On an Adventure! - *Circuit Challenge*

Recently I went on an Adventure so to speak when I moved to Dayton, Ohio and got myself a job... But things that happened in Dayton forced me to come back to my hometown of Toledo, Ohio.

This got me and my friends thinking about hosting an Adventure contest.

So... why not have one right now. Now that I'm back in Toledo.

The Contest is simple. Create your best looking Adventure card and post it here.

Here are the rules.
#1 Must be recently made or new cards. I'll only accept cards from Sept. 27, 2019 and onwards.
#2 they must look like and adventure card or as close as you can make it using mtgcardsmith.com
#3 Only 5 cards per person.
#4 The end date is Halloween. Oct. 31!
#5 Winners and Mentionables get Circuit Points!

Thank you, almighty Squirrel Lord, Corwinnn.

Update for the prizes...
Everyone who enters gets each card Favorited by me.

4th place gets a 1/4 point and an extra favorite of their choice.
3rd place gets a 1/2 point and 2 extra favorites.
2nd place gets a 3/4 point and 3 extra favorites.
1st place gets a Full point and 5 extra favorites.

Here are some examples I made.


Now everyone Have FUN!!!!


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