COLONISERS: Season 4!!! (Colonisers of Turmoil)

If you are new to the Colonisers series and don't want to be confused, skip this bit


*The grand Hero of the Capes marches into the hollow hallway, he has just ended yet another game of colonial conquest, he eyes the native king*

"So I must ask as I am in a hurry to leave this plane, why did you summon me here?"

*The native king stared at the Hero of the Capes, wary*

"Although I would love nothing more than to have you restrained-

*His guards appear from the shadows behind the throne and gather to accompany the monarch*

-and set to be executed for your crimes against this whole earth, I regret to inform you that I did not summon you here."

"Well, then who did?"

*A shadow appears between the two, at first it just seems to be a trick of the light, but as the Hero of the Capes blinks, he notices it collecting and the light disappearing in the hallway, it forms a portal, and an undead sorcerer steps out of it*

"I, did, if you would be so pleased to know, my name is Evyn, the Reaper of Dusk, and I wish to accompany you as a companion for the next game of colonial conquest you will most likely cause."

"I am not in the mood to have a companion, but if you must, then so be it, we shall set out the next day to our next plane."

"It will be my pleasure, Hero of the Capes."

*They both walk out of the native monarch's hall and set up camp for the night, tomorrow they will both venture to start another game*

This is our (yes, OUR) way of announcing that this season will be co-hosted by none other than @EnvyReaper! The deal is for one season so far, but it might become a permanent partnership if things go well.


*crash* *boom* *badum-tss*

*more flying through the blind eternities noises*

Back by popular demand, it's the Hero of the Capes! He has returned to take another batch of young factions to the sector of Kala-Niza, where planeswalking is a much easier feat, and a small battalion of trained sorcerers are enough to bring a whole empire onto another world...

If you still have no idea what the hell I just said, you will probably get it as you go along, but you are welcome to check out the threads of the first three seasons for extra context:

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

The challenge is to make cards for an empire that will come through the fragile Blind Eternities of the sector to colonize the plane of Turmoil, a breathtaking world consisiting of four archipelagoes, each inhabited by a different colour of dragon, with sea serpents swimming in between. Your empire needs:

1. A legendary creature to represent the ruler of the empire, or the one responsible for colonisation.

2. A creature to represent the army. It could be a famous general or soldier, or it could represent a run-of-the-mill private straight from the front line, whatever you think would work better.

3. A card of any type to represent how the empire handles magic. A wizard, or a magic potion, or anything really.

4. A vehicle! You can't cruise the seas with sheer willpower, so I need you to show me what your empire will be sailing in

5. And if you think of anything else, I allow up to 3 bonus cards!

Now, how does this challenge progress? Every once in a while, I will present you with a problem. A native rebellion, an appearance of a new species of beast. You will create cards to counter that problem. An artefact to represent a pact with the natives, or a trap for the beast. I will note down your solution, and think about how that affects events.

Finally, Alliances will be back by popular demand, I will explain those later.

If this contest magically gets popular and we get to 16 contestants really quickly, I will pick out the ones I like and start the contest immediately. Otherwise, though, you have until the 1st of September to sumbit your entries, and I will pick 6 to 16 entries I like to participate.

P. S. : 1-3 colours for an empire only! No 4-Colour or Prismatic factions allowed!


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    I'm playing something different; instead of angels, I will play


    Al'a is not the leader, but just advises the godlike King of webs.
    The 8-legs troop are divided into several clusters. Scuttlers are one.
    The Temple is the home of the king of webs. he lurks in a pocket world stored inside the stone at the head of the temple.
    The treaty that keeps the 2-legs and 8-legs from war.
    Another soldier, this one made by a long-deceased 2-leg sorcerer.


    I would like to notify you that this season will come with a few changes.

    First of all, I will no longer be using hand-crafted, yet somewhat ugly maps I usually make in MS Paint. I will instead use the renowned Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator.
    Here's a sample of what it will look like:


    Second of all, we will now have a SCORING SYSTEM, but it will NOT BE PUBLIC. I will instead keep it for myself, and award the scores to WINNERS OF EACH EXPLORATION CHALLENGE (obviously not on elimination challenges, though, since those only have a loser).

    Thanks for reading, I hope I didn't just ruin everything
  • I will return with a faction I have had in mind now for a while. Hopefully there is enough art for it...
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    The United Clusters have come to Turmoil to seek an ancient device that destroys spiders, hidden in the lost city of Tyrome. This city is legendary on the plane of Q'thisse (The home of the clusters).
    The clusters are aware that the city likely lies on a different island. The largest can actually weave bridges between islands. However, Alon (High priest of the king of webs) has found signs pointing to Tyrome being in the same archipelago as they land on.

    The Pact of Legs was made several centuries ago, to stop a long war between the humanoids and spiders. Now, the pact is perfected and spiders and humans are treated as equals in society.

    Is this going to have really complex story and inter-faction roleplaying like the last one?
  • Realia, a civilization built on flying through the air.
    Pretty much, I saw that navigation was going to be a thing and decided to not have to deal with the sea.

    Here is my set for the civilization of Realia, with my entries also going there.
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    We are the Saklinan Empire,
    Our tales reach out far.
    We write in scrolls
    To store our tales
    And out the tales grow.

    They sprout out of the magic ink
    And grow into reality
    Stories, sagas and epics
    Of amazing tales emerge.

    Into the world great heroes came
    Fighting for the plane,
    The heroes won
    Over the monsters
    And slew the Evil One.

    Now we come to Turmoil,
    To write our epic tales.
    We come with our paper, scrolls and ink
    And from them our empire grows.

    So from that random poemy thing, if you bothered to read it, you might get that my new faction is based upon literature. The theme comes mainly from a medieval-type atmosphere with tales of heroes, monsters and villains coming true into reality. The one responsible for the colonisation is Scrollmistress Galiene, a great writer and librarian of the Empire that is next in line to rule the Empire. She wishes to spread the Empire's tales and amount of land by colonising Turmoil.


    A typical soldier-type of the Empire witnesses and fights in battles before writing of them to keep the knowledge gained and heroes living on.


    As I said, the main magic comes from writing with magic ink and scrolls. Here is one such Tale written in ancient times in the Saklinian Empire, and grants knowledge to those who use it.


    Galiene wrote herself a sonnet about a great galleon which she and the colonisers could use to sail Turmoil's seas.


    Bonus Cards:

    An extra famous Tale among the people of the Empire, one of a mighty hero and a terrible beast:


    One of the top advisors to the Saklinan Emperor and grand mechanist, Alfan insisted on travelling to Turmoil. Who knows what he is planning?


    And finally, with dairy sourced from the Magic Set Editor Farm, and fermented in the PowerPoint Brewery, I give you a cheesy saga. It may look mouldy, but it represents the final chapter in the Empire's victory in their planar war.

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    Throwing my hat in the ring again with:

    Clan Nelthoren

    The Clans of Nelthoren used to be a nomadic group traveling across their home plane but their world is dying and it is not long before it is locked in an eternal ice age so they are making an attempt to travel to Turmoil.

    Their leader is Vsi-tharah the Marked she is a powerful warrior and fierce leader.

    Before their was Clan Nelthoren there were three separate clans Clan Nel, Clan Tho, and Clan Ren they all combined into one when The Great Winter started inorder to survive. Their army is mostly made of Clan Tho


    The people of Nelthoren worship the ancestors and draw upon them for blessings and magic.


    Their ships are very simple long ships that can be used for both exploration and war.


    Extra Cards:

    Each of the three sub-clans have a chief that reports to Vsi-tharah. This is an example of the chief of Clan Nel


    On their home world the power of The Ancestors was in everything from the snow to the stars but on Turmoil The Ancestors are weaker so the clans really on the Conduit in order to channel their power.


    Clan Nelthoren is ready to take Turmoil by storm.
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    I have made new set symbols for this season, if you want to see them, go here \/

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    I will use them on the special, non-Cardsmith availiable cards (such as Vehicles and Sagas. I put it on the galleon I made earlier.)
  • @AxNoodle you are able to use custom types now which makes you able to put them on cards now
  • Stargazing is a wondrous thing. To spend endless hours looking into the sky, admiring the lights that extend so far beyond our reach. And between these stars, the literal void between worlds. The vast emptiness of space, home to celestial anomalies of all sorts. So much power lies dormant in this universe beyond just our own world, and we shall wield it.

    The cosmos are mighty, and no one knows that better than our esteemed leader!

    Members of our army/navy are responsive to her wisdom, and also bear great respect for the power beyond the sky. In fact, some of our more gifted members even dedicate their lives to wielding the power of the celestial bodies, from which we derive our magical strength.

    As for our mighty flagship... The strength of the cosmos is nearly infinite, and we should strive to mimic that strength as best we can.

    Fun fact: This is the first faction I've submitted that isn't black.
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    @KorandAngels This is probably your best entry to date! Good luck on getting in!
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  • How do alliances work? I don't remember alliances in s2 or s3, but then again, I might've missed the explanation from the peanut gallery.
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    It is like how it sounds, we team people up based on their agendas, and even through people asking if they can team up, and it goes from there
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    Yes, what he said. They were present in S2 and S3, you just missed them
  • The Lost Spirits are beings that are being kept in the world of the living, despite having died. On their search to finally pass on to the after life, they have stranded on turmoil. United under a mighty spirit called Arkyra, these lost souls keep looking for salvation, however with growing despair they try to claim the land of the living for themselves, creating their own haven of spirits to exist in.

    The one, who guides the spirits on their journey.


    The first spirit to join Arkyra and place their trust in her.


    The Spirits tend to keep themselves from being obliterated with their magic, so that they might all reach their goal together. However it could quickly turn destructive as well.


    An unknown ship controlled by spirits. It has no real destination, since no spirit knows how to escape this world.


    Random Spirit:
    A spirit who joined Arkyra in hopes of passing on.

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