Cards that Should be in a Set

Hey everyone! So I recently started working on a massive set project, Planar Collapse and am trying to make sure I adequately fill the set with cards that would make it seem the most like a real set. Which brought me to the question of:

What types of cards are like pseudo-staples of a magic set?

Obviously there's no one answer, but I was looking for some opinions on what types of cards other people and other cardsmiths think are pretty standard in sets. Stuff like "Yeah, green should really have at least one spell that gives a considerable +X/+X buff" or "Yeah, there should definitely be at least one black instant or sorcery that is targeted removal of creatures."

I've already scrolled through the spoiler pages of about the last ten sets release by Wizards on my own to try to get a grasp of what I should be including, but even that feels...not enough. I wanted to know what other players thought were spells and stuff that were critical to appearing for Magic to operate smoothly. Thanks in advance for any help! It hopefully really will help me make some more substantial headway on the set I'm working on.



  • It depends on the mechanics, themes and subthemes of your set. For example, a set heavy in low mana cost, aggresive creatures might be perfect for a Fatal Push reprint.

    I see your set has some defined themes (planeswalkers, class types, nonbasic lands) so you must print things that interact with those things' characteristics.

    1.For planeswalkers,
    Green/blue counter addition, black counter removal, noncreature counterspells, aggresive/evasive creatures, activated abilities counterspells, fogs. All of them interact with planeswalkers but aren't dead cards if there are none on the battlefield, remember, creatures are planeswalker removal.

    2. For Class types,
    Tribal support, Cards that enable each tribe's mechanics. I honestly don't know, you know what your class types need better.

    3. Nonbasic Land,
    Green, black and/or red land destruction, universal bounce effects in blue, land tutoring in green (Maybe white if that's your thing), mana taxing.

    Apart from that, if your set is heavy in multicolored cards, you should have some mana rocks here and there. and can add some artifacts that deal with specific things that could come up in limited.
  • There should be a mighty leap reprint. Cause there always is.
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