Create cards - Get faves. Yes, it's that easy

Hey guys, this is a really simple design. You post a card (one at a time, that's the only criteria), it can be anything that you created, I'd like some newer cards, but older are fine as well. Then you will be awarded any number of faves from 0 to whatever number I feel right (one of the faves will always be for the card itself unless I give only one fave - in that case it might or might not be for the posted card itself). Whenever you get faves from this contest, please send me the cards that you want favorited to personal messages (to save spacein the contest).

And there's more! If I'm not around - as that's likely to happen - ANYONE can come in and award your card with any number of faves. Even several people can award faves to the same cardsmith at once.

Try to be as creative as you can and bring in some truly epic cards!

- if you don't know what a fave is, it's that you just tell the person who gave you the fave some cards that you created you want them to favorite and they'll do that (or, as some people do, you can just leave it up to them, what they fave) -


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    This one might be a little hard to understand:
    I think it's quite neat and flavorful, hope you like it!
    There's also hidden flavor text I came up with on the card page...

    This is a fun an uncomplicated idea, btw. I'll throw in @jd_artwork faves on submissions I like!
  • Love it. I'm deciding between 3 or 4 faves. But I think I gave you more than enough on the Scarecrow contest. Three will do it.
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    Absolutely! Don't worry about multiple faves for me. If you like that one, go ahead and fave it :) Thanks!
  • How's this one? :)
  • @Je_Suis_Oluwa Um, sorry, I'm not a fan of this concept. I won't award this any faves.

    @Vert Nice card! I slightly miss a race creature type, but otherwise I like it. It feels balanced while being good. You get 2 faves (one on the witch, one on something else).
  • A clarification to the rules: you can submit another card only after you got feedback on the previous card you posted.
  • @ThePhantomJoker Thanks :) Favorite whatever you want.
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    I'd like to know what you think of this one, Too OP, not enough? Maybe it's balanced idk.
  • So, is this how it works?

  • @shadow123 Absolutely! I now, it's simple and that's the point. And I absolutely love your card. Amazing use of the iprint ability word and an overal interesting card. I'm struggling between three and four, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. You get 4 faves, my friend!

    @Vert Hm, this is difficult... there are a few issues with this card. In the first place, these kind of effects are not really a green thing. More like blue or white but mostly blue. Then I think it's really disadvantageous for the controler, because it gives too many options to your opponent to choose from for this card to do nothing. Rhystic effects are very unreliable in this manor. I would just settle with one effect. Like for example a blue-black enchantment, that requires your opponent to discard cards to stop this effect. Or maybe you could come up with something more fitting for green. But I still think it's a nice concept and for that I will give you 1 fave - thiis one will not be for the submitted card but something else.
  • By the way I've made another clarification to the rules: If I award only one fave, it doesn't have to be for the posted card. I've changet this in the description as well.
  • @ThePhantomJoker Favorite whatever you want :) Thanks for the feedback.
  • @ThePhantomJoker

    Thanks! Could you fave Master of Masks and any other three of your choice?
  • image

    Angela here isn't "new" as much as she is "new-ish" but I think she's neat and would like to know if anyone agrees.
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    @TheSuturedHeartMan Yes, I very much agree! I like the overal idea, the mechanics and the question mark in the subtype is a pretty interesting touch. I'm feeling generous today, you get 3 faves for Angela. And here's a bonus: I really enjoy interesting characters that also have interesting stories. I know this is not a writing contest or anything, but do you have a story for her? I'll give you more faves for a story.

    @Ranshi922 Oh, wow. A card that combines mill and life gain (arguably two of the most annoying strategies in the game :D. Couldn't you add dredge to the mix?). Anyways, despite my hatred for mill, I really enjoy the use of it on your planeswalker. The first ability is very powerfull, but that is nicely balanced by the fact that she starts on two loyalty. The last ability is quite nice as well. Nothing too complicated, just a cute Open the Graves effect (and I like those). All in all, this card combines four deck archetypes - mill, life gain, Vampires and aristocrats - into a beautiful whole. I so love it, you get 5 whole faves my friend. I said that I feel generous today. And as well as with mister @TheSuturedHeartMan I'd be glad for a story.
  • @Ranshi922 Oh, and how did you manage to get rid of the number box in the first ability on I haven't been able to do that.
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    Here's one I quite like:
    Created for an order over here.

    Master of Masks got a @jd_artwork fave. His activated ability needs to reference "card" once more:
    Reveal a nonland permanent card exiled with Master of Masks: Master of Masks becomes...
    Also, I agree with @Phelgming's comment on the card page.
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    @ThePhantomJoker, its either because they updated it but never said it, or the developer, who I contacted granted me beta testing without telling me. I'll let you decide which is more reasonable. (If it ends up being that latter, let me know.)

    I also made a favoritable version in CS.
  • @Faiths_Guide I - freaking - love - land creatures! Your card looks fantastic while also being reasonably powerful and very interesting. The minorest nitpick I would have is that there is supposed to be a dot at the end of the mana ability. But I absolutely love this card. Here you go - 5 faves.
  • @Ranshi922 Oh, nice, it was a new update, that I didn't know about. All is nice now.
  • @ThePhantomJoker
    You're so right, thank you for pointing that out! I fixed Aazmod.

    Fave whatever you like from this small set:
  • @ThePhantomJoker Well she doesn't have her own novel, but she's got a story! The entire Out of This World set is meant to represent a confluence of adjacent realities- that is to say, realities recognizable but alien. Planes that are probably a bit too close to existing ones to ever be serious pitches, but divergent enough to warrant exploration. Nelo Angela comes from a plane somewhat similar to Kaladesh, but permanently scarred by a violent incursion centuries ago that pivoted the entire plane's mindset towards military innovation at any cost. Artificer oligarchs make up the ruling class, and given the widespread adoption of automation, the majority of the lower class take to the alleyways and undercity to make a living. The only commodity worth anything is new inventions- and that's where Nelo Angela comes in.

    Adept at stealth and disassembly, Angela is often hired to break into secure compounds housing experimental artifacts, secure any schematics that might be lying around, snatch all the devices or components she can carry, and sabotage the equipment she can't recover. "Is" might be the wrong tense though- she's not exactly in that business anymore, following a catastrophic mission to retrieve a device known internally as the Flesh Fusion Engine. As its name would imply, among its other mysterious uses, the FFE molds organic and inorganic material into an inseparable whole, with no clear delineation between where one ends and the other begins. You can imagine where this is going.

    While attempting to detach the device's black box from its innards, Angela unknowingly activated the engine. Can't blame her, it is cutting-edge technology after all. While the professional thing to do would have been to not panic, she was in the center of a machine that alters living beings on a molecular level. In a desperate attempt to get the process to stop before it started, she began to take it apart from the inside. What this accomplished, however, was adding the final ingredient to the delicious engine stew. It had organic material from her, and now it had a machine to fuse her with- itself. The end result was the complete destruction of the engine... aside from the core components now permanently fused with Nelo Angela. It's unclear where the engine ends and Angela begins, but what is clear is that she's received an upgrade: The abilities of the engine, in a highly mobile frame. What she intends to do with this newfound power is yet to be determined.

    Thank you for indulging my shoddy writing. I'd love for you to favorite Creeping Dolls, and then the rest of the favorites are up to you.
  • @Faiths_Guide Thanks for the fave and the feedback! I also agree with Phelgming’s comment.
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    Absolutely! I'd appreciate feedback on my most recent if you get a chance.
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    @Faiths_Guide I’m on it!

    Edit: Commented
  • Got great feedback from Shadow on this:
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