Planar Collapse: Custom Set Introduction (WIP)

Welcome all cardsmiths! Many of you who have seen my cards know that I'm a passionate fan of rares and mythics, however, I have given up this passion for a new project:

Planar Collapse

Planar Collapse is an all new, brand new set that I have begun working on based on an intriguing story, interesting mechanics, and a whole lot of doomsday-esque vibes. We're talking like another War of the Spark here. So without any further introduction, I'd like to introduce you all to to the main antagonist of Planar Collapse:


Kroen is a very powerful, very old demon. We're talking pre-mending type old. She has existed for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years on the single plane of Amsu. Over these eons, she has watched as planeswalkers of every type have come to her world, some speaking of the infinite worlds beyond, others simply cloaked in mystery. As the years passed, Kroen became resentful that she lacked the power to travel to these other worlds. So she worked for eons, and persevered through the chaos of the Mending to perfect spatial magics. Now, she has begun to spread rumors, through the planeswalkers that visit her plane, that Amsu is a paradise. And a growing evil. The multiple rumors ensure that many planeswalkers see Amsu as a desireable place. However, when planeswalkers arrive on Amsu now, it is not such a reality. Kroen steals the memory imprints of all the planes that the planeswalkers who visit her travel to, and then collapse the spatial bonds between those planes and Amsu. The ensuing magic collapses the target plane into Amsu, such that Amsu is now a patchwork of colliding and fusing planes, all existing in the same planar space. Kroen's dreams are coming to fruition; that the whole multiverse shall be Amsu and Amsu shall be the whole multiverse. She will have all the worlds there have ever been. But now, her Planar Collapse is gaining attention. After Bolas' Elderspell, many planeswalkers have been less contented to let magic that threatens the whole of the multiverse go unchecked. Planeswalkers now flock to Amsu as Kroen collapses even more planes and even more people into Amsu. But in the end, who is playing into whose hand?

Mechanics and Focuses

Like War of the Spark, Planar Collapse will have a focus on planeswalkers! The set will include 33 planeswalkers (if I've done my math correctly), one for each unique color combination (Including both types of colorless). Unlike War of the Spark, however, these planeswalkers will not dip into the uncommon rarity pool. The set will feature a little bit more rares than a normal set due to this, but that's alright because we're cardsmiths and at the end of the day, I'm here to have fun and share a cool story! As a little bit of hype, here are the first two planeswalkers in the set, Aodhas and Sa Chor:


However, planeswalkers isn't the only thing this set is doing! Next up:

Nonbasic Lands
The set will also have a focus on nonbasic lands! After all, with planes collapsing in on each other, there are tons of cool places from tons of planes! On the other hand, Planar Collapse isn't a laughing matter. It's actually incredibly volatile and chaotic. Much life is extinguished in the process, and many planes are irreparably marred. Because of this, the set will also have quite a bit of focus on nonbasic land destruction:


Yes, there is land destruction, but don't worry there will be plenty of cool new nonbasic lands that survive to go on. Speaking of going on, our last focus is about the creatures who are preserving:

Creatures: New Tribal Stuff!!

If you're anything like me, you might be kinda tired of seeing the same old tribal decks over and over. Yeah, we get it, merfolk and zombies are played so much because they're good, but also because they've just gotten so much attention over the years. In Planar Collapse, I'd like to introduce you to six new tribes, which will each feature their own unique mechanic! What's best about these tribes? Well, they're not really the creature's species type, but rather, we're focusing on all new class type tribals! That's right! Without further ado, I'd like to introduce the six classes that feature prominently in Planar Collapse:
Advisors, Assassins, Monks, Rebels, Scouts, and Spellshapers! Each of these class types will have creatures of every color, because class type can be shared across all of the colors! And now, we'll go in depth with these tribes:


  • Advisors
    Advisors are everywhere. And they're really cool (they're actually one of my favorite creature types, but they are also just super rad anyways). Now advisors aren't gonna get down into the mud and get their hands dirty. They're trying to play it safe on the side or in positions of power, directing how things go, but not really actually having to do things themselves. They command and wield power, even if you don't know they have it. In the aftermath of Planar Collapse, many people (both already advisors and not) ascended to this position, aiming to take advantage of Amsu's chaos and everyone's doubts. They look to solidify their power in this new, evolving world.

    Advisor Mechanic: Impunity
    Impunity (As long as this creature is untapped, spells your opponents cast that target it cost {1} more to cast.)

    Impunity plays on Advisors' strengths: they're not the type of people to go and start attacking people. Instead, their power often comes from powerful effects and abilities that you simply can't risk losing by attacking with them. Thus, impunity makes them more difficult to remove when you don't attack with them. But as all things, it's a trade. Sometimes you might need to sacrifice your impunity to get the job done.


    Assassins. Well yeah, they're everywhere too. After their planes were collapsed, many people tried to seek solace in revenge. After losing so much, they turned to trying to find whoever was responsible for Planar Collapse. Many were willing to go through however many people they needed to. Most assassins will have some way of removing way or another.

    Assassin Mechanic: Unavowed
    Unavowed (This card doesn't trigger the abilities of permanents.)

    Unavowed returns from the corpse of my last set, Secrets of Satheaux. This time, it becomes the tribal mechanic of assassins, who don't want to be noticed. Unavowed helps assassins avoid pesky permanents that would attempt to stop them from dealing damage, killing, or attacking.


    Monks became a fascinating new force in the ruins created by Planar Collapse. Many who had achieved heightened knowledge and relation with the multiverse understood the gravity of the situation when Planar Collapse affected their plane. Though they didn't know what was truly happening, many managed to find answers that managed to keep them safe in the ensuing collisions and chaos.

    Monk Mechanic: Inner Peace
    Inner Peace (This creature can't be the target of Auras and Equipments you don't control and can't have counters placed on it by sources you don't control.)

    Though Planar Collapse has shaken the very foundations of the multiverse, many monks have found a tranquility with their own place in the multiverse and the whole ordeal. Inner Peace reflects their strengths and commitments to all they have devoted themselves to.


    Not content with the forces that have come to power after Planar Collapse, rebels are those that have taken up arms against those who have attempted to wrest control of the chaos. Be it demons, governments, spirits, planeswalkers. Anyone. Their power is in their numbers as they grow the resentment among the population.

    Rebel Mechanic: Mobilize
    Mobilize — When this creature enters the battlefield, if you didn't cast it, ...

    Rebels excel in rallying their brethren to their cause. As such, many rebels focus on getting other rebels out onto the battlefield straight from the library. For a cost, of course. Mobilize gives you the advantage for rallying these rebels without casting them!


    Scouts embrace or disdain the changes that have occurred to the beautiful (or ugly tbh) landscapes of their planes. Either in search of new beauty, new people, or some hope of solace or comfort, scouts venture into the unknowns of the new world forged by Planar Collapse.

    Scout Mechanic: Traverse
    Traverse — Whenever this creature enters or leaves the battlefield, ...

    Scouts intend to find new or old things, so they are actively searching for new things when they come to the battlefield. But that never means a scout's search is over when they leave the battlefield. Whether it's a return to hand, graveyard, or exile, scouts are still venturing into the unknowns.


    Spellshapers aren't the same as wizards. You see, wizards study magic, in order to control it and cast spells. Spellshapers study a spell to cast it to perfection. While some might say that a wizard is thus more powerful because they're more versatile, I think that's a gross misunderstanding. I mean. Imagine a spellshaper that knows Star of Extinction. That's no laughing matter. Though they only know one spell, they've perfected it, so you better watch out.

    Spellshaper Mechanic: Substantiate
    Substantiate — Whenever this creature becomes tapped, if it's not attacking, ...

    Most spellshapers follow the same format: "{Mana cost}, {t}, Discard a card: Effect." The effect and mana cost are usually reflections of actual spells. So, spellshapers' new mechanic substantiate will provide unique help to spellshapers who cast their spells.


    So it begins...

    Since the set's a work in progress, some of this stuff is subject to change, and I'm totally happy to hear feedback on mechanics/cards and whatnot. Thank you all for reading this monstrosity of a post, but I hope you enjoyed it and might check out the set:

    Planar Collapse

    Cheers and happy smithing!
  • I like set design stuff, particularly story aspects.
    I've got a card concept you might like for rebels:
    United resistance 1w
    Creature - Rebel
    Sacrifice United resistance: Search your library for a card called United resistance, and put it into play under your control. Then shuffle your library.
  • YES.

  • image

    Do you think this would do for us to start with?
  • @KorandAngels
    I actually really kind of enjoy that idea. Would you mind me toying around with it a little bit and maybe adding it to the set?
  • I would love that!
  • @RohanDragoon, a few questions. Are you wanting us to create our own cards that follow along with this set theme? Second, are the tribes meant for specific colors or can they be of any color combo, i.e. Advisor BW only? And, I've got a few older cards that would actually work nicely in this set, if there are no color tribe restrictions.
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    @spookoops this thread was mainly to bring up that I was making a full custom set, cause I know there are cardsmiths who enjoy full sets, and get advice and opinions about the cards and mechanics. I'm happy to see the creation of cards that follow the set theme, and you're more than welcome to post them here, however, it's not really a contest or anything for like adding cards to the set. If I see designs I like, I may just ask a cardsmith if I can add it to the set, but since I'm not a premium smith this is far more complicated than just adding a card to a set sadly.

    For this set, the tribes are of any color! While naturally some of these tribes seem pretty restricted to a color (I'm looking at you assassins. We know you like the dark but that doesn't mean you can't be a mono-blue creature), the aim is to utilize the class mechanics (both the ones I've introduced myself and already made class mechanics), to make it seem totally reasonable that there are creatures of each color from every tribe.

    For example, here are some creatures in it that hopefully show it can be for each color:
  • Well, if it's okay with you, I would like to design some of my own cards that fit into the is set. I will post them here when I finish a block.
  • @spookoops
    Totally!! I'm really happy that you're interested in the set and stuff! I can't wait to see some of them. Cheers!
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    I finally found some satisfying art for united resistance! I added tapping to the cost of the ability so that you can't exploit etb and ltb triggers the turn you play one, but altogether I'm really happy with this one
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    Hey everyone! Back with a little bit of hype! I've completed the first cycle of nonbasic lands for the set! Here they are:

    This cycle has all dual-color combinations at common rarity. Since the set features a bit more land removal than a normal set, these lands are given indestructible until the end of your next turn, so that they can't be destroyed before you use them at least once. Cheers!
  • In the midst of Planar Collapse, it's easy to keep your eyes focused on Kroen and the destruction she's causing. But it's a terrible mistake to think that she's the only one capitalizing on Planar Collapse. Introducing another Spirit Demon who has entered the stage, Mejura!


    A threat that needs to be kept in mind, Mejura's ability features an upgraded grave betrayal, at the cost of needing to sacrifice a creature in order to activate it. But, she takes opponents' creatures and planeswalkers out of the graveyard and exile if she has even creatures to sacrifice. A very frightening opponent indeed!

  • Hey everyone! I'm back with a new update! To celebrate Planar Collapse officially hitting 200 cards (it's gonna be a bit large of a set than I was originally planning), I'd like to introduce to crucial cards to the set. Since the set focuses so much on multicolor interaction (building a monocolor deck just out of this set would be pretty difficult), the set features two really awesome WUBRG commanders!


    Reckoning is an unknown spirit from an unknown plane that has appeared on Amsu. As of yet, no one understands their intentions (Their name isn't actually known either, people just started calling them 'Reckoning'). The immensely powerful spirit has been attacked by planeswalkers who suspected them of having caused planar collapse, with these encounters having revealed that the spirit is somehow disassociated from certain spatiotemporal laws (hence, their protection from both enchantments and planeswalkers). It's theorized that Reckoning can planeswalk even though they do not possess a spark. Only time will tell what Reckoning's presence means for Amsu.


    Hetzica is the order that rises out of planar collapse's chaos. His prophecies speak to many, and he attracts a multitude of followers. Mechanically, he functions as the wubrg commander for all six of the classes of the set; rather than have six different wubrg commanders, one for each class, Hetzica works perfectly as a commander for all. Though investment is big, his last ability is a powerful one, and will help clear the board for your chosen class to rule New Amsu.

  • Hey everyone! Back with a really big update. I've "completed" all of the planeswalkers in the set so far (sadly, I found that the planeswalker editor didn't allow you to use {c}, so We're stuck with 32 walkers). I'm here to show them off! As always, I'd love some feedback on ones that seem super overpowered or super underpowered, technical issues with the cards, etc. But this time, I'd especially like feedback on which ones you think have cool designs and that you would genuinely like to learn more about. As I approach the tentative closing of the set, I will start writing an actual story for it, so any feedback of this sort will be greatly helpful to me in which perspectives and characters to focus on! (The three Angels: Ayeulion, Evara, and Haasen are a big part to the story so they'll show up anyway.) All right! On to the good stuff!

    WUBRG and Colorless:

    Four Color:

    Three Color:

    Two Color:

    One Color:
  • Hey everyone! I've been dragging a little making cards. Sadly, my love for rares and mythics has greatly hindered the set's progress as it takes more time for me to attempt to balance uncommons and commons because they are not my typical forte for cardsmithing. Regardless, I'll keep going, and worst comes to worse just cut some rares at the end to make the super set work.

    Anyways, today I'm here to showcase some of the awesome tribal lead cards! So for each of the six classes there's a three-color legendary, two-color legendary, two-color enchantment, and a legendary land. These are of course just a few of the cards in the set that would lead to some awesome tribal decks!







    As always, any advice or criticisms would be greatly helpful to the set! I'd especially love to hear what you all think would be good types of cards for each tribe (i.e. things like what spells you think should be represented in the Spellshaper pool etc.). Thanks for visiting! Cheers and happy smithing!
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