Friday the Thirteenth, Night of the Full Moon

Hi y'all!
This is my first contest. In the spirit of Friday the 13th, the upcoming of Halloween, and our current full moon, I would like to challenge you all to create a card based on an Ill Omen. Whether it be Saint Elmo's Fire(the weather phenomenon), a Broken Mirror, or a Pentagram, I want to see you make something of foul luck. Any cards that I appreciate will receive a like, as will another card of the makers choice.
To be specific on the rules of submission, please make sure of the following.
1. The card is realistic in what it does.
2. The card references something spooky in general or a specific portent.
3. The card is not just a token (no simple black cat. Put some effort in)
Limitations on the cards.
1. A max of 13 cards per smith
2. A max CMC of 6
3. No reprints of cards already out there. I will check.
This will end the day after Halloween.


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