Create-A-God II

Welcome fellow cardsmiths.

The Age of the Divines has been slowly falling. But the recent upheaval of many countries has revitalized the worship of many gods thought long gone. Half Divines have sprung up across the land, leading cults to their parents. The Second Age of The Divines is at hand.

Your task is to create various Gods and Demi-Gods. Old and New cards will be allowed, though I will not allow any cards that were entered in the previous Create-A-God challenge.

The prizes will be as follows.
1st: a Follow and 5 Faves
2nd: a Follow and 4 Faves
3rd: 4 Faves
4th: 3 Faves
5th: 2 Faves.
Revan's Choice: 2 Faves
The Divine: 2 Faves and I will make a God Version of your Cardsmith personality.

Limit of 6 cards. Deadline for cards: Sept. 29

Good Luck and may the Best Divine win.


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