Technology Encyclopedia for ALL

Similar to the mechanic encyclopedia, this discussion's goal is to allow cardsmiths to share new ways of writing magic cards.

What is Magic technology?
Technology is the name I've given to ways to represent card mechanics. As an example, "seven {R}" and "{R}{R}{R}{R}{R}{R}{R}" both mean the same thing but use different ways of writing it. The goal with new Magic technologies is to lower the amount of space something takes up in rules text and to make it easier to read/understand.

Technology and keywords.
Yes, calling it milling would be helpful, but there is a distinction between innovative wording and just creating keywords.

Enabling technology.
While all improved technology allows more cards to be printed with that thing, more exciting are methods of writing that open brand new doors. An example of this would be City in a Bottle from Arabian Nights. Mechanically, it refers to over 70 individual cards, but it is able to describe them all in one sentence.

That said, feel free to share any ideas you have.


  • Starting off, the card that prompted me to make this discussion,,
    uses what I call counter naming. It could reference the four new counter types in its first ability, but that would make an already loaded text box overfill.

    It also refers to steps and phases having names, but that part is not very important.

    Here's an example of the tech involving things without names; "Choose [option a], [option b], or [option c]. Put a counter named your choice onto [cardname]."

    I personally am tentative to have the variety of counters that could be made open to addition but don't see any rules reason why it can't be.
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