! You never say a phrase like that to a demon! That’s a proposal for a contract!”
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    "There is no need for that, I have never really been one for pacts, in-fact I think I see an error on your map that can be corrected."

    The two talk, with Draundr pointing out the details of Aranis they got wrong on the map.

    Danny cuts in.

    "Th-there! Alright everyone, lets go! He might try to capture us and use us for all sorts of evil deeds."
  • @Tommia

    "It fits really well, but now what do we do?"
  • @Bowler218 @EpicBoss99

    “Well. That would be up to you two.” Arne walks over to the two. “We just got done eliminating... those scoundrels from the history books. Personally, I think we all deserve a good night’s rest. Myself included.”

    “But I thought divine beings like you didn’t need sleep.” Uvras comes out to tell Arne.

    “I said rest, not sleep. I’ve been too busy, making up for the duty of... two of my missing replicas. I think even I deserve a break.”

    “Point made.”
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    Pathos stepped lightly through the darkened hallway. Behind him he could hear the seven mouthed best breathing, stalking him. He had to keep on moving. Strive ever further towards his goal. If he stopped moving, if he became like he was before... The nightmare would catch him. No matter what he had to keep on going, surmount any obstacle, whatever it takes or else he'd loose himself. Behind him the creatures footsteps grew louder. With death waiting for Pathos behind him, he had no choice but to go forward, no matter how... distasteful the path was.

    "Good morning sunshine." Wosy called.

    Pathos jerked upright. He was in Wosy's bar, sitting at one of his tables.

    "Been tackling the problem all night?"

    "Yeah. The easiest thing would be to simply collapse the balcony, but that will kill the angel and the governor too. If I poison the tea, I'll might just get the governor and the target, but who knows who else he might offer tea too? The cleanest option would be for me to simply impersonate the governors bodyguard, but then they'll know an angel was involved, and that could blow back on us."

    "Why not just take all three of them out?"

    "I don't want to kill more people than I have too."

    "Ah I see, you don't want Cher-Chertraum to see you killing more people."

    Pathos sighed. "You are very perceptive Wosy. I hate that about you."

    Wosy laughed as he started brewing up coffee. "The kids tougher than you give her credit for. She'll understand. Eventually."

    "Well that's just it. I don't want her to understand."

    "I'm a demon, and even I don't know what in hell you mean by that."

    "It's just... She saved my life. Not literally, well yes literally as well but. Before she came down I was adrift, purposeless, and an angel is meant to have purpose, even a fallen one. She saved me. Showed me I still had purpose, even trapped down here. These last few weeks having her around was like..." Pathos took a drink from the coffee Wosy offered. "It was like having a bit of heaven with me, you know? The conviction, the clarity of thought. It's nice to be reminded."

    "Do you want to go back?"

    "No. Knowing what I know now I don't see how I could ever be a 'proper' angel again. And I don't want to be. But there are some things I miss. And she reminds me of those things I guess."

    "Chertraum is a person, not a keepsake. She is going to need your help as she transitions into mortality."

    "I know. And I have been helping her-"

    "The point is you can't keep her pure and innocent. It's not good for her and it's not good for you. In order to survive in this realm you have to face reality, and the reality here is you can't take out the target without collateral damage."

    "Oh wow," Pathos said with a deadpan voice "The demon want's me to kill more people. How original."

    "I'm right and you know it."

    "I know. It's another thing I hate about you."

    "I'll add it to the list."

    (submission to follow soon)

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    "You don't have to do anything," Pathos explained, "Just watch."

    "What's going to happen?" Chertraum asked.

    "This," Pathos held up a dull gray package, the same color as the stone building here were carved from. "Is going to explode."


    "But what if they see it?"

    "I'm putting it under the balcony, when it goes off the ground will disappear from under their feet. If we are lucky, the angel will be able to spread his wings before he hits the ground."

    "I don't like any of this."

    "I know you don't. But mortal life is about compromise. Think about all the good this man will stop if we let him live."

    Chertraum nodded glumly.

    Pathos examined his device. It was perfect, all it needed was a final touch:


    "What are you doing?" Chertraum asked.

    "This device needs a timer."

    "But can't you just go out an buy another one? You love that watch."

    Pathos looked at Chertraum sadly, knowing tomorrow she would be a Triskaidian, and an accessory to murder. "It's just a watch," Pathos said. "I can't afford to be sentimental any longer."

    (I know I can't resubmit my timepiece, it's just there for flavor. Rigged to Blow is my actual submission.)
  • @EnvyReaper (You have gotten the favor of Rusty, the rough man, and Lilith, the Leader. The young kid, Scarf, and the Scholar, Jessica, don’t seem to care)

    “*sigh* I told you we should of left him at home, Lilith.” The smart girl is talking to the leader while she writes down some notes. ‘Met a demon at camp after being attacked by a giant spider. He’s all glowy and white, and he’s actually being helpful. I don’t remember any records of demons being white.’

    “Jessica. This is a training exercise. He needs to learn bravery and discipline.”

    “C’mon Danny! Aren’t you 25? You’re ten years older than me!” The teenager chimes in.

    “Scarf, you have no place to talk! Y-you were going to pet a venomous snake!” It’s Danny again, and it looks like he’s about to lose it. “Seriously! Who in their right mind would trust some random stranger they meet in uncharted territory, let alone a weird, glowy white fire demon no one’s ever seen before?! He could be Khantsievth in disguise, for all you kn-“

    “I think we can trust him.” Lilith speaks up. “He sure didn’t revive us for nothing. If he wanted to make us his minions, he would of made us zombies, Dan.”

    “Welp. If you trust ‘im, I trust ‘im. Name’s Rusty, by the way.” The tough guy joins Lilith, and offers to shake your hand.

    “Conse almighty!” Danny slaps Rusty’s hand away. “Don’t. Shake. Hands. With. A demon!”

    “Stop being a superstitious wig! This ‘demon’ revived us to life. Tell me. Who does that normally?”

    “Priests and Clerics,” Jessica snaps to answer. “The entire church gathers and says a prayer.”

    “So clearly this ain’t your ordinary demon!”

    “Alright! Just shut up! I guess I don’t have a choice, do I? So, Mr. Weird Demon Dude-“

    “My name is Draundr.” You respond.

    “Draundr! Okay! Whatever it is... you want us to do... we’ll do. Okay? Just don’t turn us into zombie slaves, or sacrifice us to your overlord, or whatever other evil things demons do.”
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    "Aranis is actually, in my opinion, one of the better areas of Padetra, while we do, admittedly practice the dark arts, I would not say we abuse the land and people traveling through it, even demons like me don't practice pacts."

    Getting back on the main conversation, Draundr shoots a glance at the leader

    "By the way, I do actually want one thing from you people."

    "See! I told you he would have wanted something from us!" Danny said, spun up into a stammering ramble, he picks up a stick from the ground and points it at you, preparing for a fight.

    "Danny! At least let him talk before you attempt to stab him with a stick!" Lilith yelled, at this point getting very annoyed with Danny's antics.

    Danny drops the stick and backs away behind the group.

    "Thank you, Lilith, I assure you my request has no malicious intent, I surely seek to gather information."

    "At this point, it is the least we can do, seeing as how you revived us, what do you want to know?"

    Draundr points at the bare skeleton of his fallen ally, holding back his feelings of sorrow, "My ally, Darna, lays here without any meat nor marrow on his bones, and I can't seem to be able to revive him either, no doubt powerful sorcery is afoot here for that to happen, as I can revive anyone even if they are nothing but their skeleton. Darna is the left hand of Aranis and he was the one who took me in, he also gave me a powerful amulet that allows me to use my ability to store life essence as a tool or weapon. Did you happen upon anyone or see anything suspicious while roaming through this area?"

    (Tommia, personally I would implicate the elves of woewedt, as Aranis is on the border of Woewedt, but it is your choice.)
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    Rusty: “Well, there’s that big ole spider over there, but I see you took care of that.”

    Jessica: “Erm, actually, there’s something that’s been bothering me. Not a person, but... a lack of people. If it’s true there’s a society here, where is everyone?”

    Danny: “Y-you’re right about that. This... Draundr is the first thing we’ve seen... other than that spi-spider...”

    Lilith: “Nope. There’s been not a sign of activity around-“

    Scarf: “Why does no one listen to me? I-“

    Danny: “And you’re one to talk!”

    Scarf: “Let me finish! Draundr, was it? These guys, they won’t believe what I saw!”

    You: “Go on...”

    Scarf: “I saw... something flying away from the skeleton when we passed it earlier! It was kind of like a shadow, but it was floating in the air! It was headed west!”

    Scarf then points west. That would be... towards the center of Padetra. That’s not what you wanted to hear. Danny looks at Scarf’s hand, and yelps.

    Rusty: “You okay there, Danny? Sounds like you just stepped on a caltrop.”

    Danny: “Scarf! What happened to your hand?!”

    Danny panics and grabs Scarf’s hand. You look to see what’s wrong with it, when you notice a strange symbol that appears engraved. Like a fresh wound. A straight line with two curves, the numbers 1 and 3. The symbol of a Triskaidian. If this symbol wasn’t there before, then it means he witnessed the Cursed Rebirth, or a victim of it. Just as you have. You ask Scarf when the mark appeared. It could be urgent.

    Scarf: “Last time I looked at my watch was right before we saw the skeleton, when you asked me the time. I didn’t have this then, that’s for sure.”

    You: “What time was it?”

    Scarf: “About 10:20 AM.”

    It’s currently 3:36, Only five hours. Presumably, no one else has died nearby since then, so there’s only one possible answer to all this; Darna was taken by the Cursed Rebirth. That doesn’t answer the question to how he died, but this does answer a significant question; he died sometime right before 10:20.

    You can follow this lead. However, you would have to abandon your duty to the Coven.
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